Thoughts for December 2017

This Christmas I asked to be used as Mrs Miracle, ‘she who dispenses miracles to those in need of one’. No matter how small of how seemingly insignificant the action, I followed the signs and inner prompting, while fussing the whole time with the cosmos about their choice of dispersion. I may be a star girl but I have spent the last 66 years on earth, (mostly) and I still think the meek should raise their heads and be heard in the halls of heaven.

Like a ringleader at a comic circus I followed the bouncing cosmic ball and shared that blessed info with others, and they too followed the Christmas sparkle as it led them down glittered alleys and into holy parking lots. We have all entertained the Angels this Christmas month unknowingly or maybe not!  Please ask to be a miracle giver to others even if it is you who really needs the miracle. Become the blessing you seek, give what you need most!

I sit tucked into the side of a blessed mountain that knows its purpose; it is alive and very animated even in the dormant teachings of winter. In this place, I hold many secret and sacred relics and teachings that seek to be shared. In 2018 new doorways of these teachings will activate and open.

Until the new opportunities arise from their sleep I mend nets when I cannot go to sea. This Christmas I glittered all of the universes demands of me, whether a dollar bill that was released randomly or a Christmas angel or card left on a car, the glitter came from deep in the Golden Heart of God. A place where the sacred heart and the immaculate heart share a space!

The ‘Sacred Heart is the Christ Heart and the Immaculate Heart is the Divine Mother Heart. The first sound Christ heard upon coming to earth was the heartbeat of the Divine Mother, his earth-heart Mother. The Divine Mother saw all that was to come in a moment’s notice and continued to birth what seemed impossible to do or bear in the future. When the sacred heart and the immaculate heart beat as one, they trigger a new cadence in God's heart as well. A familiar sound far off yet beckoning one to get closer.

The sound of home and hope and miracles waives thru the universe like sugar cookies doing the dance of the sugarplum fairies. The heart remembers home, no matter what form one may have taken, it is the heart that earth seeks to awaken. The very heart of the universe is summoned and the blending of the immaculate heart and the sacred heart are given as proof of what is desired by a planet that comes to its knees in this season of Giving and for-giving.