Orienting to the 5th World of Peace

Message from Council of the Golden Dawn Temple, through Seashell Moon Woman, with Archangel Michael

Greetings from the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple.  We speak to you on behalf of your ancestors and your future, leading edge selves, we speak for the new Mother light and the resolving Father energies, the harmonic continuum which is spiraling and balancing as the New Earth hologram divides and becomes specific in new ways.  Like all aspects of wholeness, that which is being born through the portal of your hearts and the gifts of many aspects of focus, begins with its entire essence intact; you are birthing the 5th World of Peace.

That which is alive within you and in affinity with this will feel a rush as you consider that YOU are birthing this new world.  It is a community experience of creatures and energies of many forms.  All of which will increasingly be the new normal; the implicate order gives rise to the diversity of this world and the innate ability for you as the light present as human form, to relate broadly to those who also are harmonically in this resonance.

The gift of this transmission today is to be determined by you.

What is offered is an orienting perspective and you will potentially allow this energetic to expand and trigger a coherent organizing within you which will allow you to see this new vista from a whole body knowing. 

We bless you and thank you for your openness to the energies here.  We know that you are discerning.  We thank you for that.  We know that you are grounded.  We thank you for that.  We know that you are realizing the Eagle medicine of bringing forth all that you are into a human perspective with a profoundly natural groundedness that belies the enormity of your capacity.  Or may seem in-congruent with it; yet IS simply simple.  It simple is who you are.  It is your arising into a frequency resonance with the 5th World of Peace which has allowed that which has come forth in your life to come forth.  You have caught up with YOU.  {Smile.}

Stating that you are here, declare it, opens light pathways around you to others who are here.  You will begin to find one another.  Some of you may be more consciously aware of aspects of this holy wholeness emerging and each of you brings unique understandings to the creation game.  So do not look for agreement; look instead for expansion!

You are, we know increasingly claiming what you know and trusting yourself.  This is a foundation which allows others to expand you and you to expand others; creating a crescendo of life and joy, energy and bliss and also fueling the visions of your hearts being made manifest as a collectively informed expression of this enlarging holy-whole that IS arising.

Exhilaration is often going to be present!  We know that you are going to enjoy things here.  We are here and we are loving it all too.

Who are we you ask?  We are the messengers for the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple.  We work with Archangel Michael and Meredith in opening a particular temple of light that you may or may not resonate with.  Each of you have the propensity to bring in the sacred organizing powers of your Solar Selves and ignite light in others.  As you do this, and gather, Cities of Light will be born--and these will gradually grow and the warmth, the joyous humor and the peace will entice many to come here and meet you.

Relationships of many dimensions on the planet and cosmically will be a much more normal part of existence.  Existence in human form will have an entirely different flow and pace.  There will be surges and rests.  There will be creations and enjoyment.  There will be simply being.  And there will be seeing and witnessing, recognizing and acknowledging.  There will be transparency and openness…and you will find yourself speaking your truth not just among those already awakened.  You are resolving the duality within you and in being congruent with who you are; freely you in each moment of your day, your transparency allows you to be light, feel the ease of this and to touch others with this beautiful sincere wholesome authenticity.  The innocence of just being you is breathtaking.

The New Earth landscape remember, provides an entirely different fundamental vibration grounding all of experience: a vibration of peace.  So even though there are some who still are not able to feel it; you as humans who do, still share common ground with all other human beings.  These similar experiences can allow an exchange which bridges the energetics of the new.

You and your presence plant energetic seeds which work on the lightbody of others long after your encounters with one another.   Your energy remains in places you visit and is exhaled in your breath.  If those that you meet have an energetic framework that can take in this higher set-point then much can be built quickly by encountering others who are in coherence and order.  Your presence is an ingredient that may open the path within dormant aspects of the whole...it mingles in the energetic ethers inspiring and triggering a magnetic response.   In your joyous wellness, when others begin to ask questions, you may find you respond in a new way.  You discover that you listen carefully, speak little, affirm their inner sense of things and smile a lot at them with immense love and total trust in the perfection of their timing and their choices.  So much healing may be done this way.  For you!

All is resolved into pure love and light through honesty and integrity.  So one cannot resolve the existing duality, no matter how extensive it is; through glossing over things or wanting to believe rather than miss out on something or because someone they love “told them so…”  Each who is here and joins here consciously does so as you do, with an open heart--tenderly learning to remember how very very very much they love themselves.

Amplify the joy in yourself by following that which gives you bliss!  Smiles and warmth open energy and are contagious...as is kindness.  Acknowledge the turning to inner wisdom.  Be a loving mirror.  And focus your work and your efforts on you.  Not others.

Allow yourself to be seen.  Allow yourself to see.  Let your eyes be new each morning.  Releasing all that has come before.  This is the teaching of the Golden Dawn Temple: infinite new beginnings.

Allow your divine truth to inform you.  Allow your divine nature to step into you energetically more and more fully each day...invite your soul in!  Choose who you wish to be in this new paradigm of infinite freedom and ultimate joy. 

Remain inwardly focused and impeccable in your commitment to what is: you are the first humans to live in the 5th World of Peace. 

Be explorers!  Talk with us, share with one another; be our tour guides, as the new natives!  Don't be surprised if you discover indigenous people already there ;)  Let the commencement of the Divine Prophecy come alive as you.

I AM Seashell Moon Woman with Archangel Michael, and the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple.  We speak as One:

Welcome home.


grammanet 29th July 2011 10:25 am

Music to my ears..:) Love this! Thank you! :)

GottaLoveIt 29th July 2011 11:11 am

very nice

LordJesusChrist 29th July 2011 1:33 pm

Thanks, Archangel Michael and Meridith! Excellent message! The 5th World of Peace is the New Earth now where we are happily living forever in harmony with nature conforming to the natural process of existence in accordance with God's plan which is Paradise Regained. Alleluia! Amen! *******My Good Wisdom :thumbs: :angel: :smitten:

angelika 1st August 2011 4:28 am

Thank you Meridith, Michael & Seashell Moon woman,

as always it's a lovely and timely message. I shall take it to heart.

Blessings of Love from,

greatcentralsun 4th August 2011 9:31 am

Loved it. Some fantastic advice there towards the end! Will be pondering those paragraphs all month. Thank you! x


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