That Was Then, This is Now

10151248_761421970542915_662730550012287961_n (1)Flashback Saturday. Do you remember when the idea was predominant in the awakening/ascension movement, about the separation of the Earth? The idea that there would be a sorting out of people and the planet into two different paths? We're you someone who thought this was going to happen. Maybe? I kinda was. I wondered about it at least. I kind of thought it made sense.

Boy! That was then, this is now.

Seeing this photo at first elated me. Then I realize I mis-read the meaning. Then it made me smile. It reminded me of the past when I didn't have as much awareness as I do now. I think that may be true for others too. Maybe it's true for you?

I remember when I used to wonder if this was going to happen -- the new earth and the old earth with people sorting out accordingly. I worried about people I loved who seemed to not be waking up. (Geez, no judgement there!) Would they wake up and I would no longer be here? Would I wake up and no longer know who they were? Would I just be on another planet and it would look and feel like Earth but they wouldn't be here? I think there were a lot of us who thought this. Of course, I was still arising, expanding beyond duality in those early days of awakening and tuning into ascension.

The Earth did shift. Dimensional ascension of the planet has been achieved. It is continuing to shift. The frequency of the planet and of people on the planet is rising. The domain of this planet is opening up to other energy fields in our galaxy and our Universe, because our frequency is rising so they're increasingly accessible.

But the separation of the positive and negative "people." Notice this image shows the separation of positive and negative thoughts onto two separate planets. "But seriously now," she said smiling, "who thinks thoughts ... wait for it: people!" So this is about sorting out people, good/bad, positive/negative, enlightened/unenlightened. Ouch.

I'm aware, as perhaps you are too, that there is still within the awakening movement, if you are to call it such, articles shared that speak to an immanent separation of this kind still to occur. Coming ever closer. Of everyone "flying right" meaning everyone thinking like the "enlightened" people do. You and I could probably brainstorm a list of what all the positive ideas are we would be holding and how we'd be living if we "got it," and were living in perfect alignment with this new, more positive planet which will emerge and upon it EVERYONE will think the same about these key things. It's a bit scary when you put it that way isn't it? But isn't that a stream of thinking and believing within this "shift" movement? Indeed it is.


Now, I would completely turn the time-line of this image upside down. In fact, I saw this picture, not yet noticing the time-line on the left, and got excited -- I thought it depicted things merging! Harmoniously becoming ONE. Interesting that was my first response. Only upon reading it, did I see the time-line. This splitting which now feels very "Old Testament" to me, in it's way of depicting things being sorted out as good or bad, positive or negative. I know it wasn't meant to be judgmental in this way, but hey, it is what it is.

Ideas of right and wrong, positive and negative, are the essence of polarity. The duality paradigm is defined by just this kind of thinking. Beyond this thinking would it even occur to one to separate out the "positive and negative" stuff? Nope.

And, you might wonder, who would actually identify things as positive or negative? Who would decide? Who would make these "rules" or "laws" ... ? What percentage of "less than positive thoughts" would you be allowed to have and still veer to right, and end up on the "positive" new planet?

It's kind of funny isn't it?

This is now ...

Now, I see the beauty of the world more and more, because I'm open to it. I'm increasingly living in an awareness that is beyond beliefs. Beyond beliefs, meaning, direction, purpose, shoulds, ought-tos, have to, discomfort with difference, etc. is a wide open freedom.

The reality of life is inclusiveness, not separation. This is obvious. We're ONE. Science and spirituality both point this out and many of us intrinsically feel this interconnectedness which is implicit and inescapable. There is no such thing as being a lone ranger; everyone's in it as one gooey stuck together thing. As we become more and clear this becomes so apparent. Everything is unconditionally included and guess what? It's all perfect and lovable. Just as it is!

Our angelic family and our essence relate to us unconditionally. Life on Earth may involve many people having vastly diverse opinions and ideas and yet? The planet does not spit people out. It beautifully spins, thriving from this immense contrast.

Is it always changing? Yes. Can we keep creating and expanding the possibilities here? Yup. Is it fun to do so? Definitely.

What a relief! To let it all just be what it IS.

It can all be so much fun! There is so much beauty, so much freedom and so much love. Everywhere.

I suspect it's always been this way. I just had to tune into it all. Maybe it's part of that mystery of the illusion of time, right? Of course, in another sense there are billions of versions of Earth, and we're each living in our own, and then there is this shared, collective reality somehow, too. That is all rather mind blowing. Which is terrific, because once our mind gets blown we wind up here. Now. Beyond beliefs. Where it's all wide open.

Excellent how this all unfolds! This amazing now!


Brenda Hoffman 8th April 2014 3:47 pm

Thank you Meredith. Love this one!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

rose day 8th April 2014 8:44 pm

Thank you for the observation on the role that
duality plays in steering us away from unity.
Your thoughts have created the perfect path to
the place of One.


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