Getting Started: The Energy of the New Earth

The new earth is already coming into being. Although you may not yet realize your creative efforts in this arena, your energy, the energy of many of you is already residing in this wavelength for periods of time and your own innate desires for fulfillment and happiness are beginning to manifest. The atomic structures which will eventually be-form are gathering and vectors exist for many of your heart’s desires already: the innate draw for these experiences at the soul level has arched out from the point which is you and as your expectations follow, as you begin to expect the wondrous things which will thrill you, that vector gains energy and with increased energy comes materialization.

So despite some of you feeling that you still need to search for what it is that you uniquely will contribute, you are indeed already preparing the spaces and connections, the experiences and the climate, if you will, that will make your heart soar and facilitate the flowing of even more love-energy into the domain in which you currently are focused!

Thrilling, isn’t it?! [smile] We think so too!

In order for you to reside more fully in the New Earth you need only to continue the self-care, the allowing of older energies to release through your physical form and nourish and rest your body and your mind as this takes place. All that is needed to transpire as you ascend will and is happening as you allow it. Meaning, your allowing, makes this effortless. You receive the energy which elevates your vibration naturally now. Once the process has been activated and you begin the process, the energy flows naturally into your crown and you grow more accustomed to having this energetic openness as you receive the lighter, finer flow. This flow is transforming your experience. Think of a very fine mist, and how delicate and ethereal, and yet real and undeniable this is.

So it is too with this subtle, more spacious and allowing energies of light/love which are flowing through you, grounding in the earth and as a result of this experience, your physical body is being transformed! Your awareness is being transformed! Your hearts chakra is opening, your third eye chakra is opening and your crown chakra is the conduit for these energies entering. Many of you continue to experience shoulder and neck stiffness and pain, as well as more of you awakening to not only intense energy in the crown but also the heightened awareness of this in combination with your third eye, the energetic vista just above the bridge of your nose. This is the awakening of your clairvoyance. More and more you will be able to “see” what is transpiring remotely with others. This may or may not be visual in your experience, but it will be a remote knowing, of what is transpiring.

You will find that you can turn your attention to someone or some place and feel what is happening there. Your compassion or empathy if it is strong will strengthen your clarity and your power in this focused connecting. As you feel for the person, or the situation, you will have the ability to energize and shift the thoughtform more significantly. If there is openness to a shift, you may be able to heal, lighten, balance and of course amplify the energy you attune to. This is the beginning of what will soon be very normal daily activities for you of you creating, contributing, supporting, inspiring and caring for all that you are a part of and wish to love!

How easily you will find yourselves able to shape the world in which you live. This of course is dependent on the openness or the readiness of the thoughtforms to be balanced and transformed. If a significant wellspring of focus and energy is holding the form in its current state, it is easier to simply create an alternative form! Just start new and do not engage with the old form.

Much of the New Earth for example will manifest quickly and with ease, because it will involve a clear and open space in which new desires are taking shape, rather than re-making old energies. With relationships and physical bodies, the situation is somewhat different, in that you may choose to work with the existing energies. All of this is your playing field, the reason you came to this earth plane so many times and with such anticipation. For you knew in advance the immense creative powers you would have to form and shape life to your liking and in fulfillment and self-expression of your unique focal point. Ah the joy of flowing energy! We all delight in this regardless of the dimension in which we primarily experience our awareness.

As you transition your focus gradually to this new space, I invited you to approach it with gentleness and an awareness of this subtler, finer energy. Tune into the space and notice how delicate and fresh, how sweet and shimmery even this space feels. Trust your inner senses to reveal to you the precious and yet entirely robust and life-filled space in which you are soon to reside entirely! Spend some time each day entering consciously into this energy. Experience the softness of your entire approach to movement of thought, direction of energy and focus as you rest in this peaceful, light-filled space. Know your own belonging here. Allow yourself to realize and remember the resonance you innately have with such ethereal, peaceful, balanced and gentle energy. Find this energy within yourself and amplify the connection between you and this emerging location of your awareness.

Know that all of creation exists in energy until it reaches a tipping point of amplification and becomes form. Much is being done even in what seems like stillness and empty spaces. Remind yourself that you created much of the earth as you knew it and you created your own body this time and many others. You have powers beyond anything you have been aware of for much of this lifetime, and this lifetime is about waking up to your multi-dimensional potentials for the joy of your experience, the bounty of all who will experience your creations and the endless stream of energy flowing into the universe, giving All-That-Is countless joy-filled points of awareness of self.

Radiate in your stillness and know that the creation of the new earth is well underway. Choose more.

I AM the Archangel Michael.


mifasolasi 20th February 2010 6:18 pm

Excellent!! :)
Thank You Arch. Michael :angel:
Thank you Meredith!! :)
Love :smitten:

Anne333 8th April 2010 6:03 pm

I just found this message today and was glad I did. There is a theme to your messages Meredith that I've read: to be ourselves, to have confidence in ourselves, to trust ourselves. This is very encouraging. And it's given with such generosity and kindness. Thank you, wiht love! -Anne


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