The Quiet Restructuring of Life

It's been a very quiet time. Many of us are experiencing openings to our Infinite, Universal Heritage. A shift into an expanded sense of who we are. To live this takes strength. Courage. A willingness to listen to your heart. An openness to the fluidity of your being.

The whole planet and everyone of us living here are continuing to experience very deep and substantial changes happening within us and within our physical reality. Much of this summer has been a very inward, quiet time for me. I felt the need to even take down many of my offerings from my website and give myself lots of space, and allow things to come forth entirely new. I'm in the process of changing my last name. I've had all kinds of feelings about all of this, but they've come and gone, and the clarity continues to be the current I live in and with.

It's a challenge to surrender so completely and also give ourselves permission to let the true divine being within just rise up. Allowing all the rest go, layer by layer, bit by bit. And yet, it's the whole point of it all, and also wonderfully fulfilling.  

How are you feeling and experiencing this? Have you felt quiet and within this silent shifting, experienced deep intimate, essential transformation taking place? It's good to share and to encourage one another by speaking of all these powerful changes we feel. As we grow in trusting the inner knowing of our experience, we allow more and more of all we are to come forth.

It takes more then a bit of spunk to live from your own compass. To trust your inner voice.

To allow yourself to test the waters and hope to discover that in being, things are being built. To be okay with letting whatever falls apart, fall apart. The gift of letting life care for you and realizing your abundance are there--awaiting your courage to receive and open to them. Most people don't lean that hard on life. They'd rather run around and make things happen the sweating tooth and nail. But you? You're stepping out and into the edge of things, into ease, up to the edge of your own frontier, the doorway between the material and the pure potential...and you're dreaming. Expanding that edge. Allowing your boundaries, the expression of your being, to expand.

I am learning at an even deeper level how to let there be deep peace in my life. How to flow in union with the current I AM. Trusting that I am enough in any moment regardless of how I am present in that moment. That it's alright to step out of whatever kind of expression was before, when it feels like it's time to open up further and it the call starts with an entry into spaciousness, an opening to the void of pure potential. 

Life is alive. It's spontaneous. It's inconsistent in rhythm and expression. It's not static and stuck. But continually revised, expanded, re-oriented and fullilled in the integrity of your true divine nature and in your alignment to who you know yourself to be. And that knowing, is a perpetual unfolding, an opening flowering experience of infinite variations and expansion. 

My allegiance is entirely to my own self-truth. This has not always been easy, yet it has made my life one of immense freedom and joy. It means that throughout my life, there has been, and I know will be, a whopping lot of change.

I am appreciative of my smart heart which speaks fearlessly and clearly to me. I am so happy I have built a life in which I have been willing to listen and trust ME. By doing so, I've had the real-life experiences that bear out the wisdom of this inner truth. It helps me have confidence when the leaps and shifts become bolder and bigger and require endurance and resolve.

I wish you the expansive fulfillment and the experience of the incredible remembering of the capacities that are our innate nature. I wish you a life of orienting to your own true north and living it, inventing your own maps and journeys to create your wonder, refreshment, solace, elation and glee.

We were made for joy! This is what feeds me, and what I am drawn forward, continually, into more and more discovery of. The love of the rise! Soaring with cheerfulness and a sense of curiosity mixed with positive expectancy...this is why I follow my heart. Life is very quietly created from within. The outer activities reflecting this may be fireworks, or not. But the creative spark igniting it all? It's inside. It's sublte. And it's about what you pay attention to and treat as a real priority in life. 

Find what gives you courage to be you. Then give it your whole heart. Empower your own joy-ride home into the infinite fullness of being. What could be more wonderful or important then that?


bets 12th August 2013 1:42 pm

It has been a time of revelations and release, even discovering things I hadn't quite known I was carrying, like feeling as if I had to apologize for who I am. As if I didn't have the right to a life here. Interestingly, it wasn't a big, heavy discovery; I just kind of noticed as it released and was happy to let it go. Then, of course, a challenge to it came up right away!

There have been times of such flow and grace, such connection, that I feel like I could literally float. It's like a completely altered inner being is emerging, yet many aspects of the slower-to-change outer world are now even more difficult to handle/experience. The desire for space is great. Anything "old" is painfully confining yet not always easy or possible to simply discard.

There's a lizard in my (desert) back yard that's shedding its skin, and it's taking time to complete. The new skin looks fresh and beautiful; what's left looks dull and uncomfortable. I can relate. I'm trying to trust the process but as wonderful as the new energies sometimes are, they sometimes crush me as well.

nandinie 6th September 2013 6:32 am

Everything in my life is coming apart.....especially the last 2, friends, work....old issues coming to the's a wormhole.....& a roller coaster.......


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