Live the Qualities & Extensions of Joy

Energy organizes as light within your field in direct correlation to your thoughts and feelings.  This is eminently important at this time as the outer world is beginning to go through very dramatic transitions and it will be important for you to "see" this as dissolution of old and keep your focus within the realm of ideals that you wish to be reflected back to you as outer realized manifestation.

The order of coherence being established now is immanent and like you, the Earth is going through this vibrational upgrade of form expressed, while living beings are dwelling in this biosphere.  So the changes now begin to be expressed in your outer reality in ways that are more dramatic and this is as it has been and is with your body--the atomic or cellular level of things spinning off the dross.

The important thing is to stay in your seat of focus, within your organized reality there is clarity and light, and all you need to go through each day you have access to.  Do not plan for the long term, do not concern yourself with long-term aspirations even, consider the next day or so, the project right there in front of you beguiling and alluring…go there.  

Allow yourself to follow the pathway of joy amidst the increasing turmoil and upheaval in some aspects of Earthly life and most important too is to imagine!  Re-imagine the life you see for humanity and all life!  Imagine not so much the specific forms or the "hows" but the qualities of interaction and sentient shared experience.  Feel the qualities of joy, upliftment, humor, delight, recognition, realization, inspiration.  Sense the presence of beauty, harmony, ease, and imagine within this what extensions into learning and growth, self-expression and creativity you will choose.  Begin now living as much of these qualities and these extensions of being as you can naturally, organically expand into. This is how the outer and inner planes meet.

We encourage you to be bold and satisfy your desires for joy.  That is the most uplifting path of all.

We are the Council of Light


cyndy 11th September 2012 12:20 pm

Oh yes, I so love this. We are like the Phoenix in the ashes and begining to re-form our new world, our new human experience by inner energy. "Re-imagine the life you see for humanity and all life! Imagine not so much the specific forms or the "hows" but the qualities of interaction and sentient shared experience." I have just begun to imagine the grid of our new world, new human experience. It is not in details(specific forms) from the mind but in words that align my feeling experience which then actualizes into physical form. Here are my words for my grid. Ease,Joy and Grace. Pleasure, Engagement and Meaning. Thank you Meredith and Council of Light.


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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.