In 2021 the Universe Finally Expands To Fit Its Glorious Self

In 2021 as the universe finally expands to fit its glorious self it asks all of its creations to become more as well; to receive more, to create more, and to be more. It pushes itself past previous hindrances into a place of clarity. A great cosmic pulse beats within the galactic heart and IS HEARD throughout the Universes. Declarations of expansion thru all the contractions are heard loud and clear through time and space.

Every thought is as a time piece that commands your immediate attention. Each minute that passes is as a cosmic gift certificate to be spent at the place of choice on the street of desire. Quantities and denominations of this gift certificate are structured and defined to fit earth and her life credits. As the pulse of light strengths in proportion to desired outcomes it moves its awareness forward thru time to look at each and every one of its creations. Seeing how they are spending their life force wisely or foolishly? Benefiting the all or just paying homage to self.

What is less than in time and value is multiplied and extended. Choices are blatantly seen for what they are. Hiding anything is not an option. An evolutionary wave in direct proportion to the creators pulse is felt as the bio-circuitry of all life awakens. Time once obstructed is seen as elastic, bending time forward or backward takes the same force. As mankind changes his awareness of space and time he will release himself from the shackles of past limitations in thinking. The molecules of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are marching thru time and space as we speak, without hesitation.

Stars and galaxies live within the human body and DNA. They are stellar captives of matter who are asking to be set free. Let the universe living within you become its true worth, reach its fullness in time, as you too seek to understand your true value. The universe is moving forward with or without you. New bio-luminance conceptions are coming to the surface of time creating opportunities for the light to express itself. Completion of the old programs begins quickly as the new codes are issued to humanity via the cosmic pulse. All is amplified as light ebbs and flows.

Thought forms of light are ingathered, reevaluated and transmitted to create new worlds. All will be accountable of how they have spent there light. A great gift awaits those that have been strong enough to stay on the path of light during its involution and evolution. The gifts of what is holy will come to a place of saturation and ripeness. Light consciousness from a freestanding source will be conveyed allowing a higher intelligence to be imbued upon those that seek to know. Old ways of thinking will be dissolved and many out dated limitations with them. Divine seeds that have been afraid to sprout now take root in this higher atmosphere of light that houses a deep collective love. By living in a place of light wearing a garment of love humanity will be able to move past the space time fences to a place of new energy codes which will bring a fulfillment that cannot be attained any other way. Messengers of light come to liberate man from a linear existence, opening doors of time (past and present) so humanity can get a clear look at the choices to be made. Mankind will once again be shown how to save itself from a self induced bleak future.