March Equinox 2013: the Re-instatement of Love

The March Equinox is already being felt energetically.

The energies are beginning to accelerate in your fields as you anticipate the alignment of the March Equinox. This acceleration takes place with a sense of renewed hope and enthusiasm as you begin to sense that there is greater potential for joy emerging. 

We, the Council of Light, along with your Star and Angelic Families have long imagined this moment, of the release of 3rd dimensional energies from the Earth sphere and the free flowing initiation of the new firmament. 

Subtle, consistent energies are confirming the New Reality is here.

The energies you are feeling in your own field tell you with quiet assertion that you can truly believe in what is happening. That the New Paradigm is here and that the release of old paradigms is happening. Paradigms are sustained and supported by human focus and therefore have been perpetuated for some time now into the new sphere of reality, but on the Equinox this energy will begin to markedly diminish as the New Reality takes hold physically and opens up more light in the sphere of Earth. 

The energies that come in at this time, with this harmonic of balance on Earth summoning new light and love into your realm, reignite within you a confidence in your own true being. 

Each of you who is able to receive this resonance in conscious fullness will experience a profound harmonizing and reinstatement of your original birth energies and the imprint of your consciousness of form will begin a reinstatement of your own Cosmic Wholeness. 

Come into full collaboration with these subtle energies by trusting yourself.

As you allow your inner knowing to reign supreme, you develop the trusting relationship with your own guidance that will empower your fullest clarity and coherent self-expression. 

The leading edge of presence. 

The light you are exists in ongoing, perpetual wholeness and harmony with the eternal, infinite expanding All-That-Is and it is this light which takes up greater residence in your form at this time. For those able to maintain this state of being, being harmoniously attuned to this energy you will never again return to the state of dis-empowerment that you knew in the illusion of the third dimensional expression of Earth. 

In this new state of embodied wholeness, your being will begin to transmit to your body the love that is eternally you and your body will gradually take this manifest. It is a process of course, on Earth to remake your body, but for those of you able to stay in these new balanced harmonics, grounding in the physical Earthly world, the expansiveness of life that flows to you from your own inner planes, you will discover a luminosity and lightness of being that begins to root deeply in your physical life and if you can, permit your mindset to open to the potential of this, as a mystery thereby not expecting particulars but open to the newness remaking your entire experience in perfect harmony, and joy and you will empower your own alignment with the light and love you are. 

You are whole, Divine and entirely free. 

Skillful participation at this time is dependent on your energetic standards and the way you relate to your life in form. Embracing your sovereign power of creating and allowing, being in affinity with Creation, you increasingly live in direct knowing that you are LOVE, unified and whole. 

Then there is no purpose dictated for your life, nothing you must do, only a deep desire to cultivate the means of authentically expressing and being YOU. In this you have great resources for life, well-being and joy. It is the pathways of shared experience in the New Reality to share these kinds of ways of being with one another. As you become facile at letting yourself be you, you will find new relationships that meet you in the world, relationships that feel familiar at once for they are indeed familiar beyond this time and space. In this reunion with one another, made possible by your solitary inner journeys into remembering your beauty and realizing your light, you will find the amazing amplification of collaboration and sharing to be a profound creator of happiness and a generator of energy for creation. Sharing in one another's dreams, aspirations and celebrating the manifestation of each of your perfect inspired ideas and ideals will become a powerful way to collaborate and co-create as well as an immense source of happiness and delight. 

Newly present as you, relationships are upgraded and tribes experience reunion. 

You will find the perfect reunion with a Tribe of your own tonality and it will give you great ease and relief to finally be together as yourself, knowing the love you are and being free to express this with one another in total union and peace. The innate harmony of embodying your True Being will be awe-inspiring as you allow yourself to live as you are inspired and in ways that feel genuine and natural for you. Your need to compete, to compare, to please, to compensate, to be rescued, all have been dissolved as you create true trust and self-love in your relationship to your human YOU-ness. And because of this when you are with one another, there is radiant beauty, incredible peace and happiness, playfulness and extravagant humor and delight, and all of this fuels incredible states of physical well being. 

The renaissance of your life approaches beloved beings of light and love.

Your mission has been accomplished and now it is your joy which is to be realized fully.

We greet you as One Being, unified in intention and joyously attending your celebration.

We are the Council of Light


zorro 18th March 2013 9:46 am


Thank you for this uplifting tribecast.

I feel it.

bets 18th March 2013 11:34 am

Thank you Meredith. As usual, you bring messages that resonate on the deepest levels. I'm grateful.

kay 18th March 2013 11:58 am

I'm going to repost here what I just posted on another site while sort of journaling in public and wearing myself out:

"I am so ready to 'finally break old limiting patterns of behavior,' but I'm finding some cloudy thinking behind this desire of mine.

On the one hand, it asserts that the old limitations are undesirable (polarity thinking, that one thing is better than another) but on the other, that they don't speak to who I am. And my third hand is offering some undefined gift of clarity!

Very tiring, those gyrations, but thank you, Kelly, for the heads up. You clearly got me thinking. Or, you got me thinking clearly. I'll go with that one."

And here is a further offer of clarity. Thank you, Meredith and Council of Light.

COBALT 18th March 2013 12:09 pm

I am beginning to feel this too. I truly appreciate this beautiful message.

cyndy 18th March 2013 1:09 pm

This message resonates and took me to the deepest and highest parts of my BEING. It awakens my TONE.

3ree-flow 20th March 2013 2:19 am

3ree~flow :) xxx


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