The Teacher Crystals of 2010

In 2010 objects of crystalline nature open their hearts wide releasing their gifts of ancient truths and information. As earth gets closer and closer to 2012, when time itself is redefined, humanities part in the energy surge will continue to escalate.  The new crystals that are birthed come to give humanity a helping hand. They have a great memory value, as It takes approx. 10,000 years to grow one inch of quartz crystal.  These new crystalline structures are powerful and exact. They demand you listen to their teachings and sit in council with their truths The crystals of 2010 contain all of the hard data necessary to open portals of knowledge. As with all sacred objects that hold deep knowledge, “the secret protects its Self” and is neither easily found nor deciphered.  The crystals of 2010 are dimensional crystalline storage areas that connect to the morphogenetic fields where the galactic memory banks are stored. These crystalline morphogenetic imprints contain the entire living memory of the Universe.  They are a conduit through which data from the Ancient stellar texts can be downloaded.  The history of the universe then becomes available to those that have a high enough vibrational level to translate the data via their genetic code.

The Crystals Speak

We Are the Crystalline Teachers and have existed for uncountable years of your earthen time lines. We herald from beyond what you know as your heavens and have taken crystalline form so we could hold these truths and wisdom's solid until the day we could finally speak.  Long we have waited for a voice, a touch, and an appreciation of our form.  Just to be acknowledged has sent a multitude of light transmissions, telling those within our universe we have awakened. 

Your world has been experimental from the beginning.  It has housed many species on many dimensions and inclusions of light. They come from beyond the stars looking to hold a new form to learn more about themselves and what they perceive as the Creator.  We are such beings that chose to stay and assist the people of earth to be birthed into more awareness and then courage to use that awareness as a tool of light. 

We are celestial of nature beyond what you deem angelic or holy of recorded earth history.  The veils within us house our true form with a flash from a distant time.  Let your sense feast upon our pathways of stellar continence. We are different in height and width yet we are all identical in Light. On Earth does a tall man have more truth than a short man?  We are tailor made to fit your world as we have the ability to generate light in many spectral directions.

The Masters of Light that have walked earth and all of their soul-light aspects intend to use our crystalline nature as a doorway to embark upon a journey to alleviate mankind's self-induced suffering.  Cosmic rays from deep space come forth unannounced.  For what has exploded in all of its glory could be received no other way.  Traveling faster than the speed of light, they emanate from the central core of deep space and extend themselves to all that will receive them.

We are the living covenant that the stars have with earth.  Within us lives hope, 'we stand in the gap' for humanity's right 'to be' defending them against all odds. Within us a lighting will occur, as crystalline time capsules we share our heart.  We come to escort you into more experiences of light and sound and manifestation as we the Teacher Crystals preside over a planetary class.     We are living stellar libraries with knowledge too immeasurable to hold. We grant access to all that seek our council and it is there we sit in reverence of earth and her treausres. 

Our energy is transferable and multiplies with meditation and sound. Any crystalline object or liquid placed near us will align with our energies and thus our vibration will spread around the globe and out past the earth's energetic perimeter, our truths will change into a useable form, we travel on sound.

Look deep within for our monuments of hidden truths. We do not lift our veils for just anyone, only those of pure purpose and humble in their approach. You hold remnants of a vague memory that we will awaken as you come to terms with all that is holy and galactic within your self. We serve as an awakening device helping earth to remember the sequence of time events people hold within their personal coded DNA.

We align with the higher aspects of all consciousness escorting humanity into a place of empowerment while living in the flesh. We draw to us that which is from the deepest of space.  The stars use us as their instrument to assist humanity into Arcing more Light without need for rescue. We are a divine salutation to all that has come before earth. Stellar emanations seek us as a conduit for we are a living  Galactic Gateway, and a collection of rhythms from time immortal. We are a Great Light that has taken form to share its teachings, our worth, as yours is priceless.

Enter the secret doorway of that which has not been seen and let it reflect your own light. The secret passage has begun to unwind into a place of allowing entrance thus showing you more of who you truly are. Return home to your true source. Allow us to envelope you with a light that shines into all of your dark places. In this place of renewal awaken the memory of your true expression and then return to your walk of earth without fear and limitation.

The unknowable becomes seen in the halls of time. That which has been emptied now becomes full. Freeing itself from definition there is nothing to do there is nothing to let go of, you are simply free to explore all that you are. A shift of realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the nexus cornerstone where time and space meet and embrace you. All limitations are transformed in this expanded version of reality. Do you have the courage to quantum leap into this fluid point of possibility and swim with the big fish in the sea of the collective dream field? Your vessel of eternal self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts from 2010 to 2012. you are an instrument of light  that is being fine- tuned. 

The language of light from the stars comes to speak to you directly in a crystalline form that can be absorbed. No more encrypted codes that can only be deciphered by the gods but a new underlying simplicity to the pattern that untangles the secret of the DNA.  Taming that which was previously mustang with a soft hand and a loving whisper.  A new entrance is created in the old pathways as the higher vibratory light goes hand in hand with the new neuron functions that allow the dimensions to meld and become Seeable. All situations that have you coming undone are holograms of distortion projected by what feels a need to be seen. Problems come to move you through sections of time into a cleared aspect of your own truth.


missvindigo 18th January 2010 7:26 pm

Wonderful channel!! I love it! It's interesting, today I was having visions where I was using these giant crystals so maybe it is some sort of synchronicity!

Thank you for the lovely message,

netdragon 18th January 2010 9:56 pm

Good channel. Only thing that didn't pass my filter is that crystals saying they select who is in essence "allowed" to work with them. I would say that this is probably an interpretation of the message from the channeler. I would say the actual message is something more along the line that only people of a certain resonant vibration (of various vibrational levels) are able to tap into the energy directly (sans technology -- including electromagnetic machines, or alternately "magic" -- that holds the space for them). Only those that can modulate/tune their vibrational energies are able to have the correct resonant levels. That also ensures that a certain level of wisdom and knowledge is needed to access the information directly and thus generally protects from abuse (with exceptions). Furthermore, mankind has guarded the energies and that protection is being released to some degree.

Obviously, my response was more of a practical nature of "how" and not "why" and less of a general message. However, I thought it may be useful for people who want to delve deeper. To keep things simple, I believe the channel's interpretation was acceptable. The crystals will guide you on how to work with them, though for the inquisitive minds, it doesn't hurt to understand more of how it works at a metatronic level. That understanding, though making us no more "wise" than the atlantian or lemurian counterparts, will allow us to blend "physical" and "non-physical" in ways never before seen. The engineers of the world will have plenty of new "technology" to have fun with.