Unconditional Love & the Value of Being Here, Now.

I want to share with you, the amazing and expansive insights I had today.

I was feeling elated. I was noticing how the elation I feel amazes me, and I let that unfold...and more and more wonderful insights came, attracted to the state I was in. This state of alignment and appreciation - it gives us the best seat in the house! The best views. Here's my view, now...

It's amazing to know that we can feel how we want to feel, regardless of circumstances or situations. Unconditionally.

Unconditional love used to seem like such a lofty and unachievable state of being. Beyond actual realization. I feel differently about it now. Unconditional love is hard when I try to like everyone and everyone else's preferences for doing things. But unconditional love and true appreciation becomes easy even, (yes I said easy) when I am in alignment and know I am sovereign.

Unconditional love is natural. When I am in my knowing of my sovereignty, I become capable, unconditionally. And when I am in alignment, I allow the Divine Light within me, my soul, my essence, whatever you want to call it, to be here, I merge into that perspective. I am fulfilled and I can genuinely appreciate everyone else.

When you truly get that contrast is to help you choose. When you realize that without contrast your unique perspective would have no value! There would be no way to have it or express it. Then you start to relate to differences with deep, real appreciation.

I have recently had much more profound awareness of the value of contrast in my life, in our world and wow, has it opened up my knowing and my experience in wonderful ways.

Contrast? Bring it on!! I love the expansion of it and the flow of the fullness of my being, that is summoned as I want more and more and more!!!

Thus? Elation, and deep appreciation for being here, NOW.

Do you feel the incredible power of this moment? Do you feel the amazing expansion you are bringing to All That Is, by being focused here. And most of all, do you GET that if you were not, uniquely you, and if you were not here, where there is contrast, the value of your own being, could not be known or experienced? Wow. That dazzles me!

I hope, if you're in America, that you're enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving. And to everyone else, everywhere else - thank you! For allowing me into your life. For sharing the journey with me. And for being here as the perfect, eternal, infinite soul you are.

With love,


Toni 30th November 2016 5:03 pm

Hmm… new theory…Is it this contrast that manifests density? Emotion gives thought the density to manifest physically and contrast is what gives us the depth of polarity, singularity and evolution… Hmm…another theory in progress...

Careful what you ask for tho. I asked Spirit to “bring it on” around 10 yrs ago…thinking that there wasn’t much left to polarize. Found myself in the middle of a tsumani that took at least 6 years to get the polarity clear. Glad its done tho, cos I don’t ever want to do that to myself again…

With new affirmations the bad luck dragon happens first to clear what doesn’t align or what blocks the new value. Once its clear tho the good luck dragon happens along and the new affirmation is aligned to physical density.


KP88 30th November 2016 9:10 pm

The tingling feeling of resonance...