Teachings of Cicada

The universe always has an interesting way to present its wisdoms. Living tucked in the side of mountain in east Tennessee always has its teaching. Just recently I woke up to the loudest noise I have ever heard ‘in these here hills’. I texted the farmer neighbor next place over and asked him if he could hear the noise, he texted back and said you mean the cicadas? I thought holy moly what a powerful energy these cicadas were, The noise was so loud echoing off the holler I thought it was like 50 emergency vehicles gathered for some global emergency. So yes the Cicada has been a spirit totem for many of us.

Every 17 years the vibration of the Cicadas come to give us a big reminder and teaching. Their wakeup call serves as a direct calling to people who need to come out from hiding and break free, “to shed the old skin”. The Cicada shows a person’s ability to be reborn as a new, better individual. Cicada teaches you how to identify your authentic voice, all the while helping you embrace transformative moments in your life.  When the Cicada comes into your awareness as a Spirit Animal, a time of emergence is at hand. You can no longer hide underground or sit on the sidelines. It’s time to stand up put on your big girl panties and work on self-development.

Cicada hums about the past, metamorphosis, and changes yet to come. It is time for shaking off the restrictions imposed by self or others. Cicada signals shedding your old skin, the process will be a little uncomfortable at first. Examining elements of your past requires a lot of honesty. Once you release the old ways, like the Cicada, you re-emerge and blossom. Cicada challenges you to work on your communication skills, to find your true voice, something to carry forward into the world that beats to the rhythm of your heart.