Becoming a Translator of Light

As you walk forth into the door of completeness, the longing for what you once desired will be fulfilled. For in the recognition of completeness there are no needs, there are no desires, there are no wants. All is automatically filled by its corresponding parts of completion. As you sit in all of what you once were and all that you are destined to be, you come to a climatic point of reference. You look back upon your life and you think and ponder, was all of that necessary in order to become who I am naturally? Couldn't I have reached an all-natural state without the stress, the strains, the moans, the pains, and the hurts? The answer that you hear so ponderously in the background of your thinking is No!

You needed to walk the ladder of experience in order to come to the roof of yourself, in order to see over the hills and the dells of your creations. You enter a place of pure emptiness. A place where you have completely emptied out of what you thought you were suppose to do who you thought you were to be. It is a place that you do not need to fill with any thoughts or yearnings. For in the emptiness of all that you are, there is a divine fullness and a completion. In that place there are no needs. It is only by emptying a glass that you experience its full capacity. When something is full and complete, the next step is emptying, and then there is a filling, and then another emptying.

You all enter into a doorway where you ask yourself in truth what is the light really? Do I need to pray to the light? Do I need to think about the light or can I agree that all is light? It is in this next step of contractual agreement that you will understand that everything that makes its way into your eyesight and everything that is in your life as hindsight was issued to you as a frequency of light.

Light does not mean good. It does not mean bad; Light defines itself in completion as light. The vibrations of all substance reside with their genetic imprint in the house of light. It is as an architect that keeps your original house plans when your house is fully built. There is a vibrational blueprint to the original creation. The light holds the original blueprint of all things that are birthed in light and then take whatever form is for their evolution. Light comes in more shades, then colors. Think about the times you tried to match white to white or black to black, in clothing or in paint. There are thousands of shades of white and there are thousands of shades and depths of black.

On this planet of duality that you dwell, you are about to pull into an intersection of light and  dark. Humanity tends to stay close to the division of all that is light and all that is dark, straddling the razor-blade fence of that particular creation. Humanity is now asked to stretch themselves and swim through all the whites and dive deep into all the darks, and the gray areas. In other words, you are to come fully into your experience of life not judging the many shades of white/ light, nor judging the many shades of dark/ shadow. Observing the nuances that have always existed, but you have not seen.

Do not expect to find anyone in your world who is filled only with Light.  Do not look at those who wear the dark cloaks of wolves in a world of sheep. look at them closely as they too act out what is needed in the complete experience. As you walk down the aisle of the buffet of light, you will taste a little of this and a little of that, from the very purest of light to the very darkest. As you observe and experience it, do not judge it. For many embrace the process and wear it as a costume. look at it with a knowing that this too serves the completeness, the finish line, that humanity has drawn for themselves in the sands of time.

Each of you in your Creational Vortices will become translators of light and dark. This translation is to be made in a new awareness and understanding that all serves the highest good. It would be a very bland world if everything were vanilla. The rocky road of your experiences has served you well. The ups and downs of who you know yourself to be, has brought to you the character lines of your being. Walking the path of poverty and prosperity has given you both the pauper and the prince’s viewpoint and thus has seasoned you well.

So stand tall in this Creational Vortex of experience knowing that everything is perfect. Knowing that all rights will eventually undo themselves and all wrongs will right themselves. Stand on the chessboard of this experience stretching your self and encompassing all roles. We are the Council of Light, all shades of light. We thank you for extending yourself and pushing past previous perimeters. We leave you acknowledging your bright lights.


kay 2nd June 2010 8:51 am

How comforting to be moving through this process to completion with all my brothers and sisters, with all my other selves, with less and less judgment. Thank you, Gillian.