Part 2: Emergence of My Crystalline Geometry; Experiential

My energy deepens and widens.

I go slowly within this sensation—for it feels gelatinous!  Soft, accommodating.  Substantial and supportive. 

I know without form, my energy is radiant and moving.  I see myself, as a dimensional energetic field of spinning geometric forms and it makes me cry to realize my true nature.  I am knowing myself as my lightbody now—I see it when I close my eyes and as I do tears roll down my cheeks.  I feel a broad, low vibration humming—a perpetual rumble beneath me, as in my foundation, rolling over itself it cycles and undulates.  I feel this sound as form almost—in that I know it has a shape, a unique structure and way of being.  Perfect and ever changing.  I am continually attuned to this.

The harmonics of life are being felt more.  My crystalline body cells are becoming highly informed by the incoming gamma rays; the light broadcast from the great central sun, colliding with matter in our galaxy, resulting in gamma rays carrying information; the initiation of my own genetic strands is being triggered and remembered as this light as information is contained within the electrons of my crystalline form; downloaded from the crystalline earth grid.  I am increasingly in an energetic and structural relationship with my own galaxy.  The personal submits to the planetary and the galactic, informed and sharing a cosmic DNA, a cosmic light and information which substantiates, and harmonizes our continuous evolution.

Within light there remains no remnant of duality.  Increasingly my body becomes this light—as my cells shift from carbon to crystalline, and in doing so are able to both receive and store the transmission of information as well as reflect it from my very being in radiance, in light.  My broadcast alerting others, awakening dormant codes perfectly timed to be activated in this NOW, for the sole purpose of re-membering our divine nature while residing energetically within a human focal point; within a perfect galaxy of contrast and free will.  Oh!! The expansion we will create!

I celebrate our awakening!

I realize the choice of my physical body as a glove I place on with love, so that I may open a cold doorknob, hold a wild bird and free her from a trap in the snow, stand outdoors in the cold and breathe in crispness and still inside my glove the hand is warm, soft.

These layers of our experience provide opportunities to feel and express.  From this arises inspiration and beyond this?  A new frontier of perspective.  Infinite.  Glorious.

The pedal tone of life steadies me, guides me, IS me.  And as I AM, and am harmonized with and experienced in silence, in stillness, in movement, in creativity—I feel both this undertone and the newness and it is within this entirely spacious, eternal, safe, adventure of self-expression that I find joy.


LightBeing 26th November 2010 2:03 pm

I never experienced the layers of my being in quite the way I began to think of them, to conceptualize myself as I did while I was reading this.

This is like poetry at it's best--with layers of meaning and a rhythm that is an experience itself.

Beautiful. Thank you.

Satya 26th November 2010 3:22 pm

Fabulous! The awakened Game Masters celebrate in Joy!

JediKnightDavid 30th November 2010 12:11 am

Wow!!! That felt good to read!!! Thank you Meredith! I have often done such thinking in silence but I think it is good to write such thoughts down to experience over and over again! Very cool experiment...!


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