HEAVEN #5603 All the Flowing Waters of the World

Let not your thinking and over-thinking be a handicap. Let your thoughts be blessings, one after another like beautiful princesses. Bless your life and the lives of those around you. This is how you become a blessing. You are My blessing given to yourself and to the world. You come from Heaven, and you return to Heaven. Despite your mix-ups, you have never left Heaven. You belong in Heaven. Despite anything, Heaven is yours.

Desist from fear. You are not fear's captive unless you say so. You can stop dueling with fear. When you carry the anxiety of fear, you tie your hands behind your back. You let fear immobilize you. Put fear in its place.

There are a lot of My children under the grip of fear in one form or another, yet life -your life - is not meant to be fearsome.

You don't have to live with the anxiety of fear. It is not essential to imagine fear. You have the ability to put fear in its place. Mull over immortality more than you mull over clipped mortality. No longer is it incumbent upon you to fear being mistaken any longer, nor are you to fear embarrassment any longer. You don't have to fear being alive. You can flow with love and love alone. Love has no equal. You have the capability to love like an adept. Love is within your reach.

My beloveds, what can We do to get you off fear and onto love? The fear track has made a rut in your heart. Come to the fertile fields with Me, and We shall dance.

How did it happen that My children allowed fear to become such a hobglobin? Say, "Boo," to fear. You who fear fear have been too great a proponent of it.

Be harmonious with yourself. Support yourself more than you fear fear.

Cross the street by looking both ways. Venture in life by looking up. Fear is a gnat. You are greater than a gnat. I certify you as greater than a gnat.

Imagine that I place a sheriff's badge on you. I ask you: Do you really need a badge and cowboy boots in order to arrest the progress of fear? No, you don't.

Fear is a criminal. Look fear in the eye. Do not cogitate fear. Do not drench yourself in fear. Cut off fear at the corral.

Let's talk about the state of love. Love instead of fear. Love is powerful whereas fear is skulking. Hurray for love which unites all the flowing waters of the world. Oneness is true. Fear is a sluggard. Vote for love. Embrace love.

Fear is up to skullduggery.

Enough of preoccupation with fear. Put fear aside. Let's evacuate fear in the Name of Love.

Fear takes away. Love gives. Give love. Send love. Cherish love. Love is of good account. Love will carry you. Love will carry the day. In Truth, it is love that carries you up and down the mountains. Love furbishes you. Love lifts you. Love lifts the world.

There is naught but love in all the world. Love is Oneness, and Oneness is True Existence. Think of it, you are Oneness. You are My Oneness. Oneness cannot be diversified. Awareness of Oneness centers you, and how you want to be centered. Be centered along with Me. Know that I hold you. You can only wind up with Me. Come to Me now. Embrace Me now.

Do not be shy. Rush into My arms. Herein lies Eternity. If space existed in Eternity, We we could say that I have made a place for you forevermore. Heaven is Eternity, and in Eternity, We abide as One Wonderful Love. Here is where We are always.



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Gloria Wendroff

Gloria Wendroff, a teacher of English and business communication, grew up without religion or thoughts about God. No one, least of all Gloria, would have guessed that she would become a Godwriter and, through God's words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts.

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