The Pleiadians Speak

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. On this day we come forth into your being and into your energy field and into your heart and your awareness. We bring forth the essence of truth – undiluted, untainted raw truth. Truth is what you all seek and truth is what will be issued to you as you walk into more and more of your true essence.

For many years you have hidden from yourself. You stand behind the door looking through the crack at your life, being afraid to fully immerse yourself into life. You do not come here to sit on the sideline, to stand in the bleachers, to hide behind the doors. To come into this life to experience it 100%, to open up every inch of you that has been closed, to feel it in fullness, to let the passions, the juices of life flow through you.

You oft times are afraid of what your heart and your soul and your humanness ask you to do. Your humanness says to walk up to that individual and say hello and your knees quake and shake and you piddle yourself, as fear becomes your companion. Why are you afraid to walk forward and introduce yourself to the very love of your life?

Everything in you screams that you hate where you live, yet do you take one step forward into changing your experience? Do you love where you are planted? Do you bless the land that you reside upon? No, you cuss and you turn your face from it in disgust as the weeds grow higher, the appliances break and the walls peel in remorse because you do not love what you have created. It is a time of loving where you are planted. From that point of loving, from that center of your universe, move forth fully into what your heart desires.

You think your time on earth is so elongated, but in the universal scheme of time, it is but a blink – half of a day and it is done. You sit in the higher realms as you pass over and you cry and you mourn. You mourn what you were afraid to do while you were on earth in human form. You mourn the loves that you were afraid to walk into. You mourn because you feared life. Life is not your jailer. Earth is not a prison. It is but a grand amusement park and you are afraid to ride the rides. Most times you are afraid to ingest the sweetness of the cotton candy of your life. It is too good, it is too sweet, it can’t be good for me, it can’t be lasting, it can’t eternal, and it certainly can’t be Godly.

It is time for all of you to hold your arms open wide and embrace what is yet to come. For your days of time have shortened. You no longer have the gift of time in the package of 24. Time shortens. Your life quickens, You stand still, paralyzed with fear like a deer in the headlights, afraid to move forward, afraid to move backward, afraid to move at all. Your life shows that. Your wallet shows that. Your heart shows that, your cars, your yards, and your jobs show that.

As humans you are Gods in disguise. You represent the Gods in the skies and yet – you see not your power, you see not your abilities, and you see not your future. You are blinded by your own light. You wait for the writing on the walls to explain to you the next step of the journey. But the next step of the journey is described and decreed by your own motions and emotions. When you deny your emotions, there is no motion in your life. Your car stands still. Your body stands still. Your paychecks stand still. Your very dreams stand still. Open up to explore the New World of you. You are all like Christopher Columbus on the very last day of sailing by the maps. You have come to the edge of your world. You have come to the edge of your expectations. Will you fall off? Will you be eaten alive? Will you lose yourself? We certainly hope that you will lose yourself?

Immerse yourself in this next leg of your journey. For what abounds before you is beyond you're conceptual understanding of time and space. Every cell of your body bursts forth as it remembers its stellar origin. You are off the maps. You are off the GPS units. You are off the screens and the satellites cannot find you. You are expanding faster than the speed of light, if you choose. The more that you hold tight to a state of motionlessness, the more your life will scream at you. Your life screams for its life, it screams at you in despair, it screams at you in sadness, and it screams at you in pain.

Open up this threshold for the marriage of heaven on earth is announced. You are the bride and you are the groom and you are the aisle and you are the cake and you are the minister. You walk into a threshold of your future. The future needs you the human to move it. Without you, nothing moves – nothing advances, nothing evolves, nothing ascends into the higher levels of light until the humanness moves forward.

Earth is not meant to be hard. Humanness is a divine point of origin. Life is a gift. Flesh is a gift. Air is a gift. You are a gift. People in your life come to you because you call them to you energetically, spiritually, psychically, and not randomly. There is no one that is in your life other than by your appointment. Love what you have created and let it love you. Honor what you have created. Honor whoever is in your heart, whoever is in your household, and whoever is in your life.

Love this point of creation that you are that you will be, and that you are becoming. The future is up to you. You hold not just the future of your own microcosm, your own minimal existence. But you hold the future of the entire universe that waits for you. Time waits for no man. Time waits for all of mankind.

Each step you take into your fearlessness, each thing that you do that you do in love -- no matter how small, ripples out and touches the universe. A great applause is held and heard throughout the Universe. You took one step forward into fear, into love, into the future. You said, "I do not want to be in this job, or this relationship, or this home, or this vehicle, or this place. I want to be in someplace I honor and honors me." And you stepped away fearlessly. You stepped off the mountainside knowing you could fly without fear.

Your life beckons you. You are not being called into something that is a quicksand. You are being called into a Point of Light that is excited about you being there, that welcomes you into a place that humanity as a whole has never ventured. Jacob’s Ladder of Light is right here. You are already 3 rungs up the ladder. There is not a giant at the top that is going to eat you and push you down. Only you will greet you in your extended light.

What we come to say to you, in a rather serious tone, is that we need you to be in love. Not just with a person, or a body, or a new car – but with your every experience. We need you to like what you do first, to like whom you live with, and to like your family. And then eventually when you are brave, to venture down the corridors of love. We need you to like yourself, because without liking yourself, you can never get to loving yourself. We need you to do that. Honor the vastness of your being and let life honor you. There are no coincidences. There are no mistakes. You are divinely proportionate with what your experience is. You create the ratio of light to dark.

Open up your heart to this next level of your experience. The entire Universe needs you. We are the Pleiadians; more serious then usual and you know how we feel about that. We enjoy playing with you, but there is a time to play and a time to contemplate the future. Whatever you yearn for – become it. Whatever you wish for – let it be an experience. Stop wishing for it – live it. Allow life to come into you and you to come into life, without regrets, without angers. At this time we leave. Open up yourself to receive these truths on whatever level you are capable. You are vast vast beings that we salute. You are braver than we -- as you incarnated at this time of transition and ascension. We hold the porch light on for you as you find your way home. We leave.


mifasolasi 31st October 2009 7:07 am

I am still breathless !! What an ispired message, one of the most activating messages I've red and felt.. :angel:
Pleiadian energy is so close to ours :angel: and their words are a strong beat for us to be empowered again.. to not stop in front of daily obtacles.. to go on faster with responsibility we commited to have in order to fullfil the mission.. :thumbs:
Thank you beautiful brothers and sisters from above :smitten:
Thank you Gillian :smitten:
Love :smitten:

joshua291185 31st October 2009 12:46 pm

thanks guys.

the colloquialism "guys" can include energies too, i suppose.

sprague 31st October 2009 3:00 pm

Well as my Mum use to say rattle your dags lol,get a move on lol. Yes a great message it was, just another nudge to re awaken our true selves from our slumber as the great masters would say , thank you Gillian & our other beautiful friends for this & other messages love to u & all.........xox

alise from finland 1st November 2009 5:44 pm

Wow! :D

So nice, beautiful and true message.

lisa marie 2nd November 2009 12:31 pm

:smitten: oh my, this message has a direct link into my heart :smitten:

Jules299 3rd November 2009 11:25 pm

WOW OH WOW! I read this aloud, and with a 'funny' accent - i think i had in mind what i had heard as Pleiadian accent /voice , but it felt very flowing and natural and enjoyable with a softly croaky sound and the content made me feel like an actor making a rousing speech, most enjoyable and so inspiring , - thank you!

WHAT is it that makes us so , well , procrastinating about making the most of life? the voice that said to me as a child ( my mother)'One day...' when i asked if i could do a certain thing. the voice that wants to keep things for 'best ' and never uses them.And so on. Can i follow this wonderful message? I hope so and want my life to be so. then there's my scepticism....but i can still 'make it so...'