It Is Time To Release The Pain In Your Heart

We herald from the Star and the System of Light known as Arcturus.  We hold keys to Time Gates that are being given issuance to open.  These Time Gates herald situations of healing for all of humanity.  The Time Gates occupy a space which holds unto all that it serves.  As the Time Gates are unlocked, what once served you will be released into a flow that moves away from you.  Everything that you have held unto emotionally, physically and mentally is now given a decree to be released. 

It is time to heal.  It is time to release the pain in your heart.  It is time to let go.  It is time to forgive.  It is time to love, deeper, fuller, more beautifully than you ever have thought.  The Time Gates have held your thinking in a formatted structure that has served humanity up until now.  As long as you had the security of the four walls and the ceiling to rely upon, you were not afraid.  As the constructs of invisible walls and ceilings are released from you emotionally and mentally, you are then free to fly home into your original source thought.

The walls in your heart, the walls in your life, in your automobile, in your home, in your thinking – have all served you.  They have lovingly served and limited you.  They have kept you looking at the same scenarios over and over again, never refreshing what you thought in the past, always bringing it to the future, to the now, chewing and re-chewing what you created as truth. 

Imagine a world where you own nothing and yet you have everything. There is never envy or jealousy towards another --- for each individual has the same inherent ability to create.  A place where each passing thought creates whatever you need.  Imagine a world where nothing is concealed and all is seen.   Imagine a world where you as a community decided upon the weather patterns, where you as a community decided upon how crops, trees, flowers  would grow and what elements would be inherent within them.  This is a scene taken from Arcturus.  This can be your future if you choose wisely. 

Imagine a world where with a single thought, you could create any healing action that you needed or wanted. Imagine a world where you could see your past/present/future in one sitting. See all the expressions of yourself, all apexes, all mistakes, all loves and angers in situations time after time. Enabling you to choose with full knowledge, and a full heart, your next expression of self.  Imagine a world where you thirsted for knowledge as water. You have explored and experienced all the knowledge of your realm and you seek knowledge from other dimensions and spheres of existence. Seeking knowledge, seeking wisdom, seeking truth from place after place, star after star, experience after experience.  Creating love in places that never knew of love.  Heart in places that had no heart.  Joy in places that had never felt it. 

Your bodies were formed from the stars and they yearn to go home. Allow us to lift you back into the stars while your feet are still on the earth.  Allow us to stretch your humanness beyond its boundaries, complications, angers and its sadness.  Allow us to retrieve for you the knowledge that you seek, the answers that you need.  See us as a cosmic search engine of sorts. 

We stretch ourselves to answer what needs to be answered.  We are not Gods.  We are not grander than you are, but we are your potential, as you are our past.  Strive to become more and in that striving, you will expand your consciousness and your ability to perceive worlds beyond worlds.  See us as those that come to help you heal.  We ache as we watch you trip upon yourselves.  There are so many blocks within your consciousness that you trip over day after day like land mines. They explode as rage in your heart.

You have forgotten the declaration, “We the People.”  You the people of earth must stand up for your future.  Stop bending to the needs and the wants of a world that manipulates you on every level.  Receive your power.  This time, this day, ask to be empowered with your divinity, with the pinnacle of your humanness, and the star that lives within your heart.  Do not let others decide your future.  

The reason that so many star systems will eventually come to earth on every level is that there are many cracks within your world. Not the fissures or fault lines of the earth but cracks within your relationships, your marriages, and your integrity.

Your earth declares its vulnerability.  Earth is open for all to enter her because she is not healed within herself she is falling apart as are you.  You are not together in your hearts.  You are not together in love, and you are not together in peace as a world or as a family. There is separateness, as a state as a country as a continent, and as a world; there are great deep crevices of separateness.  That is what draws others to earth to take her over, to use her. 

If you stood together as a planet, this would not happen.  A microcosm of that macrocosm that was needed initiate standing together was officiated in your 911 emergency situation. The world stood together for a moment, for a day, for 24 hours.  Everything stopped and life became holy, life became sacred.  We do not want to see you come to that point as a planet, not just two buildings – but as a planet.  Unite in your effort, continually with each other.  Take that extra step toward a neighbor, toward a friend that has betrayed you, towards a family member that disagrees with you.  Take that extra step.  Just starting with the hands of those that read this, begin to wind yourself around earth. 

We are the Arcturians.  Our message brings frown lines to your faces but brings truth to your heart.  That is the place that it shall dwell.  Call upon us to assist you in healing. You are blessed.  Live that!


k 27th September 2011 4:56 pm

You speak of the unity consciousness of a soul group creating as one mind. Thank you, it helps me remember what lays beyond this external world that I sense, but is not real. This letting go of the external world these past couple of weeks has been accompanied with a tremendous fight with my ego and an extreme anger. A part of me does not want to let go, so it is angry at the world I sense with my senses because it has and will not be what I want it to be. My ego wants to hang on to it and it wants it to be better, but it will not be and I know it. I have to let go of it and stay in my internal world, the real world, and let go of the illusion of the external world. But, the ego still wants to hold on and is putting up a great fight. The battle between the Higher Self and the ego, but I know my Higher Self has decided she will win this fight, even if she has to make the external world reject me in every way. As I stand alone in the external world, I find I am forced to seek in my inner world for love and solace.

k 27th September 2011 5:08 pm

"If you desire to find the Supreme, you must free your thoughts of all impressions coming from the external world, purify your mind of all figures, forms, and shapes.
Why does not the soul remain in that state of light? Merely because she has not yet freed herself fully from the attractions of matter. If she has become entirely free of these attractions, she will remain in that light, and know that she is one with it.
A soul which sinks into illusions degrades herself, and enters the region of evil and darkness; but the exalted soul enters into herself; she is then neither in a state of being nor of non-being, but in one which is inconceivable and above all being.'
What I sense with my senses is a projection of my mind and is all illusion, the real world does not lay out before me, it is inside. The outside of the cave is acctually inside, and the inside of the cave is outside of me. But, still my ego would like for me to remain with my attention in the external world that does not exist.

k 27th September 2011 6:01 pm

At this stage, I am like Frodo, "Standing alone naked in the dark". As I understand that I am alone surrounded by energy that my mind controled by my ego, projects upon. The only light is from the Divine spark in me. Take away that light, and I am truly standing in a dark void of energy. Like Frodo, I hold on to the ring, I do not want to let it go, but there are forces that will take it away from me against my will and result in it being destroyed. The process of being stripped of all the attachments in the external world, forcing one to let it go, and turn to the internal world. Even if it is against our will, it will happen. After, this, we will know it was for the best. The power of the ring and the evil it carries will end and we will be free.

amberhill 28th September 2011 12:29 am

Thank you for the wonderful reminder.
Here too, have had some serious anger releases. And ego wants to hold onto it saying: you should resolve it!
The holy ego! Promts to focus on the situation when all is needed is a dive into the internal source of Now, of The Light.

Let us all dive and swim with joy.

k 28th September 2011 2:07 am

amberhill, I have wondered if I am the only one. One person suggests it is the energies coming into the world at this time. The intensity of this anger and ego battle reminds me of Armageddon. Maybe it is a release of anger from the pain of the past, but it also about letting go of the final pieces the external world and all hope of it being better. It is the final stages of the dying process, just before acceptance. It is understanding that there is nothing in the material world that I want, even if it were to, by a miracle become perfect, I just want to be free of it. I feel like the Buddha must have felt, when he sat down under the Bodhi tree determined to not get up until he reached enlightenment. A bit ticked off because inspite of all the sacrifice and suffering he was not able to achieve his goal. The goal to be free of the Demiurges kingdom.

k 28th September 2011 2:50 am

At this point, the battle being over, the only thing that matters to me, is my connection to God. I see everything around me in the external world as illusion and insignificant. The love from that connection can not be compared to anything I have known before. I know as long as I keep my attention on that Light and Love, I will not be pulled back into the concerns over matter. I will not have the need for food or other material items. I will be self contained. Just a light walking through the darkness of the Demiurge's kingdom, but untouched by him.

Rhiannon 28th September 2011 7:49 am

Thank-you for this important and timely message...much appreciated :smitten: