The Womb of Creation is at Hand: Unity Emerges

There is a fierceness in the air of late…which you experience as urgency.  What we experience as fierceness is something you would welcome being on the side of, and indeed are; for this means protectiveness.  Unrelenting protection.  It is this energy which is peeling forth from within the cosmos in alignment and support for Lightworkers who are bearing heavy loads and experiencing the also fierce clearing winds of change and the increasing affronts of those still decidedly participating in duality as the light increasingly leaves this holographic form: resulting in an increasingly unbalanced sphere and a local (and therefore limited) perception of current worldly events and experiences.

The matter at hand is filled with great joy for those of you who have long awaited the second coming of the Christ consciousness; for it is now as you well know and FEEL being assembled in your midst—within YOU.  The love-factor is increasing!  The orientation to unity is at hand.  The collective perception of consciousness as ONE is becoming increasingly possible in the collective as the holographic template of Unity Consciousness is amplified by those who stake their allegiance and unremittingly orient their thoughts on the truth: the Law of One.  Going beyond this is not necessary.  For all IS within the Law of One and the unfolding and particularization of that to each his or her own; such is the amazing creative diversity of the Earth plane.

Humans and starseeds, dolphin energies and non-physical sentries who have joined this Lightworker Collective* to see what is taking place: report back to all you encounter: the time of Love is at Hand.  The time of ONE is at Hand.  The Law of One is in order. 

The time for shifting all your eggs to the interwoven basket of your multidimensional consciousness is NOW and within that basket you will safely go with the flow on a ride that takes you ashore in a new land: Terra Nova.

The emerging New Earth is a fertile, diverse, thriving organism unlimited by the distortion of the past, and duality--rather alchemically transforming duality with love and forming, with the diversity and the knowledge of One: a trinity.  A divinely stable and self-perpetuating standard of life which expands, expands, expands, expands…eternally.

No more will there be the need for death or destruction of matter, no!  We are moving into a domain,  All-That-Is, as a result of our collective coming together in orientation and perception, to an endlessly creative and expanding cycle which until now has never existed anywhere.  And the potential for this will exist everywhere.

In the past the Earth has gone through, as did all of creation, many cycles of creation, then return to the void—as your caterpillar returns to the nothingness of squishy form?  No.  Total void.  Then rebirth—as in the Big Bang type of re-birth.  No longer.  What will emerge from the Law of One reaching the pitch we are approaching in the Ninth Octave, is unlimited creative potential.

As we turn toward the narrow opening which is the space of infinite light and Oneness, we move beyond all that has been—beyond what is called chaos and what has been generativity—to self-perpetuating wholeness.

The time is NOW. 

To experience this in your Lightbody, do this simply thing: Place the infinity symbol at your third eye.  Feel the architecture as your third eye connects to your heart chakra.  Now we have combined knowing with love. {Smile}  Information / Light + Love! 

Now turn your attention to the center point of the infinity symbol and know this is the portal we are moving toward; you feel this as the compression of timelines you are experiencing as opening to multidimensional awareness.

Although not all of you have parallel lives at this time, many of you do.  And as you awaken to these there is a unifying of your sense of self and a mirroring of “As Above So Below” which is creating a thoughtform and experience of Oneness.  Heaven on Earth.

You are healing.  You are cross-pollinating your creations from multiple perspectives.  You, within yourself, are a network of focal points creating and informing all channels for expression within your focus.  It is a Renaissance of Divinity, my beloved ones and Family of the Light.

In closing, let us know take a moment to recognize the auspicious moment we now share.

Return in your hearts to a state of quiet and stillness.  Realize that now, as in the past that as promised, and after what seemed an eternal wait: the green grass veins the dry, cracked ground… and notice one more,  the quiet, radiant, eternally burning light within your heart—realize this for what it is: God goes again to birth.

I AM the Archangel Michael.


*This message was given during a  Lightworker Collective event focused on manifesting the keys of ascension, and energizing a new holographic template for water.  For more information about this event, click here.


Indigo Butterfly 19th July 2010 10:16 am

"The love-factor is increasing!"

Yes! This is a nice message...we need to increase the love factor exponentially. How to do it? Simply acknowledge being united with your twin flame soul mate (who is a REAL person, btw and you are already united) and do some research on the Golden Chalice. The true knowledge which has been hidden from us until now has now been released so that people can manifest together in love to make fairy tales and dreams come true -- and to create a heavenly earth.

After reading Sonia's post about the corporatization of spirituality and given that we can choose our own reality, my choice is a reality that emanates from a strong foundation of love -- not some corporate entity.

Anne333 19th July 2010 12:44 pm

I loved hearing this channeling at your event Meredith and I love reading it now.

This is a powerful time. We are so protected and loved. I feel deep gratitude that I am participating with others in creating a beautiful world. I know, in my heart, that this last line in Archangel Michael's message is true--we are giving birth to the divine again--collectively.

Very One-derful ;) times indeed. Thank you. :thumbs:

kay 20th July 2010 6:56 am

Love the simplicity of placing the infinity symbol on the third eye. Thank you, Michael and Meredith.

LightBeing 24th July 2010 5:44 pm

This is a really great post! I have been feeling this protectiveness from my guides so strongly lately. Thank you Meredith and AA Michael.

When I focus on Unity Consciousness and this calling to recognize what we are creating my heart expands and I feel an increase in heat! Amazing times.

Love to you,


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