The Power of Willingness

In my experience, willingness creates doorways. It opens up possibilities that were not there before. Literally openings are created as we choose to be willing to experience something, to discover something, to be shown something, to receive more of something.

A lot of times we think having more of what we want in life has to do with skill, information, or capacity. But in fact, everything is already connected with us, in the innate Oneness of life. To experience something we simply have to be in resonance with it. So in essence, willingness says, I'm opening to shifting into a vibration that will draw this to me. I'm open to my energy changing to accomodate this new experience in my life. Willingness creates space for something new. 

What are you willing to let in today? To learn to hold as part of your field, essence and energy-wise, so you and this wonderful new experience in life, can meet?


Paula Boylan 11th March 2014 4:58 am

Thank you Meredith.

This is actually a theme I have been working with/studying lately. There are those we know of in recent history who were willing to grab the brass ring. They seemed to understand that life was their's to experience, and they didn't give up...even when major setbacks would have deterred others.

Steve Jobs, the Wright brothers, John D. Rockefeller are but a few. If we can open ourselves to the whole experience of life without fear and trepidation, life will surely respond in kind. I guess like anything else, we find the courage to take one step into the future we hope to create, and then another. Before long, we are in a different place and will never be the same again. Sure beats sitting on the recliner watching reruns ;)
Paula Boylan

Peter fox 11th March 2014 5:14 am

Meredith- good,simple and (dare I say it!)understandable message- thank

Tiff 12th March 2014 8:34 pm

This is great, Meredith. Thank you.


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