The 5th World Prophecy is Fulfilled

Message from the Lakota Ancestors, through Seashell Moon Woman

Stillness and movement engage in their endless dance.

The inner knowing is that which guides you now; you know you and you listen.

The way of honoring your heart is being reborn within you. The ancestors and those you have been and are, are coming forth within your energy field informing this point of focus in time and space. It is this homecoming which signals to you the attunement of your focus to the New Earth energies. It is when you vibration elevates to a certain point that these other versions of you can connect with you, meet you. So realize that as you begin to know and be informed by the vastness of that which you are, it is a landmark on your way. It is something you can smile at, realizing that you are moving in the direction of this shared, Utopian dream of Oneness, Love and the New Beginnings of the 5th World of Peace.

The Dawning of this New World takes place as a birthing within you of golden light. It is this light which then transmits your presence to others. The animals and the flowers have always known who you are. Now perhaps you feel this more? There is a telepathic exchange which occurs between your energy body and others with whom you share this beautiful green and blue planet. It is a dynamic unfolding of enlightenment and enthusiasm, a dance of harmonics bringing forth greater resonance and expression of the One I AM, the Great Central Sun, the Source Energies from which you all are a vibrant and essential emanation.

Go forth into this newness.

Realize that the 2012 prophecy is NOW.

It is here. AHO.

The communities of old that understood how to live in harmony, live within you.

You are those communities and you are being re-membered, re-assembled and there is a freshening of the energy right now—a cosmic and earthly alchemy of what has resonated at this frequency before, informed by the many insights and the inspiration that is of this present moment.

And so you will find that you are drawn to things which are both old and new at the same time. That you will be updating and harkening back to all you have been while simultaneously creating who you are and your new life now. The cosmic unfolding is spiraling now, it is not linear and in the new world no one knows more than anyone else; everyone knows what they turn toward and that which they have eyes to see and ears to hear and the heart to feel. And within the collective is all wisdom of all times. So that in this time of time, there will be great epic collaboration and amazingly fluid ways of being. More movement and greater periods of intense focus followed by rest and then change and new periods of intense focus. You will accomplish more, doing less, choosing and focusing more, being in harmony with and then there will be greater ease and more time spent recognizing one another, celebrating, appreciating and just being in harmony with the beauty of life and the essential nature of Oneness which is your identity now.

As this One, the quality of life is infinite. You will gradually resolve the remaining duality within you and as you do your ability to energetically integrate and access the infinite, limitless potential available will increase. You will, if you choose, live longer, and experience great phases of creativity that surpass your wildest dreams for self-expression. You will learn to imagine bolder and more expansive ideas. You will startle yourself as you stop scaling down on your ideals and values and instead create from the deepest most precious ideals and dreams you hold. As you increasingly resolve your own self in balance and harmony, you see with innocent eyes. You learn to feel the cosmic nature of your being, while remaining grounded and of this beautiful planet. You will not be concerned with food, sustenance, shelter or community for these things will simply come forth in all ways to support your thriving and you will experience greater and greater affinity with this bliss again, as you resolve the duality remaining within you, enfolding all of your self in the soft loving gaze that is Source looking through you at the beauty you are.

So you see, it is here.

The great work has been accomplished and the prophecy has been fulfilled. You are now beginning amidst this immense chaos of the dissolving old world, the new beginnings of peace. The 5th world has been born. It is here. If you look within you and you are capable of feeling an affinity with it, you will know this is true.

It will take some time for all that live on this planet to walk their own path, resolving the existing duality of their own energy and some will not feel up to wading through this and will exit. Many are already doing so and some are coming right back again as children; the desire is so strong to be part of this amazing re-birth of joy.

It is quiet, this new beginning. You may wish to sing and dance. Do so. {Smile.} Realize that those who cannot yet tune themselves to the new frequency cannot feel it, and be very very gentle with them, for the frequency they are tuned to, is broadcasting the demise, the unraveling of what was and this can be very scary and at the very least even for those who feel somewhat insulated or stable—disturbing.

Familiarize yourself with ways to stay tuned into the New Earth frequency. Cultivate the light that you are. We have now an amazing journey in front of us—your Families of Light and each other—to re-imagine everything.

There is greatness dawning; and you are present.

I speak for the ancestors of the Lakota Nation. I AM Seashell Moon Woman. We are here too, as are many others. We are within you and have always been with you—we never left. You just could not see or feel us anymore, and so like other cultures and civilizations we seemed to vanish or disappear. The time has come round and now in the new land, the seeds we plant will feed all of us.

This is the prophecy of peace. And the time is here, now. AHO.


kay 25th July 2011 8:55 am

I know this is true. Thank you, Meredith and Seashell Moon Woman, for stating it so eloquantly.

StarEnergy 25th July 2011 10:20 am

long story short yesterday i finally realized that all the elements of the earth,air,fire and water have spoke to me since i could remember but i closed it off for many reason.
but yesterday i felt this whirling magic unfolding in my life and as you said in this post it happened for me this way. i thought i was imagining it but this post help me to realize that it was true what i is so beauitful and loving its a bliss i felt as a child picking flowers and playing in the grass putting my feet in the ocean and feeling the ebb and flow of the energy the wind in my face created a connection of some sort. i could go on and on (but long story short lol) i will leave it there..
much passion in love

LightBeing 25th July 2011 2:23 pm

We are ONE!
I feel this message deep within me, the energy of it is very beautiful and powerful...and it mirrors what I know to be true. It brings tears to my eyes, to celebrate and realize what IS.

Aho! :smitten:

LordJesusChrist 31st July 2011 4:22 pm

Thanks for the wonderful message, Lakota nation, Seashell Moon Woman and Meredith! The 5th World of Peace is the New Earth which is now a reality. Live forever and prosper! :thumbs: :angel: :smitten:


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