The Land of ME

In times of confusion and uncertainty the human heart opens with a determined resolution as it unfurls its light like a great banner strewn across the heavens. Humanity stands tall in their unity when there is deaths, atrocities, pain and suffering. But as time passes and the pastures of their life is no longer in danger, they turn their face from the peace that was so important a day ago, a week ago and drive down the road parking in the ‘land of Me’.

The ME performs its daily duties as it pushes its way to the front of lines, to the front of traffic, to the front of everything. Then without a moments notice another doorway of tragedy opens and the ME is humbled and it falls to its knees and it turns upside down and becomes WE. The essence of ME and the essence of WE are opposite sides of the same energy. When everything is running smoothly no cosmic bumps it is a Me..Me..Me awareness. When everything is upside down it is a WE consciousness. Unite ‘WE’ must, is what the world declares vocally– but that declaration does not stick as the daily emotional weather changes. The emotional weather is flippantly cast, as seed that is cast to the wayward wind. The grass grows around ME and withers around WE.

In the days of old, you stood tall thru all shadows of self and demanded fairness. You were not fearful in being heard. Do not allow your blocked consciousness to get you to the conclusion of a pasture that closed off by rocky conclusions. When the hairs upon your body raise a red flag – listen. Pay attention to what is around you. Do not sleepwalk through your life, but listen. For what affects one, affects ALL. You have been given the 'gift of Realization'. You cannot crouch in the corner fearful in fear. Your world can easily be turned upside down – how easy it is to manipulate a human heart. We ask you not to be powerful in who you are and in what you know to be truth. Look to your future with clear eyes as you see what unfolds before you. Do not be blind to the real worlds.