Realize Your Newness

Beloved Ones,

Live in the Light!

You are emerging into new paradigms for experience in ways that none of us imagined possible at this point!  As usual you have exceeded expectations and with great delight we greet you in this alignment of the Eclipse-Solstice and in this amazing window of openings to newness and change!

55   We are ONE!

Realizing within the orbit of the Earth there are energetic presences increasingly focused on your amazing escapades and the courage and bravery you 85 are exhibiting in this fantastic Earth-game!  We watch rapt with attention and focus…cheering you on and with a vested interest in all that takes place!  37

We are ONE!

Arriving in newness, the Solstice sunrise finds you reorienting.  As you become the I AM Presence--the Great Central Sun in your unique form and flowing through human potential--your energetic structures seem almost indiscernible at times.  The transformation of the night before was profound and for many of you uncomfortable to say the least.  94  Although the beauty of your moon moving through a complete cycle in such a compressed time period was a joy to behold, the surfacing emotional energies which begged for release and re-formation into LOVE was not so delightful!  Whew!  The relief of these difficult feelings and memories surfacing is also eclipsed; by the scattering of orientation to who you are and by the emergence of an identity so vast and deep that you may initially experience it as diffuse and unclear—when in reality you are simply needing to allowing the expansiveness of it to arise within your awareness and reveal to you YOUR new form and nature. 171

Your energetic signature has been supported by the 12:12 alignment 33 which brought the gift of the intercessor, the Christ Consciousness who assists in transducing the I AM energies so that you might more easily flow your expanded presence into form and YOU 95 my brave ones have allowed your Mighty I AM Presence to flow into form, exploding paradigms of human potential and shifting timelines—both personal and planetary; 47 all of which, by the very nature of your being—affects cosmic systems and energy within all-that-is!  As this ripples and throughout the Omni-verse a new composition is settling in and being understood and harmonized with…as we begin to play in our new composition increasingly altered and elevated by the heart-lines of Earth coming into alignment—as above, so below.

475 – 13 - 1

Gratitude for this cosmic light show and liberation of love-energies flows forth from us in abundance!  The emergence of realities beyond your focus is happening!  The remembrance of what was imagined before is being seen from beyond and organized  into new civilizations and ideals—you are providing the catalyst that inspires countless other focal points of energy and light to further creativity!  Your vastness is emerging within the peripherals of your perception and I dare say you have hardly begun to feel it’s enormity yet!  As your vessel continues to relentlessly integrate, upgrade, release and reform your energetic systems to accommodate the increasingly high vibration of your focus! 57

9  Blessed be!

All that is roars with approval!  Not that you need it! For freedom is yours and ours, but I mean by this our enormous YES! To all that is transpiring as you collectively co-create new templates and paradigms for Earth-based systems of co-creation and further illuminate Earth's civilization to wholeness!

We organize around you in endless steams of light giving increased focus to your intentions and amplifying them with our joy filled heart-centers (energetically speaking!) whenever you ask and invite us in. 

We unite with you in love and in aspirations noble and divine!  Oneness in form.  Divinity here and there; simultaneously aware!

Remaining inwardly focused is the pathway to all that you call home.

Nothing remains for you to do.  But all that you are BE-ing is giving light to the ends of the Universe and will carry forth into countless new creations.  Play with All-That-Is to your heart’s desire and realize the convergence which is upon you!  What you came to Earth for is well underway my dear ones.  6

I do believe, a cause for celebration high and low, is at hand.

I am blowing your horn ;)

I AM Archangel Michael


bettina 23rd December 2010 6:10 am


roselamb 23rd December 2010 7:35 am

I love this beautiful message, which feels so right. I do feel my truest self is emerging more and more. That's what I'm here for!

. . . Maybe it's just me, but I'm lost on what the numbers are about.


josmoking 23rd December 2010 9:35 am

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

COBALT 23rd December 2010 9:55 am


kay 23rd December 2010 10:16 am

Love this message! Thank you, Michael and Meredith.

Bookladi 23rd December 2010 11:11 am


Tzaddi 23rd December 2010 12:25 pm

What are the numbers about?

ExpectWonderful 23rd December 2010 4:44 pm

Hello my friends! In response to some questions about the numbers, I have channeled several messages lately that have numbers in them. They just come right along with the rest of the transmission & after I transcribe the message I look them up. There are several articles on Spirit Library about numbers and I use those.

I love the recent article from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan where she says, "The numbers are an optical downloading....the eyes are an extension of the brain and when the eyes see these magic numbers an encoding is activated in the brain." This feels right to me.

I've always felt that the numbers were like little whole transmissions in and of themselves. Like a complete thought in a numeric structure. Like a shorthand and a geometry which has multiple layers of meaning...that's still my general sense of them. The specific numeric meaning can be gleaned from the various sources that describe the meaning of numbers (many articles here on that).

All love to you!


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