Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - November 2020

As Time increments have become filled with chewy possibility the telomeres of our soul ask for new instructs and insulation. At this point of energy and Light everything is frayed and splintered like we all have split ends of the Soul. Are adrenals are on high alert as we stand guard against everything and everyone. Everyday we have the exact same amount of time increments to spend in thought, in deed, in laughter and in sleep. Every day how we spend our time increments differs in energy, in motion, in thought. Time is like a weekly paycheck giving you the exact amount. Do we spend our time on worry and anger, doing frivolous deeds or do we spend it wisely lovingly inhaling and savoring each minute of it. Whether you live in a cardboard box or the White House time is equal for each. Do you spend your time sitting on the toilet tweeting the world or do you spend your time loving, giving your assistance, your heart and your energy toward that which seeks you.

The old analogy cornbread is square and Pi is round also applies to our life and its geometry. We are a living pi chart in a multitude of ways, everyday a new number is added to our resume. This last year has taken the wind out of our sails in fact we have Dry Docked  our dream-boat because we did not see any sunny days ahead of us in 2020. We have learned to make do and put a rubber band on everything that we buy stretching it past its natural circumference. We are not the same people or species so much of us has flaked off like dead skin on a snake.  transforming and transmuting who we were into something unknown and invisible from this angle of seeing.

The people in our life are like beautiful ‘Hope Diamonds’ A Priceless Treasure that we did not appreciate until we could no longer see their beautiful faces or hug their beautiful light. We walk slowly and cautiously towards the holi-days: Thanksgiving Christmas and ‘God we Hope a Happy New Year’.

We are Afraid to get too close to fun, excitement, family or the Future.  We stand like a deer in the Headlights not moving forward not moving backward not moving at all. The Holi-days beckon us like a double rainbow; we just cannot take our eyes or heart off the prospect of spending time with our loved ones. We have canceled so many aspects of self, of our life, our family celebrations we as a planet need these holidays like a starving man needs a good hot meal.

As we move towards the 11:11 Gateway in a new dimension of different proportion, we are asked once again to meet heart-to-heart, light to light and create a circuitry of Living Love that outshines any darkness on Earth. A LIVING LIGHT so magnificent that it can be seen from the stars. Once a day from this minute to January 11th 2021 spend at least 5 minutes per day loving embracing, seeing the magic of the holidays. Embracing all that is holy, those that you love, embracing a bright future that is greater than anything that has happened this past year. Hold tight to that beautiful heart and thought of Celebrating Life.  I’ve seen the light on the other side of the tunnel as we all walked through the valley of the shadow death this past year and like an everlasting blue sky we have to look beyond the stormy clouds. What is Holy and good within us has withstood the maelstrom.  We now stand at the Apex of who we are becoming, of what we have let go off, and how we will create the future in our heart.

Humanity is at the edge of the Old self

As we round the corner of the month of Scorpio nestled within November, we feel exhausted physically and mentally. Our heart strings are tied in knots, our tummies are tied in knots and it looks like all of our prayers for this year have left the planet. We feel untethered; free floating, ungrounded on an earth we don’t recognize. We the people of Earth have prayed in every religion, every dialect, every part of the world, for this confusion and dis -ease in all of its forms and formats to exit this planet, our home.

We have become confused dazed and obedient to a situation we do not understand. All of our hearts reach up and out to what we know as Holy & Divine in all of its forms to show us the truth within the matter. The human brain is off on tangents running from stress and depression, not paying attention to the road in front of it, allowing the future to be carved out by others.

As we get close to this year’s 11:11 my heart and soul calls to everything that is Holy and Divine in all of its forms. I call forth all the very real miracles I have experienced in this life  I look back and know that the Light is very active and what is Holy will make its way forward to be seen. As you all know humanity is at the edge of itself ready to jump off the cliff.  People look like a dryer full of many colors tumbling and tumbling not landing in one thought. What God once placed within mankind, to make them special above the angels, now comes to the surface to be seen at the exact time it is needed. For what lives in humanity needs freedom, needs truth, needs nurtured to stay alive.  Like a horse on a cliff mankind is being chased to the edge of what was, do we perish or do we sprout wings and fly!


ShelleyT 10th November 2020 1:52 pm

Well covered pretty well all in all..., like the tropical storms we have been having in Florida... been blown to pieces....sort of in between dimensions & energy waves....