Necessary Creativity

Enter The Gateway of The Muse!

The Muse were birthed to inspire creativity, music, writing, art, and just pure inspiration! The year that comes will be a year of grandness and a-muse-ment as humanity enters a doorway of necessary creativity, at a level never before embraced. You will go amusing in your life as a butterfly that dances from flower to flower, stem to stem, pistil to pistil gathering, gathering, and gathering some more. The Universe gives this a-musement to humanity as a much-needed relief from pressure. 

Opening the doorway to the Muse so that humanity can heal their inner turmoil and trauma. Using the healing modality of creativity, song, dance, movement, writing, creating with the hands, with words that are written, with words that are spoken, and words that are held deep within the heart that for so long have wanted to see the light of day!

The Muse comes to all of earth to gather around each everyone of you. You must invite them in, if they are to assist you in the healing process. Allow your inner child to finally be free. Open the doorway to your heart where they have stayed in silence for far too long. Bring forth from within you the creative gifts you have sequestered away from this lifetime as well as others.

Remember when you were a potter, when you were a healer, when you were a scribe. Remember when the music of the spheres sang through you? The Muse assist you in drawing out with a healing salve, what has been painful, what has been hidden. Many of you have not allowed your full potential to be experienced. You have been as an eternal bud, a flower that has never opened fully into their sweetness, into their beauty, into their potential, and into their heart.

Even those of you who are in relationships, in love, in marriage have not allowed yourself to enter fully into love. You have not allowed yourself to give fully of yourself in heart, in commitment. What you hold back, from yourself and those you love poisons you. You must give of yourself as if you are the last grain of wheat and your life and heart is the farmer. Allow your heart to be harvested in full. Your bounty is love.

Each of you has the potential to sing as an angel. To recite poetry that will drop Kings and Queens to their knees in humbleness. To write a truth that will liquefy the soul of another. Each of you has the potential to move as the wind and dance in your life and let your body no longer be weighty, strained and stressed, but fluid and flowing and beautiful. Embrace the freedom and sacredness of it all. Shed false pretenses and allow yourself to become one with nature.

Nature will be your great Healer in the next sequence of time. Allow the Earth, the animals, the sand, the plants, the water, the fire, and the wind to embrace you. For the Muse are not just musical and poetic and song full. The Muse hold within them ancient secrets that have been dormant for far too long. Creativity may come in a recipe that you create for another that is sick of life, sick of body, sick of heart. As you stir the muffin mix or the cookie batter, place within it, grand doses of healing, handfuls of love, and pinches of peace, all ingredients of the soul.

All of Earth asks you to express what is hidden and separate within your being. You have sequestered away what you have forgotten. Remember when you were a child and you would pretend. You would pretend to be a mommy or a daddy. You would pretend to be a nurse or a doctor. You would pretend that you could fly with or without a plane. You would pretend that you were the Queen and the Princess. You were pretending your heart’s desires. As you grew older, that pretending became pretentious and you forgot how to play, how to sway with the music, and clap when you were excited, and jump up and down when you were filled with joy. You walked instead of skipping and talked instead of singing. You have forgotten the magic. All of earth has a great heaviness in their heart waiting for your remembering. As the Muse are released so is the energy of Faith, of Hope, and Charity. These angelic beings come to earth as mother earth asks for their presence (presents). Ask for the presence (presents) of more faith, more hope, more charity, and more love to come into your heart and life.

The essences of the Muse and the Angels dance all around you, all the time. They cannot enter your life, no matter how hard they knock unless you open the door to them, in your heart, in your mind, and in your words.

Invite in Faith where there is none. Send Faith where there is none. Invite in Hope when you feel you cannot go on one more day. Wrap it in love and Give it to another. Invite in Charity, to home and hearth. Many need to heal with those that are your blood and your kin. Invite in Love, for even though you think you have it, you have but a small fragment of the being of Love. Invite in a Love that is bigger and grander than all other Loves. Let love come in and stretch its golden wings around everything lifting up those whose hearts are closed – to a higher love.

Let the Muse whisper the longings that you once had as a child, and have forgotten. You have wrapped yourself in the swaddling clothes of an adult. You have closed the corridor and strangled your childlike qualities. There is a little child in everyone, no matter how old and wrinkled they may be. Allow your heart to open to these people that feel like a little abandoned child. Send Faith, Hope, and Charity and love to them.

Let everyone know that they are loved, because everyone is feeling very unloved at this time on planet earth. Everyone is feeling abandoned, abandoned by God, abandoned by hope, abandoned by faith, and abandoned by charity, and most of all, abandoned by love. Ask the energies of Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love to walk with you throughout your day. Allow these beautiful beings to be One with you. Touching everyone you pass, sprinkle them with fairy dust creating a twinkle in their heart, eye and future.

I am an Angelic Being that speaks for the Muse and Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love. I have not a name, only a sound, a color, and a twinkle, but you can feel me. Listen to these words in your heart and then stretch them to fit everyone in your world. I leave you with Peace on Earth.