Musings on the April Energies

Trust and a Kinder-Gentler Meredith in the Making

I am awed lately by the clarity of the energy in our experience. More and more it seems very specific--how the new energies are inviting us to be in motion and continue our process of dimensional ascension and refining our focus.

Recently I got wind of a invitation on the horizon: I felt a clear pull toward slowing down and checking out—even though I was filled with ideas of things I wanted to create and be involved with—to instead go within, quietly and gently and take inventory of my life. Luckily, this interested me and so I gave in and followed this urge.

I did this about ten days ago and the reverberations are still rippling into my experience.

I took a thorough inventory of things and did much to forgive, to acknowledge that agreements were made and what I may have experienced as an injury or hurt was created by prior agreement. I thanked all those who have “hurt” me for keeping their end of our agreements in place. I forgave and let go. There were four or five situations that needed extra time, but most went quickly—and yet, this has been an iterative process. I have done this before in different ways and each time, it is more liberating and different: as I approach it with a different perspective/point of view.

Immediately after this I had a surge of creative focus and energy and was highly productive. Then I slipped back into a foggy space where I got my buttons pushed a lot and felt moody and irritated. Then I noticed another invitation: it’s time to recreate again from your new, freed-up vista: and as such I am re-creating my life from the ground up. Putting in much more sustainable foundations and reaching further for what would give me great joy and ease.

I re-created my vision board this week, and outlined my creative urges for my function in the world based on the current energy and vista. Everything on the “outside” seems exactly the same in my life, but underneath I feel big-time shifting going on. And in the middle of this was a powerful earthquake in Mexico—so strong we felt it here Easter Sunday afternoon in Southern California. Wave after wave—long but not strong.

This is how I’m experiencing this energy this month. Things seem elongated. Time feels liminal. Things are taking longer in some ways and happening faster in others, and yet time itself feels smooth and thick. Supportive even.

I am delighted by this as I suspect it’s the result of the kinder, gentler approach to ME in all of this by ME. I have a tendency to be full of ideas all the time; I am fortunate in that I live a very connected and inspired life. So when the waves of transformation create brain fog, or the distracting sense of being elsewhere such that I cannot pursue my latest curiosity, I am not so good at yielding.

My function is to narrate what’s transpiring, to be available and visible for those who seek inspiration, instruction, guidance and hope. And I am driven to BE THIS.

The Archangel Michael and I were “talking” the other day and he shared this with me:

“For starters, the New Earth is managing her inflow of energy by shifting plates, releasing negative energies through “destruction” such as fires and floods, earthquakes and volcanoes even will begin to be in the picture. The reason for this is that the reshuffling allows energy to be released more easily. The disruption allows for clearing by activation, so to speak and rearranging. Sometimes as in the Altadena fire, the whole area had to burn to begin again with a new energetic structure. Many beings who have chosen to not ascend who want to live in duality will be leaving the planet and there is the potential for fear and mass confusion.

We, you and I, are narrating this experience. We’re trying to share the bigger picture and also discuss the “events” the energy of the moment so that it makes sense. Even if someone does not totally understand the ascension process—as even you cannot fully from your perspective now—you will and they can resonate to the truth in the messages we create and this can give comfort, guidance and instruction for making this transition and participating consciously and with greater ease and certainly with more understanding and a sense of relief rather than fear.

You of all people know how important it is to understand! You feel SO much better when you understand rather than when something is taking place which you don’t get.”

And it’s true: I feel SO much better when I understand what’s going on. It’s my nature.

We all approach this enormous shift in a way which is characteristic of us. Are you clear about your innate approach to change?

My energy craves what’s at the leading edge, and as such when I sense something is shifting I run out to meet it—heedless of the impact of such a choice—I just am compelled to understand and integrate, and then to share. It’s a bumpy path, but it’s highly stimulating and I love it this way…but I feel change in the way I approach things as I integrate more and more a perspective of Unity Consciousness.

As my understanding about the process of our planetary ascension develops and clarifies, I realize more and more the importance of having a kinder, gentler relationship with ME.

I am doing so much more than I consciously realize, and so are YOU. To live as the enormous beings that we are requires us to trust in this. All the messages and writings lately which speak to the need to operate from All-That-Is, to forego an independent and self-only viewpoint, are to me, really saying in different ways that the destination is to be in sync with All-That-Is moment to moment and to be from this informed connection. This is how we fulfill our function= be OURSELVES in the Omniverse.

This requires SO MUCH TRUST!!!

This means that I trust I am doing ENOUGH. Know that all is well. Believe that if I don’t do any work today because I have no inspiration for it and instead want to just drift through the day and oh, by the way, am craving corn chips. Then I just go with it and don’t think too much about it. I allow my mood to be fine regardless of this and do not make too much out of things. I look for ways to feel good—whether its sitting with the hot water bottle on the couch under blankets watching old Cary Grant movies, or lying on the grass in my front yard soaking up some sun and listening to my dogs play.

Yes I’m a nearly 48 year old woman starting a new business and this is how I spend my days. Sometimes.

The amount of trust we are being asked to cultivate is astonishing. Never before have we yielded so much of our focus toward a non-physical, inner sense of what feels right. We are moving beyond logic, beyond our mind, beyond our emotions, beyond the collective energies of the world to the collective energies of the universe at soul-levels of perception. We are even going beyond “knowing” to simply “being in the flow” to trusting that we can operate without understanding everything, but simply by trusting our own connection to everything.

We are attuning ourselves to Universal Laws and Principles and realizing they supersede those of the third dimension or the collective and we can trust in just knowing if we align with this higher ways, we are protected and all is well.

We’re doing this when our current relationship suddenly no longer seems to fit, when bills come we aren’t sure how to pay, when our house is a mess and instead of cleaning we lie down, when we crave a glass of wine and we just pour it and enjoy it, when our body aches and we take a bath and trust it will heal itself.

We are believing that if we dance with life, in this kinder-gentler way—totally giving in to whatever we’re needing or would give us peace, ease and comfort in the moment that it will lead us to everything which will make our hearts jump for joy.

It’s so counter-intuitive in some major ways!! And the reason for this is that again, we’re being invited to BE rather then DO. To be attuned with ourselves and to choose more, do less. To ride the great ascending energy arc, knowing we have a seat on the flying machine that is taking us to heaven on earth, and that we can just sit back, or sleep, or zone out reading a magazine and enjoy the ride. There are days when we need to respond to inspiration and take action. Go out to meet our lives and our materializing experiences. To allow ourselves to receive by showing up. But more and more we simply need to be deeply committed to the process, move when inspired and follow our inner sense of what would feel good next…and ride the pulse and shifts in our collective journey; knowing perfectly when and what to do to blend in and participate with our own unique brand of energy and perspective to support the whole.

It’s quite a profound shift—to know oneself as part of a larger organism and recognize and allow the guidance from within, coming from our expanded connection, to be our “brain” our source of “wisdom”. But when I give in? What a relief! The kindler-gentler Meredith knows how to feel good and be happy. What’s not to like about that?


FutureNow 7th April 2010 6:27 am

thank you :)

whiterose 8th April 2010 3:15 am

Yes, I have, at last, also accepted an invitation and that is to turn within and face my authentic self and say 'hello'
with love

angelika 8th April 2010 11:00 am

Hi Meridith,
my approach to the ascension process is more turtle-like. I hide in my shell and stick my head out every now and than to see what's going on and how to deal with it. Good thing is I do come out eventually. I'm gradually learning to be more gentle with myself and practising to be more gentle in my 'inner conversations' towards others, especially towards the teachers in my world. Mmmmh, good to hear/read/feel that there are better times to come. Or at least that I'm learning to look at things differently.
Love & hugs, Angelika

Steve and Patrica Amarant 8th April 2010 12:27 pm

Nice One! Thank you for your kind sharing! Relax and BE.
with love, Steve

Anne333 8th April 2010 6:00 pm

I feel it--this challenge to trust myself more. It's hard! Thank you for acknowledging this and the encouragement.


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