The Big Show Anticipates 11:11:11

The sacredness dawning in these days is powerful.

Gentleness and ease are more potent than they seem and the impact of more of you residing as these energies is substantial.

Waves of new light anchors into the Earth plane; uplifting those who can ride this golden ray, experiencing coherence and ordering that anticipates the intended collective unfolding.

The Big Show entertains each to their level of involvement and their place amidst the dimensional hierarchy of frequency attunement.

Dimensional seals are broken and opened  within your field as you become harmonically attuned to each doorway.  Each opening illuminates the veil--dissolving the illusionary aspects and making visible the stars and light within Helios and Vesta's aura, which lie across your Earthly home, like a cape of comfort and love, and expanded clarity of your true home comes forth, eclipsing your prior understandings and honing you into greater wholeness, alignment and truth/love.

You are participating in a vast experiment, and as you awaken and free yourself from all limiting beliefs, you become one pathway of accomplishing the return to wholeness in form as intended.  As you harmonize and balance the masculine and feminine qualities within you, seeking nothing outside of you to create this balance, you become true to the androgynous integrity that you innately are, anticipating and co-creating the harmonic balance of the Earth, and create another pathway.

The Mayan Veil between the fourth and the fifth dimensions is transcended as self-esteem and self-love return to whole reflections of your true identity.

The approach of the celestial alignment of 11:11:11 is heavily anticipated and yet is already felt by many who exist beyond linear concepts of time experientially.   Remember time and space designations are merely spots on a map to locate experiences.  For those still awakening to their true nature, the subsequent activation of the new crystalline energies on the planet will assist by transmitting codes that support, urge and move many toward greater wholeness and clarity, and are a demarcation in the linear view/experience of Gaia's own ascension.

These future glimpses seen by those already open to dimensions beyond the 4th, harken of the reunion of souls in conscious communities, the originating seed energies carried and the corresponding dharma as an emissary of your originating family.  The additional experiences you have cultivated prior to incarnation now, pertain to your own contributions in this grand collective intent to resolve the karma created in duality experiments as human forms of focus.  All of this is brought forth both within your living presence and exists in your energy field, combining to create your role in the acceleration of each individual's return to wholeness (for those who have chosen to experience ascension in this phase of the Earth experiment).

Living here and now yields countless outcomes based on the unique focus and desired experience of each being extended here in presence.  All here choose to participate here and now, yet each have their own intended resolution and you must not be dismayed at those who choose to sample more fully from the menu of duality.  Each of you chooses learning and growing experiences which you desire in achieving the soul growth you seek.  Collectively we seek the creation and understanding of pathways which support and allow divine infusion into human experiences.

At limiting points in awakening you meet your greatest potential.

Celebrate the discovery of your illusionary obstacles--patterns, beliefs, congested energy in all forms--and discover the path to return these forms through the alchemy of love and your attention to unlimited, pure potential.  Liberating, naturally in the process, YOU.  {smile}

Elemental energies support your cyclical use of light.  Realize seasons exist in part to highlight the natural patterns of flow, newness, void, stillness, being, inspiration, gestation, birth, expression, completion, appreciation, celebration, release, rest.  Take confidence and recognize the eternal nature of expansion and being reflected in these qualities of experience in form.

Spiraling energies are altering your experience in form.  As your physical vessel transforms once more to a vibration so light-filled and rapid you reclaim your etheric nature once more, know that each alteration requires a release.  Treasure each present now.  Knowing it is infinitely radiant, yet indistinguishable in the vast field you essentially are.  Known, yet realized as fundamentally simply a manifest pattern of your focus.  So all exists--whether idea, mannerism or object as you, extended through expression.  No more no less.

Enjoy your creations.

See your reflection in all that you experience, continually deepening your conscious awareness of Self.

The New Earth is a golden age, replete with originality.  Amplify, experiment, and express yourself as you are inspired and joyously inclined.

All else is illusion.

See what is real and be not afraid of or disturbed by, the hall of mirrors in which your current is flowing and expressed as this extension of focus.  Realize that the true identity is eternal; remaining regardless of changes to the landscape and camouflage programs of the existing experiment.  Many dear ones in human form are already flowing much energy into imagining and envisioning the new potentials for the New Earth.  These avenues of creation are available to any who desire to participate in them and who can see beyond the veil and thus connect energetically.  Harmonious, self-sustaining forms are resonant with this emerging landscape and these innately living structures are extension of the divine nature of life and therefore, nourished from within; living.  The hint here is to align with that which is innately eternal and alive.  Therein lies the bridge to joy.

Deep within your heart center, all converges as One, and the expansive accelerated intensity of all Universes is available, and gives life to all your experiences.

Orient to the leading edge here, feel and express your heart-felt desire, knowing the fullness of your being.

I AM Naeshira



LightBeing 25th October 2011 4:46 pm

Dearest Meredith and Naeshira,

Thank you for this beautiful, expansive perspective. This is great encouragement for facing our challenges realizing what it means to transform them. Each day I see more of what is real and what it's time to let go. Thank you for acknowledging that all our journeys are happening in different stages/at different paces and that not everyone is tuned into all this. I try to remind myself of this, which helps me to stay focused within my own experience.

Love and light,

zorro 25th October 2011 6:12 pm

Is anyone else feeling the amazing wave coming through right now? I mean it is audible and perceptible on all levels, (not barely perceptible, but body altering perceptible, and audible, right now). The energies on the cusp of the 10-28, and 11-11-11, will not wait, and are coming through loud and clear, 10X the level of just yesterday for me. They are peaceful beyond understanding. I sense that they are to be experienced, and fused with, and I am not sure we will ever be the same after these next 2 weeks. This is a real event, folks.

ExpectWonderful 25th October 2011 7:53 pm

I AM. :)

I entirely resonate with what you're describing Zorro!

I just shared this on the Expect Wonderful Facebook Page:

I feel our collective presence, and today, beautiful ones, I saw so clearly the momentum of peace we are creating! Our remembering, our becoming a love-filled conduit of full knowing ultimately this creates a momentum of peace. It is our willingness to allow a return to wholeness and energetic vitality which creates peace. Thank you for being here, now. Realize your presence is radiant and pervasive...altering you, your experience but also altering our collective forms--beliefs, manifestations, potentials...You are expanding and enriching All-That-Is with your amazing, awakening presence and aliveness! And together we are creating a momentum of peace... a cycle of waves that crest--collapsing into particles (made manifest) and then gathering momentum once more. Expanding and altering...seeding and creating. Changing the world as all have known it. Awesome and beautiful! Wow! I love you ?

Love to all,

lynn87 25th October 2011 11:03 pm

I feel it so much now and it feels so much better. My printer isn't working now so I can't read and spend time with your article but I got goosebumps reading your comment. WHOA.

amberhill 26th October 2011 2:05 am

I feel as if a major shift happened already a few weeks ago.
The last week had been like flying through a storm of debris that I witnessed but that I knew wouldn't harm me. Maybe I was the centre of that storm.
I felt so much energy and willingness to sweep all clear and clean.
At times, I feel like Shiva-where I go, things fall apart to give birth to the new.
And because of that, I also know one thing for sure: nothing is final. Every spring has the winter in it.
New Earth? It is just another season;-) enjoy.

carrisa 28th October 2011 12:36 am

I'm not sure what to say or how to respond to all of this because there is just so much information to soak in, but I do know that I'm being channeled through this. It's as though I was being pulled. Something good and astoundingly powerful awaits and I want to be a part of it. Thank you.