Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - March 2020

The very vibration of fear is a living pulsing breathing entity that consumes one’s life force and light. Like the child's game of telephone whispering ear-to-ear, the truth in the message gets construed into something completely unrecognizable. What has been whispering in your ear, what has you tossing, and turning every night, what has you so tired and stressed you can barely keep awake? The very living energy of fear has us all by the throat.

We as a planet have been using the word virus, antivirus and viral for years now calling to it like a rabbit spirit totem that fears everything above and below. We are Birthing the consciousness of our present worldly condition word by word, post by post, Tweet by tweet. We are all literally locked in a Fortress of fear of our own making. The energy of fear is Palpable and some days almost strong enough to knock you over. Waves or particles matters not, as fear penetrates all of earth, every living thing is affected by this lower vibration.

We all reach into our ancient box of magical tricks looking for the answer, hoping we don't pull that rabbit of fear, out of the hat. Dimensionally we twist and turn as we feel hung out to dry, no one to rescue the Earth, we feel all alone in the Universe. I personally have gone into every nook and cranny of every Power statement Mantra, Grid or thought since I began this walk of Light many moons ago digging deep in my memory and box of truths, like our very existence depends on it. 

This little ole Goddess is just one little candle of light, together we are a candelabra!

Every living person on Earth from pygmy to politician is speaking to their personal ‘big G god’! They now know how much a part of the whole they are. Every religion and spiritual thought form on Earth at this point in time is being honored as separate pieces of a multi-faceted mosaic and multi-dimensional puzzle of light. Like a Shri Yantra all the fine lines finely makes sense. Every prayer counts, every rosary bead counts, every holy candle lit counts and so it should be everyday of Our Lives upon this precious planet. No one alive ever wanted it to get to this point of planetary shift, what if this is the lesser of the possible planetary outcomes? All that is Holy Holds Us prayerfully in their Mighty hands of Light.