Heaven #3466 Take Another Look

Is not life a great thing you have as you walk through the world? Just think of it, you have life every day, day and night, day in and day out, and the life you have is yours. You go with it, and it goes with you.

Life, as it appears to you, often surprises you, or startles you, or glorifies you, or hurts you, mystifies you, or dismays you. Life goes on looking neither left or right, so it seems. Sometimes life seems to give you too much attention, and yet, you figure, doesn't seem to take you into consideration at all.

You could say that life is indifferent to you, as if you were simply by the side of the road, as if life were a stray bullet that misses the mark, sometimes hitting you, and sometimes just zinging past you. And yet life was made for you. It was chauffeured to you in a long limousine. And life in the world is simply a continuation of life out of this world. From where you came, you return. Nothing changes but your experience. And yet experience is not everything. It seems like everything to you. And yet experience and your perception of your experiences is not everything. Consciousness is. Love is. We are.

Life does not always appear dressed the way you would like it to. Sometimes you may think that life is dismal. And, yet, if you were not starring in your life, you might see it differently. You might.

Life in the world is an apparition, beloveds. It is a seeming thing. And yet it is the most important thing to you right now. You want it to be lovely, and only lovely, so you think and so you say. You wonder why life isn't all you desire when you desire. Life falls short in your estimation. Days you would call good, you may call the exceptions.

What if you would consider the days that you see as unlucky as if these days are the exceptions? It may well be that you count amiss. You may have put some of your days under the wrong columns.

You may slough off some days as fair or middling. Perhaps these days were not as exciting or as wonderful to you as you might have liked, and, yet, beloveds, what was really wrong with them? It is possible that you are an extreme critic of your days. Take another look, beloveds. Look again.

Enjoy life while you have it. Disregard some of the things you have regarded.

You don't want to whiz past life with your nose up in the air. Walk through life without a chip on your shoulder. Have you perhaps had the idea that life owes you something, and it has defaulted on its debt to you?

Life is merely on loan to you. Do not grumble about the loan given to you. Do not default on the loan made to you.

Sometimes you stumble through life with your eyes half-closed or your eyes on a far-off objective you have in mind. Sometimes you stamp your foot because of what you feel life denied you. Sometimes you begrudge life, and, yet, you still ask for extensions of it.

So, I say again, sing a happy tune through life.

Life is not a refrigerator you took a loan out to pay for. You were given a lifetime loan.

Look at life as if it were a meal served to you. Whether everything served is your favorite or not, eat the food before you, digest it, relish it, every crumb. Thank the Cook. There are many who would be grateful for the meal served to you.

Be glad that your tummy is full. C'mon, beloveds, be as glad about your life.


kay 23rd May 2010 10:48 am

I just love the pure poetry of your writing. Thank you, Source. Thank you, Gloria.

Light Seeker 27th May 2010 4:29 am

I have a ritual during my daily morning shower. I take a couple of deep breaths and then affirm to myself that everything I think say or do today will be for the better of my higher self and all those that I come in contact with.During this affirmation I get goose bumps all over my body, even now whilst I am typing this.
Life is good. Live it to the fullest of your being.
Thank you for your wonderfull message


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