The Benefits of Alignment and the New Energies

Everything comes into direct alignment when you let go.

The normal things which you turn your attention to unfold in your awareness; suddenly you find yourself tuning into a future events.  Knowing what will unfold.  Sensing the way to approach things.  You can, in this mode, experiment!  You can try out different things and you will very clearly KNOW what will give you the experience you desire.  It’s a beautiful space to be in—absorb the possibilities here for fine-tuning your manifestations! 

You will soon have these experiences more as part of your regular routine.  The act of getting into alignment energetically, which liberates these experiences, can be done in many ways—by walking, by listening to music, by being out in nature—the things which tip you into that slightly altered state described by some as A1.  It’s a perfect space in which to not only understand your future, but choose which of the many options you’ve been creating, feels most right.  As you approach a manifestation, or the creation or arrival of a time/space point in which you will experience your creation, the ability to slip into this space when you turn your attention to a topic or an upcoming event and create within it, is amplified: for the event is closer to physical form at this moment.

The new energies are increasingly altering your experience of space and time.  This is as it should be.  In our new connection, we will locate you in a fifth dimensional time/space point.  In the fifth dimension there is Unity Consciousness.  This means that you are aware of the unified field and acting from an interconnected perspective, consciously.  For more on this you might revisit our earlier message, “The Imperative of Unity Consciousness”.

What I wish now is to expand on the benefits of these new energies and coming into alignment with them by letting go.

The new energies of the unified consciousness mean that you can create without delay.  In the 3D perspective of the prior energies you predominantly were aligned with, there is a perspective of separation; the distinction between different aspects of the whole was understood as separate.  Now in the emerging unity consciousness, you not only understand interconnectedness, you begin to experience this!  The meaning in terms of your creative focus is immense.  You are beginning to live beyond time and space, in a dimension in which there IS NO SEPARATENESS.  Therefore, you can create without gaps of time.  You can create knowing that the physical and the non-physical are one.  You can create knowing that your creation is immediate and immanent in your experience.  You can trust your soul to unfold the focus of your experience—where you are oriented and therefore your perspective; what you experience-- perfectly.  You can know that all you create exists.  You can choose what you wish to experience on the Earth plane.  You can realize that your experience goes beyond the earth plane--that all you create is experienced by multiple focal points of you, in multiple dimensions—some with form, some without—and that all of this enhances and expands not only your multiple points of experience/perspective, but All-That-Is. 

How beautiful is THAT! {Smile}

So, this coming into alignment, as you can begin to sense, is liberating.

Freedom is a major quality of love and this new, love-filled realm which you approach requires a few adjustments to your ways of being.  In order to fully access the energies which are finer, and available in your sphere, you will need to expand your love and appreciation of self, in order to trust more fully your own experience and your connection to All-That-Is.

There is simply no way to choose your focus, to claim the power of creating your own experience, without a significant trust in yourself.

Ah dear ones, yes.  We are back once again to the familiar world of feelings, emotions, longings, and so much of the duality of the third dimension which you long to eclipse and be liberated from.

Such as it is, here is the formula for doing so: LOVE YOU.

Trust your experience.  Lean hard on your inner guidance.  Listen to your urgings.  Ignore what comes from outside of you.  Listen to what is within.  This is, for some of you, an enormous leap.  It feels very risky and dangerous.  You may easily begin to know this way of being in the moments in which you feel safe: while at home, while on your own, in sphere of experience which feel less risky.  Start where you are comfortable and choose what gives you peace; there is no need to create further stress or feel any need to push yourself.

No, this is a reminder and an invitation to live easier.  Receive it and let it work on you.  Listen and let the proof come into your expeirnece.  Ask for signs and confirmation that this is so and let them come to you.  Pay attention—you will not be disappointed.

Do you notice the continual use of the word LET?

LET THINGS COME TO YOU.  Allow.  Open up to.  Receive.  Notice.  None of this is about action, or doing.

The healing of your heart is not necessary. 

Your heart is perfect already.  There exists that perfect version of your heart.  Is that the one you’re paying attention to?  What is needed is to stop looking at the stuff in life which does not appreciate you and re-orient to everything which feels good and says how wonderful you are.

How beautiful you are.  Look for ways to know your beauty.  Look for ways to be impressed with yourself as you are.  You desire the experience of living as a powerful god, a confident creator and a lightworker, activating your soul signature and living out your inspired visions: then realize that you are beautiful.  Already.  Realize that you are connected.  Already.  Realize that you are moving the world and the energies of the Omniverse moment to moment.  Already.  Does this not remind you of something?  



Hmmm…there’s a theme here, isn’t there?  Everything is already how I want it to be if I just let it happen?  Or something like that.

It might be slightly not so helpful to focus on the past, but instead to bring some logic to the picture.  You and all of you, are divine by nature and will always be so.  Isn’t it likely, that as such, you would have an immensely high regard for yourself?  We think so too.

Leading the way in the new world is the way of the lightworker.  This leading will be done by example.  The most vital examples you can give to one another is to embody and embrace a keen and playful appreciation for your own divine nature; a healthy regard for YOU.

See what it’s like to repeat the words and phrases of those who embody the kind of confidence and light-hearted energy which you desire to experience.  Say them to yourself.  Try them on for size.  You will soon outgrow them!  You are expansive and creative beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s time to take the blinders off and look out at the magnificent planet you are creating moment to moment for your own delight and collective experience.  Just for starters…

Knowing all of this…what now?

Let yourself attune to these new energies.  Find your way into balance with embracing the frequencies which bring buoyancy into your being.  We are available and accessible.  The doorways to the higher realms are opening.  Enjoy the journey to YOU.  The destination is out of this world!

It is I, the Archangel Raphael, your play companion, the jester in life, calling you into lightness, showing you the source of all your resources for everything—YOU!  Ha ha.  It’s so much easier than you think.  Just let go.  And trust yourself.  You already know what to do.  Stop trying so hard. (Remember LET)  Have more fun.  Remember you’re EVERYTHING.  (Remember ALREADY).  As we mentioned in our prior communication: “There is NOTHING more important than waking up to Unity Consciousness; it’s your entire experience.  It’s good to know this…and begin to play with it.”  We are happy always to join in the game—just let us know when you’re ready.  I leave you with love and a big smile Oh Glorious One.  Ha ha!  


oconshane 29th March 2010 8:38 am


Much Love

Nada 29th March 2010 11:49 am

Thank you this totally resonant with me. It is done in the blink of an eye. I am so ready to play. Please join me!

goldenprincessca 29th March 2010 12:26 pm

Wow, that was amazing! It really got thru to me and lately I have been practising becoming a channel thru the intructions of Christine Lunden, and my guides/angels/me do the same..."ha ha" . That really hit home for me. Thank you for sharing this with us all. I am now going back to read the unity consciousness. Namaste. xxx

angelika 31st March 2010 9:58 am

I do sooo know all this - intellectually. Getting into the 'alignment' needs a bit more practice, the last few days have felt much more peaceful though, especially today. I've been doing some guided meditation and could 'feel' the manifestation of my goals - WITHOUT! any resistance. Now that is progress! On days like this its easier to do the practical 'let'. Here's to happy creating.

Love and smiles,