The Secret, 3-Step Process for How-to Have an Easy, Sensationally-Amazing Life

Before you read this article, I want you to make sure you're sitting down and present to yourself.  I kid you not and if you trust me, please take me seriously on this.  You will be glad you did and probably feel an enormous impulse to send my flowers!  I love peonies, by the way.

The reason I say this is that I'm about to reveal something very simple and wickedly brilliant.  I didn't invent this, so it's not like I'm tooting my horn, it's just I noticed it.  It's one of the secrets that's hidden right out in the open!  The most tricky kind.  I'm sure I'm not the first person to consciously catch-on to this.  It's part of how things work, that's all.  And actually, because I live with this knowing, I'm perfectly fine tooting my own horn whenever I feel the impulse. Because of living this process, I know I'm fabulous.

WARNING!  This process is so simple, that you may be tempted to dismiss it.  To read this and then go get a latte.  Don't be silly.  That pattern of encountering truth and then blowing right past it is the problem behind most things in our lives we are tired of and wish would change.  That's how it is with stuff like this--we think that incredibly amazing results come from effort, some magical process of knowing that we don't have, or from birth.  This one actually kinda is a gift from birth, so that part is maybe true.

The thing is, everything in life is up for grabs.  Not just now, while the world is going through a clearly chaotic band of trans-formative reshaping.  But always. To take advantage of this, you have to snap yourself out of the routine and open your heart.  So we're going to start with a self-assessment here to decide how much fabulous-ness is going to flood into your life when you learn this secret process.   Read this and then see how you feel:

I am so blessed.  Day after day I am amazed at what an incredible life I am experiencing.  I've created so many ways to feel good and to live freely.  I am still dreaming new experiences into being and the ongoing expansion and creativity is exhilarating.  

Okay--how was that?

Do you resonate?  Are you like, "Damn straight Meredith, right there with you arm in arm and skipping!"

Wonderful. I'm so happy for you!  Don't you just want to jump up and down about it?  Me too!  

On the other hand, if you felt sad, angry, irritated, happy for me but envious or even! rolled your eyes...that's okay.  For all of us--the choir and the just grumpy and everyone in between, I will now amplify the truth: there is an easy path to everything stupendous in life--be you.  BUT, there is a catch! (You knew it! didn't you. Ha!  Of course it can't be this easy or else everyone would have already done it!)  Okay.  Let that cynicism that perpetuates the status quo be recognized, we're going to carry on.  The catch is this idea modified: be you--no more, no less.

Sometimes it's bumpy to get started on this path, especially when you realize you haven't trained right for it.  You get pissed off because now you're trying, and a an entirely new life doesn't materialize overnight and you give up. Sound familiar? What often happens is that each time this urge to truth in living emerges you make a go at it and discover, or see again, that there are so many parts of your life that you created, in essence, as a compromise with who you really truly are that it's OVERWHELMING.  There it is.  That's the problem for so many of us: it's OVERWHELMING.  This is solved by Step 2 below.  So no fear.  You can do it.  Breathe.  Come back to center.  Open your mind, connect to your heart again.  Moving on.

This process will honor your elephant of a question of HOW to close the gap between where you are and that incredible you waving back at you from the frontier of your existence.  You know, that version of you that you feel so clearly and know is the perfect weight, oozing joy from the ultimate soul-mate romance and always happy.  The one that is even at times seeming to take joy in teasing you with how gloriously sunny and unblemished life is and you just want to say, sometimes, "Screw you!"  Or when it's really discouraging in life, "Please, just go away!"  Well it's okay.  Take the high road.  The many costumes and less-than-good-fitting situations in life probably served you in some way for some time.  This process deals directly with these kind of feelings and in a very practical ways.  You can begin to change your life the second you're done reading. No lie.

Now, back to those icky things you HATE and want to immediately stop doing because they're so NOT you now, and yet they seem to make up so very much of your day!  It's so overwhelming to look right at this because then you feel like someone spun you around until you're dizzy and want to barf.  Listen closely: you're going to initiate a poised, ritual dismembering process and those things are out!  You can do it.  Just act it out until it feels natural.  For starters, bless all these things even though you hate them, because they're going.  Do this with extreme appreciation.  Start relating to these like parts of life like old friends with whom you've arrived at a natural parting of the ways.  Old friends who you never imagined would hang out with you and then they did and then you kinda noticed you weren't having that much fun with anymore.  Because in essence, these old situations helped you navigate life until you were ready to take the steps you're now taking.  They bridged the gap.  Now though, you can relate to them like people who you loved to watch movies with in the past, and who are now about to move to another continent! How convenient!  That's what's coming and there's no stopping it because you're now committed to you!  So smile, be nice and bless these situations and relationships as you imagine waving good-bye (and good riddance--oops!  Was that my inside voice?).  Then get about the 3-step process and change things. It will feel super good to throw away or even burn these too-small shoes little by little, and wiggle your toes while laughing your best hauty laugh in front of the fire!  Look forward to it!  There's no rush and there's no anxiety if you do it gradually--it's kind of decadently delicious!  How amazing.  The key is perseverance and devotion, allegiance even to your authentic life being liberated, which points right to Step 1 and 2!

Step 1: choose to be you, no more, no less.  CHOOSE.  Not "prefer" to be you. That's what you have been living, as in "I really love coffee ice cream but I'll take rainbow road if you don't have it, I don't care."  No--you actually do care about this.  CHOOSE to be you.  Make a decision. This means, as Tony Robbins so brilliantly expressed eliminating all other options.  Yes~! No more of anything that isn't you.  "OMG!" Your heart screams while racing, "That means putting all my eggs in one basket!?!"   Yes.  That's exactly what it means.  And that wasn't your heart--that was your lizard-brain!  The part of you that is constantly ready to do battle with anything that looks, smells or tastes like the painful past.  Re-assure him that his stubborn attentiveness is about to get a new job!  He'll be great at it: helping you stay on the path of what feels right!  He's like the perfectly trained every-vigilant personal assistant.  Okay, so now you're both focused on the same target!  Excellent.  You don't have to drop everything instantly. In fact, you don't want to unless there is only one thing left and even then, maybe you want to ponder the path out of that.  You might even go have a glass of champagne with your lizard just to celebrate this new alliance!  You want this to be fun and feel good and because you've made a declaration of your intent and are going to stick with it, you will get there. 

If there are many constructs that create your experience that are your way of bridging your soul and the world when you felt unable to be your real self, you will need to gradually dismantle these.  Remember to clean up as you go and then treat yourself as you make progress.  Glance at the rear-view mirror and wave a quick goodbye at these remnants of the more limited life you used to live then return to imagine, magnetize and build replacement constellations of being.  That's fun!  And it's how you actually create change--you put your attention on the more genuine forms of expression, the ones that fit you better, and you love them into being by showing up on the path of creating and recognizing them day after day as they emerge into form.  You accelerate this by expecting each day to see more and more of your inner vision reflected in your experience.  Expecting wonderful of course figures in here! You allow yourself to do this at a pace and level of intensity that's exhilarating and builds your confidence in having what you want. This is self-love expressed as mastery!  Not sure you can do it?  Of course you can.  Just show up.  You can learn it as you go.

It's quite astonishing to discover what you can create if you just choose to live in alignment with your heart and perpetuate this focus over time.  This is Step 2: Persevere.  This means you allow this orientation to your new life to guide your choices.  That's all it takes...because when you live your OWN life, you soar. Achieving an elevated experience within your human life happens organically as you just stay the course.  

"But HOW does this work?"  Recognize that's the fear-lizard creating anxiety while he just lies in the sun.  Don't let him outwit you.  He's old human DNA, you're evolved.  He's useful, but not cutting edge rocket-scientist material.  Your soul-heart litmus test of "does it feel right," is, however, brilliantly reliable. So comfort him with the reminder about what all great artists know and just deal with: choice creates anxiety.  It's normal. Change creates anxiety.  It's normal. Letting it stop you? Not normal. Dysfunctional.  Stuck.  Blocked.  You don't have to Rambo-through things. You simply acknowledge your anxiety, remember your commitment to yourself and walk through the nervousness, and even the cold sweats, releasing the dead weight by continually reminding yourself that you matter. Encourage yourself by telling yourself that YOUR life is meant for YOU.  Take an inspiration bath in someone else's joy and use it to entrain yourself into more confidence.  Listen to awesome music. Give yourself a break when it's too hard, but get back on the horse.  That's what all great creators do.  Great creators stoke the fire of their vision, stay involved and close to the birthing process and don't move onto something else until they've brought forth something they know is true and whole.  Then they celebrate while smiling with resonant delight, already imagining their next project.  You don't need to drink whiskey, contemplate suicide or be an outsider to be a great creator.  It's the method, not the form of someone else's life that you want to adopt.  

As you live your authentic life in small ways, you build a better relationship with yourself and your trust and confidence grows.  That's really "how" this works. We all build our chops gradually and experience gives us belief in our self: the magic of Step 3.  This step you don't even have to do! You just open and receive.  

IMPORTANT!  To do all of this, you don't have to jump off a cliff on faith, and if you tell yourself you do, I'm here to be the truth-doctor, shake my rattles and chant, "Mirage! Mirage! Stay focused! Middle way!  Middle way!"  The idea that you have to leap on faith is an old, very dangerous lizard-created backlash to keep you in a state of avoiding change!  Be careful how you deactivate this.  If you sense the lie, get mad and then tear everything apart, and push yourself by leaping off a tall building, instead of walking the middle road and taking good gentle care of yourself, you'll likely crash and burn.  Because you got triggered by fear of not having happiness into a crazy high-risk, "I'm a bird!" move you might be tempted to justify this choice by interpreting the outcome as proof that you can't have what you want, "It's impossible!"  Don't do it.  Another lizard pathway.  Get back on your path instead.  Be humble, admit you panicked and got lost and start again for your desired destination.  If you already did this high-flying act (I've done it myself, you have lots of company), continue to let yourself mend and deeply treasure your unexpected new ground-zero freedom.  Take heart--it's ironically easier now to create because you don't have to fear losing what you lost.  It might be a little sad but you can't lose anything that's really yours so who cares?  Stay focused light-warrior!  This prodding that gets normally calm people running off cliff-tops is the lizard's way of trying to douse that inner longing for more joy which creates anxiety because it necessitates change and involves re-approaching things that are associated with old paradigms and past experiences of fear, pain or risk.  Got it?  Good.  Now you won't fall for that one again.  If it got to you, so what?  It's just life.  Be mellow and smile: the turtle, not the lizard still wins the race.  Work the process.  The secret 3-step process is works and it's never too late to just, as the Buddhists remind us, walk the "middle way."  No more extremes necessary.  Extreme joy still possible!

What I've discovered, and the awesome implications of it continually expand in meaning is this: each of us is already enough for everything that is OURS.  That's how you get to ease.  Just live your life.  Nothing more, nothing less. And remember--not just ease, but sensationally-amazing ease!  Meaning deeply felt down to your bones ease.  That's a beautiful key point to write in large lyrical cursive rainbow letters across the sky.  Look up and remember! You're enough for it all!  (All meaning, everything that's you and yours!)

Inside our beautiful heart, we know that this is the sustainabile path in life.  We KNOW IT!  This is a truth that's been expressed over and and over again! How do we know this? Well when we live it, doing all three steps, it accumulates power and it works!   When we're beginning, we still can trust this through experience because we discover that doing what is sincere just feels right.  

The call of the best version of you, is an brilliantly resourced and informed sherpa to bliss!  That sense of who you might be?  It's only showing up in your life; it's specific to you.  Your inner trekker knows your way to the seemingly mythical Shambhala, Shangri-La, Heaven on Earth, or whatever you call paradise and joy.  The way to this ideal blissful locale is subtly and persistantly informing your sense of direction, and is not reliant on faith or confidence or anything, because it's just truth rising up again and again from behind any and every facade. Notice it or not, there are signs everywhere! Your reliable, sustainable path to an easy, sensationally-amazing life, just IS.  Anytime you are ready to begin, your inner compass updates the map and lights up the path from where you are now, to your experience of paradise.  

So there you have it.  

1)  Choose to be you, no more, no less.  No one else.  Not a mimic version of someone else's happy, YOU.  Check in with yourself whenever in doubt as to something being "yours" or not.  If it makes you feel good or gives you more peace when you imagine it, that's a "Yes!"

2)  Persevere.  It takes time to reinvent your life.  Especially if you want to do it and have fun, avoid a nose-dive and minimize anxiety.  Start with little things throughout the day and when you want, pick one significant area of life to lure back in from being out on a limb where it feels fragile and unsupported and give it real roots by building it right.  Your true life, by the way, doesn't require going out on a teeny-tiny fragile limb that scares the bejesus out of you!  Your true life is supported by a massive network of rooted energy and strength.  It's a walk in the park on solid ground.

3)  Watch the demontrations and open up the gifts!  Receive the presence of embodied confidence! Savor the growing roots of self-trust!  Enjoy the results of your devoted effort and know you can use this secret process to create a bazillion perfect moments of expressing yourself and being in life.  Let life prove to you this works, it will happen and this will give you wings.  No more crash and burn!  Right on.  The more you do this the more you'll want to rustle up even more challenging aspects of life and edit them into your perfect self-expression. Oh, and you'll discover you're sleeping beautifully AND your skin glows! 

*BONUS.  (Yes, there's even a bonus, how stupendous is this?)
Living this way creates a momentum of world peace.  Seriously.  This is how we get to a happy, beautiful, wonderful world.  If you hoped world peace would happen when space ships showed up at the Olympics or when an earthquake split California in half and brought everyone to their senses, I suspect this might be a Lizard-prank to distract you into complacency!  Don't buy it.  Stay focused and do your part bucko!  World peace rocks and you're a STAR~! No one else can play your role! Your amazing life is waiting at the frontier for you to catch up!  It's also chasing you from behind.  It's circling you, divine-bombing you from the nearest cloud, bubbling up from under the pavement, coming at you from all directions. Yield to this persistent tickling! Cry uncle to your heart, let rip your now treasured snort-laugh and realize you're both on the same side. 

Life wants to flow through you unimpeded, without resistance.  This is how you also get healthy, discover your ideal weight, begin to see auras, rake in abundant cash, roll in the sack with the most amazing lover, have all the personal space you want, create your most terrifyingly enormous visions and experience a buoyant endless energy that you feel the minute you wake up. Okay, maybe if you're clairsentient you won't end up seeing auras, but the rest is TRUE! I'm living it!

All it takes is to reunite forces with the powers that be.  The power that is you. 

If you're still reading this, thank you!  What a great moment for world peace! Please release your outrage at all the wasted moments while the lizard kept Toto and Dorothy waiting.  It doesn't matter, what matters is NOW.  Pour him another glass of champagne to loosen him up while he adjusts to his new job, and meanwhile share this article with anyone you think might also like to sing their own song for easy money and fun!  Life is ever-present and available at a moment's notice to abundantly reward the few the proud the sincere who show up with their own thumbprint reflected in their life expression.

Cheers to your fabulousness beautiful one!  I see you walking down that middle-way red carpet, surrounded by the reflection of adoration!  It's blindingly luminous--you in your element! and the light is hot!  It's your moment as the Sun.  It's here!  It's timeless!  Everything is coming together!  Easy, sensationally-amazing and always getting better. You are fantastic! 


P.S.  Do you have a awesome Ninja strategy for wrangling your lizard? As always I love to hear from you!  Please comment below.  Your insights help all of us. Namaste!


cyndy 16th August 2012 9:07 am

Thank you Meredith. I put the color blue in my mind as it clears the metal field. Then I tune in to my heart which is my intelligent sensor. I also, am now blessing and loving my lizard. I talk to my lizard and say, "this is how you operated for me in duality, but in the new world, new human experience, here is your job and you my lizrd can get really good at this new job. You are here to receive, translate (all INformation coming from my Heart/soul) and also your job is to focus like a laser. Eventually, you have the possibility/potential to become an intelligent sensor like my heart. Works for me. And now dear Meredith taking an inspiration bath in your joy and mine. lovely

Curtis 16th August 2012 10:08 am

Yep, this post is a confirmation for me. I realized that I can't control anybody or anything, but I can be aware of there choice. Being aware is the basis for manifestation.
Here's a virtual flower 8-> sorry I can only make daisies.

kay 16th August 2012 11:54 am

Thank you, Meredith. What a beautiful, joyful article. Couldn't agree more. Gratitude/blessings is the first step for me. And gradual reintegration is just fine. I love the lightning bolts, too, but they do require more of an adjustment period, at least at this point. I trust we're all laughing out loud more at the sheer beauty of the dance. Maybe that's how we train the lizard, teach him to laugh more.

wolfheart 26th August 2012 5:07 pm

Thank you, Meredith, for writing this outstanding message in such a light-hearted, humorous, yet, masterfully meaningful way. Definitely wins the Cosmic Blue Ribbon Award, in my opinion. Ha! I have and use the same quirky sense of humor and language and always know a Soul Sister when I "read" one! This article is so timely and well-put....and you make it sound so easy and fun! Once we leave all the 'muck & mire' behind, it really is! (Do we wanna be stuck...or do we wanna be FREE? BE ME?)
Thank you, was quite entertaining and I loved it...lizards and all! Ha! (Well-said!) :thumbs:

Fatema 10th September 2012 7:51 am

What abundant, joyful and uplifting energy this article has Meredith! I am so happy to have shared in all the joy feel inside you and that you have invested in this piece. Thank you so much for sharing!

I shush my lizard simply by recognising it as my ego speaking. Mostly, it comes with a slight discontent and bang, I know it is the ego rearing it's head. I take a deep breath and let my higher self take charge. There are times of distress when I am unable to hear the higher self. At those times I simply refuse to listen to my ego and keep that qtn/issue for the time when I am more in touch with my higher self.

Thanks once again for sharing this abundant joy with us. Bless you. :)



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