Initiate Yourself

Recently I initiated myself.  I made clear, conscious, heartfelt choices and decisively changed my world.

We can all do this.

Decisiveness is a powerful aspect of energy in focus.  It is like choice, but to be decisive means you've eliminated other options.  It's an all or nothing thing.  Meaning, you're committed.  You've put both feet on the other side of the fence and you're not looking back. 

To be committed means you're willing to stay the course, to use your strength and focus, your will and energy to embody the decision you've made.  It doesn't mean you won't find this hard at times, or perhaps fall short of what you hope for in some moments--it means you stay on the path.  So when you veer off, you come back.  ASAP.

Being decisive is making committments with care.  It's knowing when you're ready for the no-looking-back thing and it's a natural expression of your own growth and insight.  It's not something to do because you think you might miss out on something, or because someone else is doing it.  It belongs to you and will only work when it's honest and true.

Of course we don't always know what challenges to our committments will arise--that's why decivieness is important; it gives us strength.  We may need help to fulfill our decisions and in making a decision we also commit to asking for all the help we need to follow-through, and with self-love to thrive while living our newness out in day to day life.

Decisions are supported energetically.  An undivided focus in choice is highly magentic.  It realigns everything in your life and the entire Universe responds immediately to this newness.  Your energy field alters and the integration begins.  Your body and lightbody respond to the command of manifesting this new direction by immediately making changes on all levels of being.

You are powerful beyond measure.  Conscious decision making harnesses this.  Choosing to live Divine Will and the Divine Plan and your role in this places you in a powerful vortex of alignement.  It's why when we do things for status or to make someone else happy, we are never as successful as someone coming from a deep, authentic passion--you just can't compete with that.  It flows the energy of the Universe! 

The awakening which flows to us from beyond the veil, which alters our body chemistry, our cellular structure, our perspective and our experience is one we can initiate with our own hearts and with our own will. 

The plan we came here for involves decending fully as spirit, soul or I AM presence into our human body.  We initiate this when we declare our readiness--freely and decisively--to embody our Divine Soul fully, right now.  This enables this to happen as much as our physical body and our energy body are capable of right now and for this state of embodiment to evolve on an ongoing basis.

We can declare each morning and each night that we are committed to this.

We can ask to be guided and taught.  We can ask to be led to what will support this.  We may ask to know our guides and teachers.  We can invoke those energies we feel will benefit our path.  We can ask for clarity and the courage to do this.  We can ask and state our willingness for healing and teaching that is of benefit to our highest good be given to us during sleep.  We can ask to only experience light and love.  We can state our willingness to be supple and to be taught that we can respond to life with flexibility, to allow change with ease and to learn to be fully present.

In doing this we enter into a co-creative relationship with All-That-Is, consciously.  In order to see wisdom, it helps to ask for it and then give our attention to receiving it.  These are very simple properties of how relationships work that we can apply to our own path of expanding consciousness, awakening our multidimensional experience and elevating our frequency.

We came here to participate in planetary ascension.  Do you feel this? 

We knowledgeably choose this incredible experience.  As we remember this, we let go.  For me letting go means that I am of service.  I am available for the highest aspects of the I AM THAT I AM to merge fully with me in the focus of Meredith, to participate in the Divine Plan and specifically to embody my role--the one I chose before I came into this body, this life.

Do I remember all of this?  All my intentions before coming here and the ways I wished to be part of this?  Not yet.  Much yes, and more and more.  Certainly I know what feels right and aligned with this--it gives me great joy and peace!  These are landmarks that I'm on the path.  It works--what I am and am doing works.  It's easy and effortless.  I feel the grace of it.  All of these experiences help us to discern more clearly what's harmonious and aligned with our coming into full embodiment as a Divine Being of Love and Light.

So we can initiate ourselves and begin.  We are masters.  We are here and we are there.  Above and below.  Bringing and bridging heaven and Earth.  We commit and submit to Divine Will and the guidance from within. 

We decide to live from our innate wisdom and cultivate a relationship to this.  To walk this path and be willing to be led to wholeness from within and to live with impeccability; to choose authentic spontaneity and suppleness as a way of living.

We let everything else drop away and we begin to know what it means to be light!  Free!  In harmony with the Earth, the stars, the Sun, the inherent Divine Self in every other being sharing this co-creation with us.

This all begins with the magic of our own focus.  Decisions create magic: they give focus to energy and light.  Don't wait for anyone or anything to begin living the life you came here for.  You can do it now, yourself.  You're entirely capable and All-That-Is will support and inspire you.  It will naturally be drawn to you as a result of the magentic quality of your decisions and the quality of your questions.

Knowledge requires a doorway to come to you.  The key to this doorway is declaration, good questions, and focus.  All of which is something you have total control over.  Start where you are.  It's a lovely place.

If you're inspired, create your own ritual and initiate yourself.  Then behold your innocent newness with love. 

You are a creator-god.  It's time.  Claim it.  Step out of the weeds, away from the sidelines, and into the opening of light and live!



SpiritHeart 22nd April 2011 6:40 am

Thank You Immensely. This message has already changed my mind's perspective to vibrate in frequency with my heart.

May we all Join in on Your beautiful advice.

Love and Live

omitunde 22nd April 2011 9:19 am

This is the timely message that was meant for me this morning on good Friday as we look towards what I call the return of the light and manifestations of newness. I love the statement of "feeling the grace of it" - that is what I look forward to every waking moment to feel the grace of living and to embrace it. Thank you for this message, I posted it to my FB wall to share it with others.

shapeshifter 22nd April 2011 11:59 am

Great support for "staying the course" and being true to all that we really are.

Starfast 22nd April 2011 1:49 pm

Thank you, Meredith, for this encouraging essay. I am in the throes of a complete upheaval in my life and have committed to following through, because I KNOW that is my spiritual path, though a lot of the outcome is unseen by my 3D me at present. It is good to be reminded that I must also focus on the effortless part! Thank you.

Ava Deiki 22nd April 2011 6:42 pm

Beautifully put =))

Ava Deiki

HighlandHealer 24th April 2011 6:16 am

Thanks, Meredith! Happy Easter!
Dave x