Thoughts from your Hostess of Light June 2015

Lately we have all walked thru many layers of fear as we come into more of our unearthed selves. Just like the shifting earth we do not remain the same for very long. We stand face to face with every inch of ourselves, knowing that our bodies are storage devices of unspent energies and unopened truths.

Energies are now being asked to be dissolved. Like jello sitting out on a hot day, we are all letting go and most of that has been liquid! Parts of ourselves surface like shifting sands and we come face to face with parts of our selves we have not known. We gasp as we see shades of our other selves making themselves seen. Even if you have released and released every darn lifetime/ past present an future, parts of our unknown selves surface, like we are releasing multidimensional lives not just one. The very matrix has shifted and humanities thoughts have risen in accordance with their desires.

Thoughts are living entities that seek themselves out, like to like. They gather and form into patterns of similarity. Some of these thoughts will take the form of virtual interference, technical glitches, others will form as unusual weather patterns. Do you ever notice that people that expect it to rain on their picnic can plan for it?

Many energies rise to the surface within self and others that are not very pretty to look at. Parts of ourselves and others are now seen in living color as well as black and white with no gray area. Part of the ‘ongoing Initiation’ demands that we stand and straddle the river of emotions and thoughts that have surged as of late. People we love gone in a blink, animals we had forever leave us alone and empty, marriages stretched to the braking point, everyone feels this force no exceptions.

Humanity runs so fast from anything and everything that hurts, they do anything to numb their emotions. Life is hard, and we are very soft. Many seek virtual soothing in the words of someone they never met. While in their very world no words are said. People 1000 miles away know you better than your own family.

The summer will reunite many parts of self that do not make sense now. As if being prepared for an important event you do not even know about, you will move thru the many stages of self, like an experienced caterpillar, knowing one day its true colors will shine.