Summer of 2018

As we enter the summer of 2018 and all of the teachings she has to offer we are asked to strive to become more than ever before. To honor our human selves not seeing them as a pack mule or Sherpa for your human needs. You will be stretched into all the roles you have played in your earthly incarnations. You are asked to become the healer, you are asked to become the scholar. The shaman, the priest, the priestess. You are asked to become all that you have shirked. You are being pulled away from your comfortable personal line in the sand and taken to a new beach with  seamless sand.

This 2018 summer asks you to increase the belief factor in yourself and your abilities. To redesign your self in a collage of life imitating art in all of its beauty and smooth flowing lines. You are asked to step up to the plate and sup upon what is needed to be done, let it fuel your life force.

As we enter the time of light that has been prophesied by many we are asked to reposition our original thinking about the polarity and multi-dimensional aspects of this earthen plane. We as humans have been stretched to opposite ends of the poles and opposite ends of ourselves and souls, as we travel around and around again in our thinking .trying to find the right path forward and out of confusion.

Declaring what it is we want, who we intend to become, and what we believe in, out loud for all to hear embodies a great light. The great emergence demands a mergence with itself first calling all parts back into the whole, Allowing fractions of truth to unite with the common denominator.

All text has phrases and verses that hold encoded messages that seem to confuse the senses.  Like a timeless paper based A.I. encoding, they relay messages and insights of times to come. Just like Tesla’s electrical wisdom this broadcast is free of restraint and cost. The emergence creates a clarion call that demands all parts of the whole to reunite and reinvent them-selves into a new light that has a greater spiritual value.for all of Earth.