Participate in the Light Coming: the time is NOW

Qualities of the New Earth 

Hello you beautiful beings, and friends, members of the Family of Light.

I call out to you from my heart!  The time is NOW.

There have been so many months and these rolled into years when we were isolated, and profoundly challenged.  We felt our energy and our mental focus slipping away.  We lost jobs, relationships, a sense of energetic purpose and began to realize we were going through this complete metamorphosis of our physical bodies.  We embraced this and learned about becoming crystalline; re-wired to carry, anchor and flow higher vibration light.  We began to understand our journey and find ways to care for ourselves and our bodies.  We experienced so much of this nearly alone.  With just our guides and a bit of connection, we trusted our sense that this was all-important and faced these challenges with courage and innate wisdom.  Then this year dawned and things really shifted and sped up.  We begin to come together--in recognition and love, in celebration of our shared and kindred journey.  We shared our symptoms, our practices, our understandings and begin to say out loud what had been in our thoughts and understanding, perceptions and sense of this mysterious and amazing journey all along.  We felt enormous relief in finding one another.  What a gift.

Within this gift is also a purpose.  For now, emboldened and strengthened by our collective light, it is time for each of us to take the next step of commitment and choice in our journey.  To participate fully as only we can.

For we are each holders of important keys--blueprints, concepts, imagination and light--that are needed NOW, by ourselves, by our planet and by the cosmic oneness of which now know we are a deeply loved and vital aspect.  It's time to put all of this together and claim our lives as the new human: Multidimensional and Grounded and use our frequency, focus and the keys within our own bodies to create Unity Consciousness and the New Earth.

Clarity Concerning Who You Are

There have been many times in this life, when each of us resonated with "lives" we saw in movies, read about in books, glimpsed in our imagination, dreamed of manifesting...without really claiming them as OUR LIVES--literally. 

Glimpses into other dimensions are becoming common for some of us.  Yesterday while getting my hair done and listening to a conversation between my good friend who was also there and my hair stylist of the last 12+ years...I found myself looking out of male eyes, in a Native American Sioux young body...just watching through his eyes, a scene unfold, a moment, really.  Wearing deerskin breeches, moccasins and no shirt.  I was riding an Appaloosa that was gray and white, with a little black and along a stream with tall grasses that had gone to seed on either side.  There was a slight breeze and it was warm but not hot.  I was thinking of a woman I love and seeing her in my minds eye and imagining touching her.  I was feeling very peaceful and I had this strong sense of a very straight and strong back.  I tuned back into the hair salon and realized what was happening with a sense of delight.  Then I shifted my attention back to the unfolding in my awareness.  I was feeling life all around me.  I knew that everything had a life of it's own and riding and being I was communing with all that is--recognizing this in everything I felt and saw and heard.  I enjoyed this moment for a while...feeling the softness of the pants I was wearing, feeling the warmth of the horse underneath me.  It was all very still and peaceful. 

Then I came back to listening to the conversation in the hair salon about an upcoming vacation to Greece and what islands to visit and I began to participate in that having spent a month in Greece 3 years ago. 

So here I am--living in Los Angeles, getting my hair highlighted and remembering an aspect of one version of me who is a Lakota male with long black hair and very peaceful and deeply in love.  I asked myself about the meaning of this opening.  For I now realize that we are creating a profound healing in our unified field and in our own essence as we connect and cross-inform across versions of ourselves. 

How to get in touch with remembering?

For me this happened in one of those do-nothing moments of just being, with no agenda to be or do anything and it created a space into which this vision could emerge. 

One of the best ways is to be in nature.  Again to do nothing.  To be in the now.  If we want to remember, we can begin to pay attention to our bodies.  For when we resonate strongly with something--feel our bodies react, there is meaning there.  Increased heat, goosebumps, sometimes for me my eyes open wide as though looking more and yet I really even stop seeing visually and move into a sense of knowing and stillness as awareness opens up within me.

To experience this we have to leave a space for memories, for parallel awareness to come into.  The sounds and smells of nature trigger memories if you give yourself time to let them penetrate into your physical being.  The activation of these visions can also be awakened by place--for stone, and land hold energetic imprints.  The area around Lake Louise and Banff in the Canadian Rockies is such a powerful place it is said to take an imprint of your energy and store it when you visit there.  It is likely that other places hold the memory of our presence and to allow ourselves to realize that place, animals, plants, stone and other people RECOGNIZE us, know that it is me, Meredith, who is there, opens up the possibility for a quantum experience to unfold.  I can facilitate this by greeting all I experience with this awareness that I am known and seen.  By bringing my now-moment awareness to a open focus expecting to receive information and energy in all moments. 

Activating memory requires you to be more honest about your life.  To let go of this endless running around and all the "shoulds" and to truly LIVE and stop hiding even from yourself.  To experience these memories it is good to remember for starters that we are far more than flesh and bone--that we are a combination of intelligent electromagnetic signals and that we speak to the world through these and the world and all aspects of it, speak to us.

Claiming the New Human Template: Multi-dimensional Grounded

In memories, in openings to awareness of other versions of you are concepts, blueprints and teachings that have significance in your NOW. 

The Pleiadians say, "Bringing memories of other times and places into your current reality unifies the significance of your life."

When I listened to my Lakota knowing, I realized there were blueprints there which are useful for me now.  When I tap into that energy I feel a profound physical strength and the soles of my feet become VERY active.  I feel strong and my shoulders broaden as I assimilate some of the physical presence I have in my Sioux life.  I feel an approach, a presence to life which is always learning and always aware; that approaches situations and people with a sense of individuality and generosity. 

I realize that in this culture I knew that leaders were people who arose from within and who gave generously.  That people who made us laugh and those who reminded us of our own relationship to nature were revered.  There was a sense of value and connection which feels right to me now and aligned with the new earth.

As I grow in my understanding as different key lifetimes emerge in my awareness I realize that my body has been switched on and is now making me aware of what I need to remember.  I am bringing together in my own experience a story that is personal, planetary and galactic, or cosmic.

 As I choose a different way of receiving or translating reality I am triggering inner doorways which are opening and there is a reorganization within me on a foundational level.  I can support this by realizing the preciousness of my amazing body and listening to it; learning how to love and support my body as we together co-create my experience.  My body is leading me!!

For example: lately I have taken to drinking pH balanced water, and adding oxygen drops to my water.  I was led to this by an impulse to do some kind of physical shifting.  My massage therapist suggested I might want to do a cleanse.  When I went to Whole Foods the next day, I set the intention to be led to what was right for me.  I was drawn to a certain section of the store and thought it was for the Bach Flower Remedies...instead I turned around to the books and immediately saw the book about the pH Miracle, and when I opened it up, the photo on the page was of one woman who participated in this program with a photo and her story and her name in bold on the top of the page: "Asherah."  For those of you who may not know--I channel Ashira--a collective of beings from the Pleiades who are participating in the transition on Earth.  So see?  The book knew it was me and opened in a way that held meaning that would speak to me specifically.  I expect this now and it happens.

So I began to drink this oxygen water about two weeks ago, and my memories have accelerated.  I realize I am purifying my blood.  Blood, like bone is a carrier of DNA and information.  As I purify my blood, it's able to carry more oxygen and as I do this I create the potential for the water on the planet to benefit from my shift.

As I became switched on and my body began unfolding the mystery within, the current of my own life is taking me directly to my own purpose.  I am focusing in on writing a book and teaching more and realizing this important for me.  I am beginning to understand that energy collects in my hands and I am experimenting with using it to purify things around me--food, water, land.  The more I consider what I might be able to do and believe in these possibilities, the more my abilities develop. 

Collaborating with our Lightbodies

My body was only waiting for me to direct it. 

Like all energy, with my clear intention, I give it form. 

This is a key to my own experience--to be truly willing to experience my life and my body, the earth and all that is, as my own creations.  To take responsibility not only for what is, but for what could be.

I am realizing a vision of peace and freedom, harmony and cooperation from within!  As I grow in harmony with myself; as I augment my understanding of who I am with my expansive and multi-dimensional knowing; as I learn to listen and cooperate with not just my body, but my extended body--my yard, my geographic home, my planet, my universe, with All-That-Is--I become a trusting, profoundly resourced creator.  As I know and imagine myself to be unbounded, with an opportunity at every turn I create momentum. 

I invite you to join me

Make a commitment to Earth to open your heart, to awaken to all the knowing within you which will benefit and expand the collective we are and to choose, with pleasure, to experience your fullest capacity in this lifetime.  Claim the template of the New Human for yourself: awaken and orient to a multi-dimensional and grounded version of YOU.

In order to meet all of these things, which are so unfamiliar to our logical minds, we must maintain clear intentions, courage, self-love and a certain nonchalance!  Ask the Earth to assist you in coming to know yourself and to know her as your home. 

I find, that to proceed within this auspicious time, I must know that I am loved and know that I am the source of this love.  To allow love to arise in my experience and allow myself to chose my own experience.  I choose and ask for a grand enhancement of my identity and to learn what it feels like to be expanded--to experience myself on many levels of perception...and to learn to TRUST this process. 

Ask all parts of your body to work together in their idealized forms.  When you have a desire to unite with the greater identity which you have, and prepare your body to operate with a higher electrical current by building and integrating your Lightbody, you begin to access this multilayered knowing, timelines open and you face the seemingly new, although amazingly familiar territory of your existence. 

It's time to welcome and make sense of this new awareness and put it to use in the NOW.  It is quite unusual feeling to have the energies from many worlds meet in your physical body.  And quite a source of powerful and creative knowing.  Bring all that you are to life.  You are needed and loved.  We all are, and we are one.

The time is now.  Participate in the light coming...


Peaceful Path 9th July 2010 10:03 am

This is such great info coming through.
I have been having such fragmented memories and this has helped me to see I need to honor them and give them some time and space.
The one tactile memory that comes forth for me is of walking on red powdery soil, very soft, very dry. And loving how it is turning my feet red.
Thank you for reminding me to sit quietly and feel - feel to remember.
What an amazing time we have chosen to participate in!

kay 9th July 2010 11:00 am

Thank you so much for this sharing. It is comforting, validating, enlightening, and just amazing knowing we're all going through this together.

LilyIndigo 9th July 2010 1:04 pm

Thank you for this especially about being able to notice when we are vibrating higher. Within the last two weeksI have been getting goosebumps right throughout the day most noticeably when I am verbally communicating with someone who is physically in front of me. Whatdoes the goosebumps mean? Am I sending that person love and light? I have also noticed when it happens that I actually feel weightless and tingly. I'm also "zoning out" quite frequently..often without even realizing it. I'm also happy you mentioned your experience with your past life self as I had that experience recently. Have been struggling finacially for some time now and have been working on being abundant. Just last week I zoned out and saw myself as a little boy , early 18th century , dressed very poorly in rags and tattered clothes..the area looked like the cobbled streets of London and guess what? I was picking pockets!!! I couldn't believe it. Then it made sense. I incarnated in this lifetime with the feeling of poverty and lack already ingrained in my sub-concious...I could not believe it.

Lots of Love

Anne333 9th July 2010 7:10 pm

Your work inspires me.

It continually affirms my own experience and my own questions.

I am grateful for ideas with how to work with this energy and the new things emerging in my experience.

Thank you for your voice and for sharing so beautifully what you experience for the benefit of all.

Keep shining your light=information on the planet. It is beautiful and useful. Blessings to you!

:smitten: 9th July 2010 7:35 pm

Hey Meredith,
Thank you so much for this post. so uplifting.
I invite you to listen to this call. Something synchronistic perhaps with some of your wording. Switch on, ph, water & oxygen. It's really worth the listen.

You can reach me at

LightBeing 10th July 2010 4:51 pm

I have been having other breakthroughs too.

I appreciate you sharing this. I look forward to connecting with the Dolphin energies tomorrow during the event we will share.

So much is opening up for us. Thank you for sharing your own experience and for creating a way for us to come together and create and experience as a group.

Love + Light!

angelika 12th July 2010 3:57 am

High Meredith,
loved your article and was so pleased as many of the things you mentioned are happening to me as well, it was quite exciting to read your article.

Although I don't merge as vividly with other life times I've had (your's sounded great fun!) I did know/realise just this last week or so that I am integrating all these aspects/lifes together. I've even had a future one come up, which was quite intriguing.

I'm still working on this bit about letting my body lead me : )

Blessings and thank you for your teachings, Angelika


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