It's July! Here are the Keys to Your New Porsche

Clearing away anything which does not fit with your “future” incarnation of self in the emerging NOW of the 5D is the focus of the coming months, especially July.  The incoming solar waves will be strong and blow through; clearing much that is clutter, distraction and a distortion of your field out!  This is challenging to say the least and depending on the role each of you is playing in the ascension drama—which is what it feels like lately {Smile!  ...hang in there}--your experience will be different.

Oriented to the moment of unfolding is the nearly tireless and seemingly endless energy of your ascended masters and the transition team from the heavens, the Council of Light and the Council of Michael, the Cosmic Christ Council and the many Galactic teams who stand holding open energy vortexes, supporting and amplifying the new holographic framework and making themselves available to you as needed for inspiration, clarity and support.  Ground upward and tap into this amazing array of your star family assembled for this incredibly counting down of the timelines and the aligning of the geometries within you and your sphere which are accelerating and moving forward the key aspects of Gaia’s ascension.

Normalizing this process will be a challenge for the emerging new is not the norm, nor has it been.  Meaning: what is emerging as the new is continually changing; in flux and not stable for any period of time which is especially noticeable for you increasingly plugged into the earth grid as your chakra system and your DNA system are aligning, reconnected and flowing the collective energies of the unified field.  Although you may look out your window and see the same street, trees and cars drive by as though all is the same, more and more of you know this is not the case.  And as you are plugged in to the unified field energetically and structurally—not just by joining unified consciousness with your focus, but physically experiencing the structural changes in your bodies, the awakening of your cellular memories which are revealing and activating awareness of the confluencing timelines—this process is becoming more disorienting rather than blissful!  Bliss being your prior experience with Unity Consciousness…and it will be again, but understand that as you tap into the essence-- which is ALL that will be going through the portal between the 8th and the 9th octaves of creation—you are feeling the journey from an increasingly un-buffered, vulnerable state and your experience reflects that.

This is nothing to be afraid of, it’s like you got out of a luxury vehicle—a car like a Cadillac, or a Lexus that drives like it is floating above the road—and into a Porsche or another highly tuned roadster that is low to the ground and as you drive, becomes one with the road.

You and the road have merged…and you feel this, and there is too a loss of control you experience as though the gas pedal was not under your control, there is really and truly no brakes and the road is unpredictable.  Exciting, stimulating and full of surprises and something that at this pace can be quite exhausting and tiring…I think I’ve mentioned the idea before, but I’ll say it again: view the whole thing as a roller coaster.  Put your hands up in the air, feel the wind in your face and trust that the whole thing is safe and try to enjoy yourselves.

Once the ride is over, you’ll stand up again, feet on the ground and you can even be still if you want!  A little wobbly from being turned entirely upside down and everything being dumped out of your pockets, but feeling wildly alive and likely a little hungry and ready for a feast.

Sit down with your closest friends, look at “pictures of your faces” and remember all the ways you felt and feel delighted with yourself for not hesitating to get on the ride and give it a go.  After all—life is supposed to be fun; an adventure!  Right?  And you are going for the ride of your lives.

Okay, so you’ve had enough?  We hear you.  Oh my beloved ones hang in there.  The journey is long, but you are no longer alone and living in your private, secluded caves as you were during the time up until the beginning of 2010.  You have come together and are sharing the experience more and more and these meetings are moving past the internet and into phone calls and physical get-togethers and more and more you feel part of different tribes who are soul-groups reassembling for the work at hand and the activation of your collective memories.

You will find yourself drawn to certain experiences and memories, books, messages, people, places, and the resonance will lead you to connect the dots as more and more of the parallel realities in which key versions of yourself reside bleed-through into this experience as we approach the narrow opening into infinity and emerge whole within the new holographic framework, the thought-form of the New Gaia, Terra Nova that we co-created together.  You will find physical changes in your bodies which amaze you no less than the emergence of cultures and places you imagined only to exist in the past or in another dimension; as diversification and the elevated frequency of the earth make inhabitation possible for many who long to return or to be here in that NOW.

Standing alongside you are legions of light filled beings; transmitting LOVE and carrying for you whatever you are not yet ready to carry yourselves.  As your bodies evolve you anchor and integrate more and more.  All of this is part of the journey.  And anchoring more often involves releasing more first—as though it’s creating space, but truly it is more that that which is out of alignment with your rapidly ascending and stabilizing and ascending and stabilizing frequency gets dropped from your energy and thus your perspective.

It is a credit truly to your willingness to go with the flow that the current times are so challenging; for it is simply because of your willingness to open, release, re-align and transform that you are taking in such large quantities of light = information that you experience these trying and we KNOW exhausting moments and the physical and emotional pain of feeling you are being stripped bare of all that you know, trust and love.  Be not afraid.

It's a lot to metamorphosize, as anyone who understands what happens to the caterpillar once he follows his inner urgings and spins himself into that vessel into which he dissolves, merges, becomes one with and then ultimately pops out of well understands, and you might reflect on this.  And remember, the caterpillar then emerges: specific and unique once again, and totally transformed and, need we say it?  With wings. {Smile!}

It is a cliché it is such a well-used metaphor, but we remind you in this situation the comparison is well, a bit more LITERAL.  It is therefore fitting to remind you of the beauty of that journey, and that your own biological-physical-energetic-emotional-conceptual-heart-centered journey is no less.  And collectively, far more influential. {Smile}

I hope I got you to smile a little bit!

Take more baths.  Nap more.  Eat ice cream on the 4th of July—all you Americans…and anyone else who feels like a little treat.  Just be nice to yourselves.  This is a gristly moment of the journey and recognize it as such and just hang on!  Or rather: let go...

I AM the Archangel Michael and I protect you; so know that the mechanics who care for your vessel are trustworthy and you are safe...and may I remind you how profoundly loved you each eternally ARE.  Namaste.


{P.S.  To continue the festive-love-yourself-vibe, join the Expect Wonderful Lightworker Collective Event featuring the Archangel Michael, Dolphin energy and more.  July 11...for details click here! }


Anne333 4th July 2010 1:32 pm

I needed to hear this. The timing on this message was spot-on-incredible!! Thanks AA Michael and Meredith. :)

LightBeing 4th July 2010 1:38 pm

I love and adore your message from Archangel Michael...they resonate so strongly with me. Thank you so much for what you're doing and for keeping us going.

And might I add, WOW! The timing on your event is perfect. Yes do many of us need to be refreshed. Thank you for having this. I look forward to joining with others. ONE-derful. :)

Peaceful Path 6th July 2010 11:45 am

So this explains why I urgently feel the need to get rid of everything that no longer fits! I had a vision board above my desk that I loved and yesterday - it had to come down and I started a new one.
A roller coaster ride describes this perfectly - and yes - everything in my pockets seems to be on the ground!
(I always wanted a Porsche)


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