Your Beginning in this Life Assures a New Creation

Greetings, divine beings of light.

We herald with you this new day, this new day of becoming. It is within you now, the new creation. The seeds of this new creation are within you now. The template of light that you have ignited for love is within you now. It is the new capacity of humanity you have planted, you are lighting up and emanating. It is the new capacities for love that you are transposing into this realm, into this sphere of existence so that all might see and understand the capacity for love in the material.

The realization of this light in form is a powerful series of expansions. It is not a singular event. It is undulating and happening rhythmically in layers. It is this type of creativity which we are extremely facile with and experienced with, in which we come to share the benefits of with you today. Through creating layers of new energy that are illuminating to other cultures and civilizations throughout time, you are benefiting all of creation in a powerful, rhythmic fashion.

This attention to love is helping the creative faculties within other expressions of focus to know their own potential which, like yours, stream from the One. For the Law of One is undistinguishable in its fountainhead.

We too, dear ones, celebrate your newness. We are the Elohim of Light. We are the rhythmic focusers who gave rise to this creation of Earth in which you are now focused in love. We are your natural collaborators. You may feel our pulse in the non-physical on Earth, and the currents of energy that stream through your planet, and in the physical on Earth which manifests from this energy field. We are the fountainhead for the elementals and the casters of form into which the physicality of your being-ness arises here on Earth.

It is we who sustained and persevered, as Michael has often suggested for you to do. It is through our perpetual focus and knowing the truth of this earthly paradise that the templates of light have shaped mountains and trees, rivers and animals. The Devic Kingdom arose from our unconditional willingness to let life be diversely as it is, unfolded from the particular uniqueness that we are. So we allowed life to take shape with our sustained encouragement, our sustained loving vision and focus.

This light that took form came forth in diversity as a reflection of the uniqueness of the template, and the harmonics of each of the members of the Elohim. Thus freely allowing and persisting -- simply allowing with persistence the energy of creation to flow through us – gave rise inherently to the diversity that you experience as the beauty of this paradise called Earth.

So, too, you have this capacity to realize in this form in which you are focused. How do you use the attention, which is your power and the quality of focus, the perspective which gives shape to this power? You have the ability to become as you are intending, to be unconditional in creation as well as perception.

This is a powerful ally to your expansion of self-love. As you let yourself be unconditional in your creation, as well as in your experience of situations and thoughts, you free yourself up to create purely, in alignment with divine energy.

Let yourself not identify with any of it, yet love all of it. Let yourself see what you think of as the god and goddess in everything that is. Let yourself know the Law of One is flowing into all elaborations of form and focus and thus is you and is all you create.

Does this not empower you, my dear friends, to see the folly of your self-criticism, to see the illusion you have chosen to perpetuate when you value others and not self?

Do you see the distracting indulgence of this kind of pattern you have persisted in when you do not value you? Drop it. Drop it now. Let yourself be true to you. It is an artifice, a lie, you know, to dislike yourself. You have to work to sustain it. That is why unhappy people in your experience complain or go on and on about their misfortune, feel a need to express their difficulty, tell their story cast in that light. If they did not do this in talking with others and thinking and speaking to themselves in their mind, even in posting on Facebook, they would not be able to perpetuate this dislike of self.

This perspective of negativity on self, or even of other expressions within the world, is a distortion that must be created. It is not inherently present. It is not your true state of knowing who you are. If you did not continue to energize it with your words, with all that you share, it would gradually soften up and fade away. What you did energize with attention, would simply rise up strongly.

Beyond this, your natural knowing of the beauty of life, including you, does not even need your energizing to flow into your knowing. It just needs space. It thrives when conflicting ideas and beliefs are de-energized. As you drop the old patterns of distortion and distraction, the coherence which is innately you arises. This coherence includes self-appreciation. In fact, it includes appreciation for everything that is.

All these ways, you see friends, which keep you from creating which is your destiny, for this is innate, for this is all that you are, for this is all that is, including you. Not accepting you, how could that be?

We realize that we speak a bit in riddles. For you to know the contrast of the physical human sphere with the non-physical sphere of our focus is such that words do not best express the capacity of coherence that we are transmitting as knowing to you. For knowing is power. Knowing is power. Knowledge is power. The ability to live from knowing is power.

Yet we are transmitting energetically to you now. We thank you for your permission to do this. If you let yourself invoke our friendship and our camaraderie and our companionship and our support, we, the Elohim of Light, can assist you in living the Law of One with knowing in the material.

It is this law which you have envisioned as god and goddess in so many ways, an endless creation in all your spiritual traditions of finding some relatable faith for the energy of light and life, which is you.

It does not matter which name you call it, whether it is called Archangel Michael, whether it is called god or goddess, whether it is called the Elohim of Light, or whether it has your name, whether it has your name. It is all one.

We call to you today to remind you of love and its nature intrinsic, and to help you to see that not only will your perspective be by nature unconditional when you are in alignment, but so too will your creations! They will flow forth freely, without censorship or the need to shape or control them in overt ways.

You will learn to trust the shape of life that flows through you, that is inherently shaped by you and your own signature, the natural configuration that all elaborating from you carries, that carries your signature. It will feel like your work, your craft made manifest. This is the nature of life. It is how we diversify and continually expand.

The Earth itself that you find so very beautiful is beautiful because we, the Elohim, create it unconditionally. We allow creation energy to come through us and for us to give focus to this and shape the Earth without control. Yet the Earth was inherently shaped by the templates of our own diverse energies, in rhythmic perpetual focus and in alignment with all that we are. Thus purely flowing creation in and through our focus, life was inherently diversified from the beginning.

You see, dear ones, the great beauty and diversity of your planet is pointing to you, creative you are. Creative you are with no need to be otherwise. You are pure and perfect as you stand in all variations of you now. Do you see that this is so? Do you really feel and know that this is the truth of how it is and therefore you could not possibly stand aside from this?

It takes tremendous effort to dislike yourself. Everything is perfect as it is. Everything is continually, dynamically opening and expanding. As you let yourself love yourself more freely and fully, you facilitate greater alignment with all that you are. It is this which gives your elaborations, your expressions, and your impressions of life the uplifted qualities you treasure so very much.

It occurs simply when you are true to you. There is no effort or need to shoot for the stars. You are inherently uplifted. When control and trying hard are no longer in your vocabulary, then the effortlessness allows perfection of form to be drawn into being.

It is important for you only, my loves, that you realize all throughout existence there has been an anticipation of your coming. This is known and heralded for what you would think of as a very long while, as eternally really. The knowing of your success is also well established. It is impossible for it to be otherwise.

Perhaps this might be the moment, if there has not been one yet, to take a big shortcut to happiness and realize you cannot be other than who you truly are. All else can only be experienced and sustained with tremendous effort and gives you enormous grief.

Yet happiness, that's simple; stop trying to be anything and discover it, because it's already there.

We are the Elohim of Light.


Deeni 5th September 2014 4:32 pm

Thank You, Meredith.

Thank You, Elohim of Light.

I keep reminding myself to get out of my own way.

I believe I will take my own advice.

I am setting the intention to go with the flow, and just be.

Much Love and Light to All. :)


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