Taking a Zen Stance

Welcome, dear ones.  It may not seem appropriate that my presence comes on such a vast day but I am White Buffalo Calf Woman and I come to welcome you to this portal of creation that you have entered in to.  The higher echelons of light that you represent have not walked upon the Earth in such vast humanness.  In the past when your presence was here, you wore a different octave and vibration of light.  You were not human of nature, you were Light of experience and stellar in vastness.  Now you have the unique opportunity and ability to walk as a creational portal in human form knowing that every octave of your manifestation ability is present with you at all turns and minutes of your day. 

You are able to manifest in a continual pattern as a rollercoaster never coming to an end within itself embracing all the ups and the downs without fear.    You have a unique ability to move yourself beyond the dilemmas and subterfuge that surrounds you at this time.  You have what it takes to lift the world into a place of open eyes even though other senses may be closed. 

At this time in the place of China of your world a great portal opens.  The energies of the Chinese people are aligned with the dragon clan and the dragon vibrations from time immortal and time beginning.  This was a reptilian race – a race of serpentine beings with very little emotion and great power.  In ancient times they married the dragons as the giants once married the biblical fair maidens so the great healing that comes upon you as you see all the circles that are entwined as one is the healing of an ancient energy that suppressed emotion, individuality, and creativity. 

As the dragon was unleashed at the Olympics there will be many upheavals rippling in the elements of the air, of fire, of water and of earth.  As all the sleeping dragons from the deep seas to those that are interwound in the mountains. to those that hide above the clouds will come forth in this celebration.  In Chinese royalty a dragon is seen as a great symbol – a reign, not of terror, but of power.  All teachings are based upon this reign of power.  All teachings are based upon synchronistic events and movements of hand, of body, of ideas into a perfect communist nation where freedom of thought and self is limited. 

As your eyes are upon these events that transpire and the creational portal that opened upon Earth, it is important for you to embrace in the fullness of your being, your freedom and all those that have paid the price to keep your free in your thinking without your words being censored, without your movement being stopped.  Imagine a place where you were only allowed to go in this town’s perimeter and around that town was a great wall and the energy of the great wall kept you contained, always in the paddock of redundancy and repetitive patterns. 

As these people from that part of your Earth break free from those restrictive patterns and all of Earth comes to view them, a great rising of freedom and call to freedom will announce itself.  What they display is synchronistic energies, a higher consciousness, and a collective consciousness where all movements are exactly the same.  Imagine in your world if everyone of you were exactly the same and you did not have the freedom to wear what you wanted, to move how you wanted, to be individual of enterprise. 

It is these thoughts that arise to the surface as the ancient dragon raises their energies and their heads to show the trueness of their purpose.  There is also a great soul release that will happen as all those that died and were buried in the Great Wall of China now rise to go home in spirit and in light.  As the world looked upon these events these energies announced a release that was so deep in the bowels of earth that the earth herself will shift and fret and be somewhat in shock. 

The release is as a mother that gives birth when it is not time.  She has no control over when that event will happen and the birthing has occurred on the vibration of 888 allowing all individuals of planet Earth to come to the next octave of their own freedom and their own light.  When you viewed these events as each Olympian strives to be the very best also remember where these events originated from times of ancient Greece and ancient Rome.  Those energies themselves and the portals connected with them will also be released.  The energy of  Mt Vesuvius will also clear during this time period and the energy of Mt. Fiji in Japan. there will be eruptions between now and the time of November.  All of these earth-shaking events come to announce that a deep cellular clearing is happening to Earth herself and  all her inhabitants.  This is the last of what needs to be released on a global level. 

In this there is a possibility of a great pool of death.  Understand these individuals are asked to move into the higher Escalon’s of light and assist in pulling up the next level of vibration. This does have a similarity to your 9/11 events but may not be upon United States soil.  The vibration of this may come from a natural event but as you know all natural events are tied to the emotions of the world and what they view as just. 

If you have abasements in your heart it is at this creational portal within yourself that you will be asked to send as much love and angelic assistance and healing before the fact and not after.  Anything that draws you to it in thought, in action, is asking for your assistance for the person, place or thing.  Understand this to be true. 

I come as an energy that is saying at this intersection of time and space and the temperature of the planet and the human emotions there is a possibility of this. I ask that you assist in shifting this in every act and every reaction, bless all outcomes.  Ask for the discipline that these athletic individuals have housed day after day, hour after hour, year after year to strive in a Zen stance and to hit the mark. 

Open the doorway to these upcoming months from now to the end of the year to allow everything within you that wants to be set free to be able to grow wings and fly home.  Allow every dream that wants to be birthed a place to land and allow yourself the gift of forgiveness for you.  All the thoughts that you have about any person, place or daily events never leave you. The thoughts you send out are carbon copies and you always keep the original scripts.  It is time for you to let go of these energies.  Censor your thoughts.  Look at individuals from the eyes of a master, not the eyes of a confused human and you will find that your day is as soft and as smooth as a meadow. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman and I thank you for allowing yourself to open to all possibilities from this time forward.  


Cauac 21st September 2008 10:18 am

This is an interesting and shocking prediction. I had the understanding that the White Dragon energy was to enter this month but in all my teachings the White Dragon Energy is the highest form of Healing Energy that a human can atain. This maybe a healing event but I don't see the benifits or the full out come stated. Are you refering to another form of the dragon? I would like you to expand on this topic.
Thank You

Darlene 21st September 2008 11:11 am

My feeling is that Gillian is suggesting that we have an opportunity to over-ride the magnitude and/or the event of a global "adjustment", (referred to as catastrophy) through releasing our long held restrictions before the event(s) happen. Meditation after your release is so utterly strong, free of filters of bondage and fear, that we can alter the severity of any situation. Realize that those souls that are/maybe affected have freely agreed to their sacred contract...it demonstrates (to us) the magnificance of our Christ selves and truley opens the heart. Gaia (our planet) is in need of healing and these "adjustments" may be what she needs. Honor and cherish her and the individuals who have helped, before, "if" during, and certainly after. We still live in "linear reality", but quantum physics has proven that events that become our past can indeed be changed in the now. So let's be strong, release the fear and support Gaia and her inhabitants no matter what. We have already started for the best outcome, thank-you for the information and the questions that helped me to think.