What is happening on the planet? Vast revision is underway

I greet you in light!

Today we focus on orienting to the vast shifting, release and unfolding taking place upon the Earth.  You are within a spherical moment of time; meaning this moment is being revisited simultaneously from multiple dimensional points of focus and with repeated revision.  There is vast revision underway to the landscape of your planet.

You are important to this revision in that each time you look within your heart and find new ways to give yourself greater peace of mind, peace of body, peace of heart, peace of soul, you uplift the vibration of the planet and this is reflected in this infinite moment of simultaneous and continuous revision.

Revision comes from insight.  It is not a negation of what was; it is a honing of what is into further articulation reflecting the original inspiration impulse.

This is the drive within you at this time.  You are assessing, reviewing and editing vast aspect of your experience and the dynamics of how you relate to life as you know it.  This is happening in pockets of light all across the planet at this time.  There is a re-consideration of many things—hopes, places, people, ways of being.

None of this need create negative feeling, it may indeed be an adventure; an opportunity as you realize your role as an infinite fully resourced creator and move once again into greater alignment with that capacity and utilize it more fully to create the life of experience exemplifying your ideals and expressing your dreams.

We hope you realize more and more that you share and co-create from impulses that are cosmic and collective.  So the Utopian Dream for this planet dwells within the Soul of Gaia; the soul which encompasses all souls which dwell here in a larger energetic field of purpose and intentionality.  Within this soul are all aspects of life on Earth and the Earth herself is involved in a significant recalibration with the fundamental intention of harmonizing all that is within her, with the vibration of love.  Resolving what is not.  This impulse toward resolution is felt within you.  It flows within you as you are an extension of Gaia, and together—a living organism, an extension of Source Energy.  So the light within Gaia affects you and you in turn affect the light within Gaia.  It is a co-creative and highly dynamic experience.

Gaia, as you begin to imagine, is quite capable and immensely aware of the differing aspects of her being.  It is in part, aspects such as this immense contrast which has made the Earth such a highly creative field and such a desirable experience for many. 

So resolving the planetary field into a harmonic resonance of love does not mean muting differences; rather it is a process of dissolving the duality created by illusions and healing that which evolved from these distortions.

Each of you have these lingering aspects of the old paradigm within you.

In addition, as life is harmonized there is also new creation.  This creation reflects the ideals inherently defined by the Law of One.  The recognition of the value and sacredness of all life is one such essential.

So, what IS happening on the planet with YOU?

You as an aspect of the great energy field which is the Earth, are learning to handle more territory in your own conscious awareness.  As you gradually let go of all the impediments to loving yourself your capacity to love these extension of yourself—nature, the animals, the air, the planet itself—increase.  So you currently are modulating your abilities to transmit frequency in an appreciative fashion--which energizes everything--and as you ability to sustain this perspective grows, great healing will take place simply by this viewpoint being chosen.

Within your energy field--this state of appreciation engages the etheric energies and great power and light is magnetized to your etheric body.  As you are in this state of appreciation you draw into your energy field available quantities of light and this light then expands your capacities and eases your way during these times of high frequency transmissions and alterations.

Need I say more?  Find things to appreciate!

There is within the earth much energy that needs to be released.  These fields of distortion (often labeled as pain or trauma, imbalance or pollution) of experience reside in collective fields associated with the old earth paradigms of limitation and suffering.  They are gradually being released from the collective and liberated as light.  As long as people on the Earth believe in these aspects of life, then they are energized and also maintained within the collective field of Gaia.  She releases these energy structures for transformation into pure potential energy as she is able.  Each of you, like Gaia, have the ability to release these energies from within yourself; and at the very least begin by recognizing when you give energy to them.  When you notice this is the time to affirm your true identity and the eternal nature of your being, recognize what’s happening and attempt to shift toward something of a higher frequency, allowing whatever calls for the sense of limitation and/or suffering within you to flow through you.  In doing this you allow energy to have magnitude and speed, but return to benevolence and potentiality; a highly nourishing field of life-force energy which then may be used and reused in new ways to bring to life inspiration.

Your bodies are orienting to newness in ways that have an effect on nutrition, water intake, sleep and relating to nature. 

Your connection and relationship with nature is becoming an increasingly active and important part of your life.  It will be unacceptable to spend even one day without time in nature.  Being within a building without fresh air will be tolerable in smaller and smaller doses.  You will crave fresh air, sunlight, and the sense of home, connection and balance that you feel in nature.  Being outdoors and aware for even small periods of time provides an energetic tune-up for you.  You will find yourself increasingly seeking the state of being in which you feel relaxed, peaceful, appreciative, aware—and in the vortex!  You will notice quicker and quicker when you have lost this state of being and you will use breathing, nature, focus, music—whatever is available and your preference—to reorient yourself.  You are shifting into a different set-point of vibration and your etheric body humming and energized with light is the exquisite delight of ready aliveness that you are indeed seeking.

Sleep aids you in this shift and you will listen more and more to your own inner needs and the clocks of the world will seem increasingly irrelevant to you.  You are increasingly using inner methods to discern when and what in terms of everything.

As such, external sources of information will increasingly disappear from your experience.  You will instead find yourself using the internet and technology in your lives to create connection with others, rather than to seek answers and information.  Information and guidance that relate to you arise naturally from within.  You may then pursue more detailed information from sources such as the library or the internet—but the impetus to find this comes from within you.  The more you release the interference of outside sources from determining what is going on with you and what you need, the more balance you will experience in life.  The more you allow yourself to relate to others for creative and joyful purposes, friendship and camaraderie, seeking to recognize and appreciate the unique beauty, interests and experiences of one another--the more love you will feel and the greater your sense of unity.

You will find that your body’s needs for food and water are dynamic—they are not in flux awaiting some future stabilization point—they are inherently dynamic.  You will find that hydration often resolves issues that “feel” like hunger, so when you are hungry first perhaps, reach for a couple glasses of clean water and then check in with your body.  Dehydration is a significant factor in metabolism being reduced and for those who would like to lighten up their bodies, they will consider first when the “hunger” impulse arises, if actually they might be thirsty.  Your body is learning to live from multiple energy sources in new ways, so if you continue to eat as you always have you will likely gain weight or not lose weight you wish to release.

There are plants which carry enormous amounts of sun-energy and therefore truly are like your body: they are closer to source energy than other sources of food.  Eating a greater proportion of these foods will support the energizing of your KA body.  You must learn to relate to your body in a very different way.  It is not habitual; your body is dynamic and fresh.  It is responding in simultaneous time to all that is happening.  ALL that is happening.  Consider that deeply.  Then listen much more carefully to your body which will tell you right away if certain foods and situations support your wellness and thriving.  If you aren’t sure, then imagine consuming or participating in the potential substance or situation and see how that feels to your body/energy body.  You can learn to just live from a knowing of this kind and the question being asked and the answer coming forth will happen so fast you will find if you cultivate this you just know what you need.

The light within you needs sustenance.  Nourishment is given abundantly from Gaia and other sources which you experience to the degree your filters and choices do not dilute this vital life force.  It is diluted the same way the light on the planet is diluted and even as you call it “poisoned” although we would just say, “diluted, diminished,” factual words without judgment.  What dilutes or diminishes your light?  Aggressive thoughts, alcohol, violence in words toward yourself or others, resisting the call of your heart, old paradigm thought patterns being triggered, using things to distract you from your self/ your feelings—such as business, television, work, exercise, sex—all forms of activity utilized to avoid being aware/present to yourself,  identifying with negative energy or perspectives, exposure to chemically created foods and smells (neurotoxins), absence of the balanced presence of silence/solitude, seeking answers-love-validation outside yourself…you do know these things if you actually listen to yourself.

You can live a great life of happiness and abundance and still partake of some of these things, but please do not forget what they are and the ability they have to diminish your light.  Each are conduits of certain types of experiences—energetically and spiritually--and as such you have each tried them on and may continue to do so as you desire greater understanding and deepening of appreciation through contrast.  But whenever you’re done with that, you may return to greater light by diminishing the presence of these in your life.

A natural state of life draws upon life force energy in many forms and from this thrives and creates.  Releases, renews and evolves further.  This is done with great appreciation for the sources of life and with balance—not depleting by taking more than you need—which in and of itself is a behavior inspired by a sense of lack and a mental or emotional disconnect from your inalterable oneness with everything.

There are those who choose again, to experience this disconnect and sometime while doing so, one “forgets” the true nature of reality.  But these things are all one thing, and if not interfered with, the one path—that of seeming disconnection—will lead right round to “connected to everything.”  It is the natural course of things, once the extreme of contrast is absorbed.

This is what has happened on the planet, as you well sense.  The pendulum of so many things within your experience, as a reflection and synchronous dance with the cosmos—as easily seen in the procession of the equinoxes and the solstices—has come round and is swinging the other way again, to re-balance all of life.

This is happening not only in circular fashion, but in upward, circular fashion: following the vector pattern known as the spiral.  The Earth—Gaia and all who reside with her—are spiraling upward, resolving duality into an increasingly harmonious wholeness, returning to balance, realizing the imbalances created by fear and re-creating life as you know it to reflect these insights.

And so we return to the beginning: what is happening on the planet?

Look within you and discover all the places still awaiting the warmth, the gentleness and the invigoration of light; and go there with your awareness.  Awareness itself heals, and illuminates all that it touches.

The New Earth is being born within each of you, and anything you can to do alight yourself further is a great gift for all.

Your prayer today might be simply this: LIGHT ME.

With the eyes of love and appreciation, anything that light touches and illuminates resolves itself with grace.

This is all within your capacity now.  Go to it.  I join with you in illuminating the old, transforming it and infusing the collective field with more liberating thoughtforms and energies. 

Thank you for joining me in creating this beautiful communion beyond time.

I AM Naeshira.


amberhill 23rd August 2011 10:39 am

Thank you.

COBALT 23rd August 2011 11:00 am

"With the eyes of love and appreciation, anything that light touches and illuminates resolves itself with grace." :smitten:

Sululon 23rd August 2011 12:03 pm

Incredible, incredible message! Thank you!

If there is one tiny critique I could give, it is this...

We are NOT 'One'...One is the first Distortion/Separation...the God-Model of One is Yahweh. An EXTERNAL, singular, male masculine God.

We are going back into 'O'ness. We are Divine Beings of the Holy 'O'. 'O' is Wholeness.

All numbers outside of 'O' are fractions of 'O'.

This is a VERY small difference, but it has a large impact in the grand scheme of things. We are not One with everything...we ARE everything.

We are all the same Consciousness, split into individualized units, which are all interdependent of each other. We are Whole.

Just as an example...here are the 4 'God-Models' we have Experienced the last 4 Billion years.

13D Holy 'O' Earth Grid: http://oi55.tinypic.com/fzaudj.jpg

First Fall --->

Model of One: http://oi54.tinypic.com/2qsv5s4.jpg

Second Fall --->

Model of Two: http://oi56.tinypic.com/2jcvls7.jpg

The re-zip/Ascension of DNA --->

15D Holy 'O' Divine Earth Grid: http://oi55.tinypic.com/2ngzuwk.jpg

LightBeing 24th August 2011 1:48 pm

This is an amazing, clear and helpful channel and one which I resonate with entirely. I have been undergoing a deep and broad review of many aspects of my life. I feel this is coming from within me--that it is bigger than me.

Thank you for a very timely and resonant sharing.
Loved it!

lovelight22 25th August 2011 2:00 pm

First would like to express my gratefullness...love your messages .They are right on and hold such lovingness.....Im looking for some clarity.....What is the KA body? and also some plant based energy ? foods you mentioned is there a refrence or can some examples be given..... :

AngelBride777 28th August 2011 1:23 am

As what is more and more the norm i journeyed here because that is where the path led and so much of what you are saying is directly related to conversations that i have had, and poems i have been inspired to create over the past month or so. i feel gratitude that i am guided to so many paths of light. Thank you and Love Love i love you more.

Sululon 30th August 2011 12:45 pm

In Mathematics, true mathematics, ZERO is Whole. All other numbers (1-infinity) are Fractions of O/Whole.

Claiming 'One' is Whole, like like saying the Father is more important than the Mother and Child. When you say One, you are choosing One singular Focus. When we are Whole, all Focuses/Souls are included. We are Whole...One is a Separation of Whole.


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