Things Are Lightening Up

Dear Ones,

The New Earth is opening up in some pretty sensational ways right now. You are noticing this as you become more acclimated again, to the new way you are present. Your body has been upgraded yet again, as you experienced the Equinox alignment and also from the way you are summoning more and more expansive information from all that you are.

As you call forth your fullness of being, your Higher Self is filling you up more and more with you. At the same time the Solar activity, the Earth's increasingly uplifted frequency and all the waves of incoming energies are clearing out everything congested and dense. So you are being emptied out and filled up, over and over again, and with increasing capacity to sustain the higher frequencies and accessing the ways of being present associated with the energy you are.

Right now, many of you are feeling rather irritated. Right now, many of you are feeling rather joyous and free. Some of you are even starting to notice renewal of the physical body in ways that are resolving issues you have experienced not just for years but even decades. There is a lot of change happening and with this underway, may I take a moment and remind you to be open to the present being new. Allow yourselves to really cultivate a way of moving through your day where you start out and continually remember that it's all new, all the time.

This way of being is very important because it will bring you fully into the present moment. In full presence you are powerfully creative, and when you are all there you can recognize and respond fully informed. You are in alignment and connected when you are all there with you and in this all-there-ness, you can be inspired in the moment and move in alignment with divine will.

In order to take advantage of all that is opening up for you, for you are making lots and lots of shifts now as you move into a more comfortable rhythm of working with this ongoing expansion and upliftment, you need to also begin to live from your true knowing. What I mean by this is that you've had insights and realizations that are truly inspired and even revolutionary. Now take them seriously.

Recognize this for what is it -- expansive clarity arising as you are resonant with higher dimensional energies and fields and version of YOU. Let what it over-rides go. Let the new ideas of how you see that things work, how things might be, what you sense is emerging, let them be true. Realize a bit later or even a moment later something else might be true. Be willing to learn how to be really really flexible. This will help you really absorb the many gifts coming online for you as a result of your energy changing.

Do you know those little games in magazines where they show two pictures side by side and one pictures has 7 things different then the other and your challenge is to find them? They're little subtle things that are either different, or missing in one picture from the other? [Smile.] That's a lot like life right now. Pay attention to you and what you perceive. Pay more attention to subtle things because higher frequencies are subtle, finer, less dense. Realize even though it looks the same, reality is re-casting itself moment to moment and you and reality are dynamic and in accelerated expressions and lots of newness is popping up all over.

If you're one who is feeling irritated, recognize that you may have had a larger shift then you realized recently. Perhaps things have changed in ways that may make familiar things no longer resonant and you need a little gap to re-orient? Let yourself feel into what you do want to connect with now and bless all the changes.

Allow yourself to put faith in Unity, knowing nothing is lost and you're always connected to everything and everyone regardless of what's taking prominence in your day to day experience right now. Other people are also re-orienting. A long movement has been in play since March of 2013 and many of you are emerging into more expansive expression now. You may need a different kind of space in relationships to honor your increasing sovereignty. Be gentle as you get situated and feel it all out.  

If you're one who is feeling rather joyous and free, celebrate! Acknowledge and appreciate it, thus amplifying this joy. Have fun! Know you are shining forth as an example of what's possible amidst all this change. Joy is the most wonderful energy quality. Savor. As if I need to say that!

And you -- the ones really feeling the body differently? If you're feeling like a spring chicken all of a sudden, take a moment to pause and claim what you are accomplishing in this renewal of your body template. Because you've made the arising of your own well-being possible by getting in the flow and in alignment often enough to let your innate wisdom re-launch your cells in perfect expression and enough of this has happened that life is the body is now refreshed! Spectacular!

In the present remember that what you see, notice, experience and create within the landscape is based on your vibration and what you're paying attention to. Play with this and decide what you love paying attention to, what qualities of being you want to amplify and what works best to achieve this for you. Know that it's a current answer, revisit it often and see how what's true for you as you move and change amidst a dynamic fluid landscape.

Amazing, magical, surprising things are opening. Let yourself notice more. All of us together as One, are in a new landscape. 

As you know, it will continue to change, but what I want you to really consider and let sink in is that life is loosening up as it rises in vibration, it's becoming a lot more fluid so there is going to be a lot more change. Change feels like it's happening more quickly, but actually time is collapsing.

You are living more in the present and it's setting you free from beliefs and stories about the past and fears about the future. You're becoming more powerful as a result, more influential and also your energy which is moving faster gives you the feeling of being lighter.

Things are, in fact lovely one, lightening up all over, and it's quite beautiful to feel. Imagine what fireworks feel like, when you are the sky? Have fun with all of this and stay tuned to your JOY.

I AM Archangel Michael


Peter fox 4th October 2013 6:48 am

What wonderful news,Meredith,thank you. Upwards and onwards everyone!

cyndy 4th October 2013 1:51 pm

I am so excited and have posted this before but want to again as it so resonates with me and what is going on. "More then heaven ON Earth, this is heaven AND earth joining to create something beyond either."-Lightsmith.
Ohhh, beautiful words indeed.

bettina 7th October 2013 5:20 am

"Do you know those little games in magazines where they show two pictures side by side and one pictures has 7 things different then the other and your challenge is to find them? They're little subtle things that are either different, or missing in one picture from the other? [Smile.] That's a lot like life right now."

:smitten: I so love those games even as an adult...and how fitting a description to what I am experiencing.

Thank you, Meredith and Archangel Michael. I am lucky and for the most part 'HAPPY' to be here for the experience(s).


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