Thoughts from your Hostess of Light April 2015

As we move our very kicked cosmic butts away from the eclipses and the 4-4 doorway we look intensely into our selves seeing a deep shift that cannot be named or explained. Once again we are not who we were and we are not who we are becoming. Like a shape shifter we are caught mid-stream between a hard place and a slippery rock. How can one be so alone and yet to connected to everything in the universe?

The energy of the 4-4 came in like a razor sharp storm that cut right thru any and all illusion and perception. It stretched itself like a angry snake across all the lands and peoples that were to shift and allowed for the cleansing and opening of all that was whole and holy.

The land was cleansed as was the spirits of all that entered the 4-4 Magdalene portal. All that was hidden in time and circumstance is now slowly coming to the surface for all to see and sup from. Like a vessel of light, a chalice that asks to be  filled to the rim.  Every soul that ventured forth consciously into the vibration of the 4-4 energy cleansed their soul very deeply.  Letting their tears and past fears touch the soil and soul of earth, letting go for good. The very land gave forth a ‘heart mound’ to be seen and acknowledged as a place of great healing for eons to come.

As the Magdalene heart was opened into a place of healing on 4-4 a great wave of love washed upon the earth releasing a dove into flight. All of those that were living vortex’s ambassadors of light will find that they have shifted forever. Coming into power is not for the weak willed, for it asks much of one, as they walk thru the kingdom of their creations.

We cleared many planetary and human blocks in order to hold a higher truth and walk a brighter path. Our group souls were in agreement with this change.  Our group heart and eyes open to a brighter future filled with greater possibility. As we all go thru these shifts it is important to remember, ‘We cannot reach our highest potential on our own’, we always ‘need each other’ in order to move forward into a more light-filled future. When I give you all my truths then I empty out to receive more truths, and that is the way of the Universe.






cyndy 14th April 2015 12:38 pm

Oh yes your last paragraph is what I sensed.
"The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth." -Neils Bohr

spiritdiver 14th April 2015 11:34 pm

"How can one be so alone and yet to connected to everything in the universe?"

Exactly what I am processing at the moment. I just expressed this same question in my comment after reading Brenda's post of today, then cominging here to find the same message. There is undoubtedly an answer and a truth..with patience it will come to us.

Thank you for your insight, and loving work Gillian.