The Gift of Prophecy

Throughout time and history there have been seers, visionaries, prophets.  Those that saw the future then proclaimed it to the peoples of their land.  Their words were physically and energetically written in stone, carved on a cave wall, and handed down on papyrus scrolls.  They looked to the stars, to the bones, to the reflection in the waters for their truths.  They called upon their ancestors, in every type of ceremony, ritual, prayer imaginable.  They sacrificed fair maidens, goats, calves, and even themselves to be able to see even one grain of the future possibilities.

The gift of Prophecy was worshipped, it was held sacred, it has been immortalized in text and tradition.  Temples were erected, towers were built, and land was sanctified. We are taught by our books, our media, our spiritual leaders that the ancient prophecies would come to past, must come too past!  It was our destiny, divine providence, and our job to make sure the prophecies came to be.  We were the midwives, making sure they were birthed into our world on schedule, not too soon, not too late, but exactly as they had been written ALL of all of that changed.  What was once thought to be truth cannot within stand the energies that come in this next sequences of light and eclipses. 

We are all in the process of psychically becoming the prophets.  Each one of us by our own personal truths, and intentions, has cleared the landing field of the past karmically for ourselves and most of our family. We all stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, in our intentions of creating a world that goes beyond any ancient limiting prophecies. Together we have changed the past and are in the process of changing the future. 

You will feel the surge of Oneness in your heart as we line up for the next generation of Light, from July 7 to August 8. 2009.  Entering and exiting thru 3 eclipses that are holding hands, we will be doing a dangerous circus act with great precision. It is here ,We will finally meet our own hearts! 

Our future greatly depended on our actions in the now.  Two-together make a stronger con-nect (and reconnect) allowing an electronic charge that was not present before to be used to climb a little higher, shine a little brighter. If we could only believe as One Heart anything and everything was possible!

We will continue with more eclipses, more conjunctions, more alignments, and more ancient prophecy to be dissolved and replaced with the vibration of Love.  Inch by inch, thought by thought, we are to move ahead thru the stellar debris.

The gift of prophecy chomps at the bit as she rears her head and asks you to get on. As the energies are lined up been august 8 and July 7, lay yourself down a template of intention something physical; holding the vibration of what you have pledged to do, to be to become. A place that cannot be broken for it vibrates in your heart.

·  2009 Jul 07: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

·  2009 Jul 22: Total Solar Eclipse

·  2009 Aug 06: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

·  2009 Dec 31: Partial Lunar Eclipse