You Are a Living Vortex

You hold within you all possibility, but you see it not.  Create as the Gods you are.  Use your words, your thoughts, your intentions to bring to you full circle where it is that you are to go.  If you do not know the lay of the land, if you do not the directions to the next level of your being then just ask to be shown and trust. 

Stop being scared of yourself, your world, and your choices.  You seek to help your families and friends but you get so frustrated, the energies that come forth from you are like barbs.  You are angry with your families and your friends because they still sleep.  remember when you were asleep? Would you have liked the rest of the universe to turn their back, flipped their hair and road off into the sunset because they had given up on you?   When you give up on someone, they know it, they feel it.  It comes across as a neon sign in your energy field.  Everyone knows what you are about, except you. 

In the next 3 months will experience a journey of vastness as you walk into parts of your past, your future, and your present simultaneously.  The energies will overlap and one minute you will look at your surroundings and you will think you were in your past, the next minute you will think you were in your future and then you will come back to the present which is pre-sent as you know.  Invite in the highest vibration of your own light. 

The human eyes can only straight ahead -there is a tunnel vision to you.  Ask to see through all the cells of your being.  Ask to see what is to come, what was, and what shall be.  Every part of you - every hair has consciousness.  You are a hologram and everything that comes from you and goes to you is a holographic image as well.  One drop of your blood holds your history.  One cell of your skin tells your life story.  One tiny minuscule strain of hair gives you truth that you knew not about of your past, your family, or your genetic history. 

All of you are vortexes. Have you every stood in your environment and looked at it really?  When you look at it hard - it shifts.  There are heat signature fluctuations within the hologram.  When you shift your perception, you shift everything.  You are not here to shift Sally and Mary and Bob and Henry's day.  You are here to shift your own essence.  The Creator begins from a point of centeredness and from that point of love and centeredness -- creates outward.  You don't create from the centeredness of your being.  You create externally and then move the energies inward. 

Start from a point of creation that begins in a point of centeredness.  Begin your day by embracing who you are.  Scan the energies of the day with your mind.  You know your schedule.  from that point - send love to all those destinations. Start from a point of centeredness and move outward. 

You cannot worry about fixing those you love.  You can not worry about making them better - making them give up their addictions, their doubts, and their fears.  Each addiction, each disease, each situation is a gift.  They themselves must unwrap it.  You cannot unwrap there presents (Presence) for them.  Hold the vision of those you love being healed. Hold the vision for them as the creator holds the vision for you, endlessly.  You are never given up on.  You are never tossed away.  You are always held in the highest esteem and your light is seen as such. 

Do not give up on others.  Reach out and speak to their soul of love - the way that the Creator reaches for you yourself through the energies of light and through your heart.  No one on Earth will ever be given up on.  We are the Pleiadian Council and we thank you and honor you

Embrace what you hate.  Embrace what makes you angry.  Embrace what you love.  Embrace what brings you joy.  Love your humanness - for it is only through loving your humanness that you will evolve. You are the apex of your own pyramid.  You are what you seek.  You are the light that you seek, you are the love that you seek, and you are the peace that you seek.  Anything else is a reflection. 


I AM ROSE 24th June 2009 8:49 pm

Heart to Heart Love.
Very beautiful reminder.
In Love and Gratitude.
Rose :smitten:

Ron Laswell 24th June 2009 9:22 pm

Gillian - I love the way that you mentioned "the next 3 months as the past, present, and future" coming together. Hmmm, that's funny, because since the past eclipses of Jan '09 and early Feb '09, I have personally felt those energies already happening! Past lives, child-hood, and events from 30 years ago are all colliding in the present with my visions of who I am to become in the future. What about the dimensions within which our dreams occur? I've also noticed that they are remarkably coinciding with what has been going on with the "awake" portion of my consciousness. Just thinking about these synchronicities puts a blissful smile on my face. It's kinda like "cleaning house".

May you receive all the blessings that the universe holds for you. Love, Ron.

jablome 25th June 2009 4:20 am


Spiritleah 24th July 2009 9:16 am

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