Coming to the End of 2019

As we come to the end of 2019 it is important to savor every moment of it like we are at the last supper. For we truly are at the end of our dimensional rope and are moving on up into a higher perspective so we are able to Look through the eyes of our heart which are mirrored throughout time. So much has shifted and changed with or without our permission in 2019 preparing us for the big leap in faith. the players in our documentary enter and exit our lives and hearts causing emotional backwash as we review our choices. Truth, past and present parade in a panoramic display demanding that we look down that long Hall of Mirrors. Seeing glimpses of whom and what we once were and what we shall become.

Capricorn asked us to blow through the sacred Hollow bone of our ancestry of Earth of the stars of past lives and future lives, digging in deep as the Aborigines that acknowledge their Creators the star people. We are beginning to see into the planetary Fishbowl of possibility. Life gains momentum as the actual biology of it shifts to fit the dimensional wheel. Events never before recorded on earth transpire in this new dimensional dialogue that we enter in 2020. The future opens the door wide and beckons us in for a tea party. The important thing to remember in this new adventure is to not lose yourself or channel your mad hatter self. Your authentic light, your true power displays its magic around you in technical advancements or ancient Earthly exposure.

The Akashic Halls are easily displayed in the Fanfare of 20/20 like a child in the old days going to the library physically, the spiritual records demand your full attention and energy if you seek to know living truth. The Akashic records are living pulsations of recorded information. Imagine every thought every word every chronicled piece of data reaching out thru time into deep space pulsating with images, with laughter, with sadness with love and of course emoji’s recorded in time and space to live forever in the cosmic cloud.

Any fluctuations in stellar magnetics, shifts the entire cosmological blueprint becoming like a pinball machine on tilt. Everything affects the Allness. Like The Winds of Change fallen leaves find new directionals and places to land. In 2020 the schematics of the land you once knew will be changed. What was once taken for granted now allows a different light to shine through. Like a fallen tree, new Horizons, sun settings and risings are seen dimensionally and holographically different in ways never thought possible.