Complaining in 2012

For the last several months we have been inundated by grouchy complaining people. So much that I actually did a radio commercial for our store on it.  I try to see everything in my life as a blessings and a teacher no matter what the shape or color of the learning. I always look to myself first to see what I may be reflecting from the person/situation and then do my darnedest, in the most human way, to bless the person and situation. Owning a Furniture store is like going to retail battle everyday. (that’s how you know God has a sense of humor) The populace is angry and upset and feels cheated. Everyone is pointing a sharp finger with four fingers turned back at themselves. Forked tongues have turned into serving spoons, serving up justice in a toxic verbal way.

I try to blame the publics angry energies on, the weather, the full moon, politics, the price of gas or the Bosa Nova. No matter what is good there is always something bad. It is exhausting to watch. I work real hard at staying balanced in a place of harmony everyday.  I do my prayers and say my mantras driving down back roads in the Smokey mt foothills, as soon as I hit ‘the real world’ the ride begins. Like riding a bull with heels and putting on mascara with a set of twins in your arms, getting dinner ready for a your in-laws. Standing in the light in the center of a three ring circus is not for those weak of nature.

2012 is a turning point year no matter what comes our way on any level of life. It is a year to be respected and looked at very closely. Every thought counts. The light and the dark count your every vote and we I am not speaking of politics. When you complain you are poisoning your future.  When we go around grumbling and complaining we are calling in more of that poison to every part of our life.  When we complain about a pain, you’re calling in more pain.  Try to do all things without grumbling, fault finding or complaining.  See the good in every situation and be thankful.  Find some reason in your day to be thankful – this will help dilute the kind of complaining that creates poison in your body and in your life. 

There’s always something to complain about but you need to look very hard to find what’s to be thankful for.  See good around you – be the one to make a difference.  Leave it up to God, the Universe, to fight your injustices.  Until you are at a point of gratefulness right where you are God is not going to help you change that situation.  Be grateful for what is right in your life instead of complaining about what is wrong in your life.   Do all things without complaining and you will find the magic and miracles in your life multiply.  When you are in pain or worry immediately find a point of gratefulness about something in your life. Those thoughts bring you into higher vibration that will assist you and move you past any negative situation.  Look at the half-full glass not the spilt water under the bridge.


k 18th January 2012 1:54 pm

On my walk this morning, I had the joy of watching my young dogs chase each other through the trees. The young male took a tennis ball that he played with...throwing it into the air, hitting it with his feet, pouncing on in in a snow bank and then digging like silliness, and I am so thankful we do not have humans around to complain that I do not have my best friends on a leash. Zero tolerance at this point. I will enjoy my solitude with my best friends.

k 18th January 2012 5:48 pm

Some of my recent reading reveals that the ancients beleived that the planets as well as people have vibrations that influence those around them. Astrology was based on this idea that the vibrations of the planets effect our own vibrations and thus what we attract. We each have an energy signature/vibration. Our vibrations are influenced by our thoughts and feelings along with other things. Certain areas have different vibrations. Paracelsus collected plant specimens of the same variety but that were collected under different planet influences and different regions that he used for different purposes. Dew was collected under different planet influences for certain illnesses. There are many things that create the reality that we percieve or effect the way we feel.

k 18th January 2012 6:36 pm

Awesome reading..."We have great psychoses, shared by multitudes of persons, such as fear or war, crime, sickness, poverty and death. Once we have been attacked by these fears, we become like them. We perpetuate negative thought and emotion forms, perserving our own bad habits by causing others to share them. Destructive thought patterns therefore organize into groups, and in each of these groups, there are millions of persons exemplifying the same destructive and morbid tendancies. These according to Paracelsus, result in collective thought forms, which will become attached to persons who make themselves available throiugh a basic kind of negation. The individual then simply becomes receptive to the pressures of his world, allows these pressures to move in, until he finally becomes another unit in the pressure-group, adding his negative influence to the already tragic condition."

Obviously Gillian, being a Light and holding a high vibration in such an enviroment is definately not for the faint of heart. I am not up to the challenge yet. :)

k 18th January 2012 6:58 pm

This is similar to Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious influencing our own unconscious. We are influenced by the vibrations of the people, planets, and whatever else. I felt that there was a bad vibration in the desert last month. It was in the ground, the rats, some of the people, the plants. I was not perpared and I absorbed it like a sponge making me more aware of the fact that I need to clean up my act so I will not be an easy victim for what Paracelsus considered vampires. Being exposed to one makes you one unless you are able to resist it. Still demons in my closet and a bad habit that needs to be dealt with.

zorro 18th January 2012 9:47 pm

Complaining in 2012.

Thank you for the first true oxymoron of the new era! I share your pain, because I have it in my world too, and sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry. But it is all good!

Complaining is like urinating. Feels great to the one doing the pissing and moaning. They feel relieved, don’t they? But it feels awful to the one getting relieved on. Oh, the challenges of this path!

Here we are in the most exciting times ever, and it coincides with drawing out the real human nature along with the divine nature in us for resolution. The wheat and the tares. Guess it goes with the territory, and we are all facing it in some form. That being said, I think it is very cool that you balance your very real spiritual side with running a furniture store and serving your 3-D world in that way, as well. And, you get to infuse your special medicine right where it counts in the general whiney public…ripples out in many directions…never underestimate this!. LOL! Service with a smile!!! And they are going to like it! You, are making the difference in your world. Salute!

Loki 23rd January 2012 5:53 am

This was a great reminder. We are mastering our own consciousness, yet so often we feel "normal", complaining, commiserating,because it seems like everyone does that. We don't need to beat ourselves up for our habits, and conditioning, but we really ought to practice developing the awareness, the witness, of how we are operating, and therefore what we are creating. This message coincides exactly with the lesson I'm getting with my guides these days. To me, it looks like they are helping us streamline some of the useless drag on us so that we can glide more smoothly through our experiences. After all, the truth about us is we are pieces of God, coming home to the knowledge of our Self. Thanks Gillian!!!

COBALT 25th January 2012 4:39 pm

BIG YES!! See the roses, not the thorns. :smitten: