A word from your Hostess of Light

All of us are prepped like soldiers waiting instructions. Not understanding why we are on edge, but everything around us says ‘be aware’ something does not feel right. Our bodies experience unusual phenomena not understood by medicine. Our hearts beat different as if we have two.  Our emotional bodies encircle us like binary moons looking to land. We all cycle together.

We move forward with caution as if we are walking in shifting quicksand or a minefield. Knowing at any minute the paradigm can change and we could be flapping on the outskirts of emerald city. We look to nature for understanding and insight but she looks back at us, just as confused. The rules have changed for all of us. Like Neanderthal man finding an I-phone, we bang our heads trying to figure out what to do next.

Most days it is best not to try to force an outcome, like a wizard of old trying to make an x-wife obey, it’s just futile.  We look out our car windows, our home windows, and the windows of our souls, seeking a sign that will hold up in the upcoming shifts. Like driving thru a dust storm, all you can is pull over as far as you can, until it passes. Many are just parked along side of their life waiting for the one event that will change their existence, setting them free to walk the good red road.

Everything is lined up like a big bad-ass opponent during a homecoming game. We go face to face with what pushes our buttons in all forms. Can we make it go away until another day, maybe…. However, do you want to do that? Life is getting thicker and stickier to the touch. Wherever you go you have a piece of that left on/in your energy field (no matter how much you deny it). You can scrub till you are red in the face but it will stay adhered like crazy glue until you stop trying to get rid of it.

Imagine a past life review/ complete with out-takes/ before you get to the pearly gates of heaven. A visual time-out for good behavior allowing you to get all of your molecules going in the right direction. A last chance resort allowing you to be the person you have always wanted to be. A chance to rewrite what is written in disappearing ink within the sciphers of your soul.

The energies that come this spring will give you that opportunity. To see yourself as you have always known yourself to be deep in your heart, a good person with a good soul and good intent. If you are on earth you are a highly evolved being that has taken form in a reincarnational cycle to fit the learning’s you have chosen this life. It is a role you play, that you wrote and are directing now.

If you chose to change roles, you as the director producer and actor of your drama (or melodrama however you wrote it) can do just that. It starts with one thought and intention.  However be aware that switching one role for another is not always a better choice or an easier choice. All choices come with their own set of rules and agendas. There are no vanilla boxes in these choices. All serve the highest good of the individual. No exceptions.  Embrace who you are, all of you and all of your choices, stop searching for divine perfection in some far off isle, when it is reflected in your eyes.

This spring make your mantra “I am blessed in more ways than I can imagine!”



Paula Boylan 19th March 2014 9:15 am

Nice reminder Gillian, thank you!

Deeni 19th March 2014 12:02 pm

Oh, Gillian, Thank You!

"A chance to rewrite what is written in disappearing ink within the sciphers of your soul."

Simply Divine message.

Much Love and Light to All. : )