Create Infinite Balance

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you wherever you are in your life, wherever you are in all that is taking place within and around you.

As these transformations continue to take place upon the earth; I speak of the transformation of your vibration, the transformation of the energies within dimensions, the transformation of the consciousness of your earth plane and the consciousness of the universe; kind of light weight thoughts!

As all of this is taking place it’s a huge wave of energy and intention that is moving through. It moves through your collective consciousness. It moves through you as the human. It moves through the animal kingdom, the plants. This is the earth response to the energy that is transformed and created out within the universe as it’s moving through your planet.

As you then look towards the universe; looking at the planets, the Milky Way galaxy, to that space of consciousness where the Angels, the light beings, Ascended Masters and all those who work with you, as their space of awareness continues to transform it does so in relationship to you and you do so in relationship with them. There is just a deep intrinsic flow, that infinity symbol. You swirl around the earth and it swirls back up to the universe. You swirl through you the human and it swirls up through your divinity.

Therefore in a certain regard, you the human having your human experience is reflecting the infinite energy of the earth to the universe and just as the universe is a vast time space reality so too is your own divinity. The human you are in this lifetime, expressing yourself as the person that you are is one of the key elements to your divinity.

You are here at this time of immense transformation upon the earth. You are here, living, working, making choices that affect you. By doing so, you are creating a space where other people may also fall into that same pattern of finding that which suits them from an unconscious perspective and it’s drawing them into a conscious change.

It is amazing to be upon the earth at this time.

Never before has this awareness of consciousness taking place in such a way that you can literally disconnect from the past, you no longer need just follow through with trends and patterns that may have created your reality from previous times. Yes, you can be influenced by that and most people are. Yes, you can work to transform it thereby making things in this moment, easier. However, you also have the potential to create a new beginning with every thought that you have, with every decision you make, with every choice that comes to you throughout your day.

You have access to the universal light. You have access to the Central Sun that which is the soul of the universe and the foundation for each one of you living upon the earth.

Yes, this is an amazing time for people to be living upon the earth.

Take another deep breath in where you breathe down deeply inside of yourself and have that intention to let your consciousness move into the earth. As you allow your consciousness to flow into the earth plane find that space that you have created where you anchor your energy. Find that space where you flow within the earth and it’s as if you spread out in different directions and it creates a foundation holding you onto the earth.

You then let that come back up through you into your heart center. It moves up through your energy bodies and goes out through the top of your head. As you do so, you encounter the space of your higher self. Some of you may feel it, sense it, know it. For others, you can create it as that space that you like to go and create potentials in your everyday reality.

When you consider something and you get quiet and you go inside and you’re processing you are shifting into your higher self to do that.

When you daydream about that which you would like to have in your reality you are moving into your higher self. All of that is a very easy flow and in the majority of cases it’s very unconscious.

You do transform how you worked with that energy when you consciously create that space; what it looks like to you and then you move there with a very clear intention.

You allow your consciousness to stream even further. It moves from the space of your higher self, that thread of energy that connects you the human to your soul is what you follow as it just streams all the way up into the soul plane.

As you arrive within the soul plane, allow yourself to as if you are opening that door to your divinity, move, merging into that energy that is you as your divinity, you as your soul, as your I AM Presence, as your God source.

Allow yourself to feel the support, the love, the flow of your own divinity. Allow it to fill in all those places inside of you that have felt empty or alone. Let that energy just move through you with peace and with ease.

As you feel yourself aligned with your divinity, I the Goddess move in and amongst you, so that I may merge my energies with yours. As we blend together it will automatically shift everything into the space of the All That Is.

Feel, see, sense what this is. So much is present.

As you ask yourself the question, “Am I responsible for my life?” what is your response?

I love it because I heard everybody saying, “I’m responsible, I am the creator”.

One of the things that I have noticed with humanity is that when things are going well in your life it’s easy to acknowledge that you are the creator of your life. However, when things are a struggle or if you get sick or if there’s loss, those things that become very challenging to you then as you consider being the creator of your life it takes on an energy of judgment or accusation and suddenly you begin to feel less than.

I put forth an intention for you that you have an opportunity to look at your life with that same vibration of the creator within your life.

There are times when things happen, that are challenging for you and those experiences come as a response to something within your vibration; conscious, unconscious, a cellular memory. There are so many things that come into play within a human that you really cannot really put your finger on just one item as the reason for that reality.

Just as you are the creator of your life, when something does take place that you are not particularly thrilled with, you can create an alternative reality that is more like what you do choose to have in your life.

Let’s take a moment considering one or perhaps two or three things that are right now a challenge in your life. Okay, let’s just do one.

As you bring that up into your focus, I ask you to have it here in front of you, but I wish for you to disconnect energetically for what that experience is. I hear you. It may be very hard to do this and perhaps you cannot 100% disconnect.

Having that intention of disconnecting your energy goes a long way towards doing exactly that.

Take a look at that situation once more. For the most part, once you have disconnected that energy usually of fear, anger, frustration, judgment, it no longer has that same impact upon you. You can now look at it and say, “Why did this take place?” Sometimes there is a very clear answer. However, the majority of the time there is no specific reason for why it took place.

If you get an answer, you may then move down that pathway of understanding. If you do not have a specific answer about why this is occurring I would then invite you to shift that energy that may be based in fear, anger, frustration, whatever that was into one of compassion. If you look at your friend and they are going through a situation like that you would say to them, “Let me support you, let me help you. I feel love and compassion for you”. Therefore, I invite you to open and feel love and compassion. It can be about that situation or it can simply be the vibration of an energy of love and compassion as it moves through you.

Sometimes there is a fine line between moving your focus away from that which keeps bringing up the angry or the frustrating situation and ignoring it completely so that it builds and builds and builds becoming a bigger hurdle to move past.

In your everyday life the more that you are able to come into contact with, acknowledge whatever the situation may be, again that recognizing that it is a part of your creation all you need to do is that…check…yes, is there I acknowledge it.  For you to then move it into something that you do want to have in life.

I recognize that people have things happening within their lives that have many layers connected to it.

I recognize that people have been within a particular situation for quite some time. No matter what the background is, you have the ability to transform in an instant.

From that instant transformation you begin building your new reality. You begin creating that which you seek to have within your life.

As you acknowledge that first thing that came up to you and now as you look at other things that may be happening within your life. Perhaps some of those have also resolve as a result of this first one.

As you consider your life, do you seek perfection? What is perfection? From my perspective perfection is another form of judgment, because if one were not perfect that would mean you are imperfect and that would have the energy of not good enough. So too, perfection would then be I am perfect and everything is well which is what most are seeking, however, frequently you may have an unconscious thought that’s going on in the back of your mind, saying, “You’ve got to stay perfect. You’ve got to remain there. Don’t let your guard down. You will only be perfect as long as you do….” And you can fill in the blank.

Is it possible you could create a life that is based upon a balanced energy? When you consider a balanced life, it may be that you are imbalanced over here working too much. You may be giving to other people and not nurturing yourself enough. It may be that you are caught up in a situation that just has all of your focus and the rest of your life is just fishtailing around.

You in your life with the intention of balance will find that certain things will no longer be the focus and therefore will either go away or just fix themselves. There may be other things that you have no choice but to continue to put your focus within that and it may even be something you completely love and enjoy and the rest of your life will figure itself out.

I believe the key here is that when you ask for balance to be a part of your life intrinsically everything will shift. You don’t have to figure it out with your conscious mind. That being the case, out here within the All That Is the universe has its own intrinsic balance.

As you allow yourself to be in that state of complete balance, let yourself just float within these energies. As you float, feel, how you are supported throughout every part of who you are.

As you float within the balance of the All That Is, the natural, the laws of the universe where flow equals flow and it finds it’s like vibration, will assist you with receiving the support that you may be seeking frequently without you even asking.

What is your intention for your life?

As you float in this balance and this flow, as you consider that you create your life, as you are experiencing the natural balance that is here for you, what is your intention? I smile because I heard people saying, “Well, when you ask it like that.”

I invite you to find as many times during the day as you desire but perhaps as you wake up in the morning, as you are coming to consciousness, breathe in and out several times with that intention of tapping into the All That Is, streaming your balanced intention through your body.

You are setting up the best way for you to do this in this now moment. Therefore, when you tap into it in the moment, you don’t need to re-create this. You need only take in that deep breath with the intention of coming right here and you are there or you are here.

And as you breathe gently, easily, deeply a half-dozen a dozen times you’ve set your intention for the day that is filled with balance. Part way through the day you’ve gotten off balance as stress at work, stress in the family, stress in a situation, you breathe deeply with the intention of tapping into here, the All That Is and letting that flow through you, inviting balance to move through you, to move into every cell within you.

Sometimes you will feel an immediate response, other times it may take a few moments or so to come in. Actually there may be times it feels no different to you. However, it is still working within you. It is still filling up those spaces inside of you that need that support and then as it gets filled up you will notice it with your conscious mind.

You are feeling tired, it’s towards the end of the day but yet you have things to do; you tap into this, invite balance to come in, finish whatever it is you seek to do.

You are getting ready to go to bed at night, your mind is busy from the day, you breathe down within you, you consciously connect with the All That Is, it flows within you, you invite balance. It then allows your conscious mind to let the chatter become quite, it allows your physical body to relax so that you may sleep deeply.

In this way as the creator of your life, you create through balance and intention.

It will work with your mental body, your thoughts and your beliefs. It will work with your emotions and that will move through your physical body creating a change within your cellular structure.

Create balance through intention.

You are the one living your life, show up, be present, be loving and nurturing to yourself. Let that then flow out to all those around you. Your reflection to society will be that of support. Your perception of what is going on around you will then assist you with disconnecting from that of which you have no control. Therefore, why let it bother you.

You then create, working with the All That Is and working with the collective consciousness as a means of creating the world that fully supports on all levels. Feel the flow, feel the love, feel your own presence. Know that you are here.

I invite you to shift your focus. Those who would like to remain within that space, you may do so, however, those that would like to come back together as a group. I invite you to create that space recognizing how you are fully supported by the Angels, the light beings, your guides, your teachers. They fill in those places in between.

As you do so the hologram of the earth comes up within the center of the group. You begin to infuse within this hologram the conscious intention of balance. Your conscious thoughts move through your unconscious reality, your conscious intention moves through your unconscious reality shifting it and all of that moves into this hologram.

The balance of the universe is amplified and as this all takes place that hologram spins. You can see it finds its own balance. You then release it and it moves from here within the All That Is, there is that piece that moves out to the universe creating that part of the balance and anchor; there is that other piece that moves down as it goes into the earth’s energies, it clears out the collective consciousness. It moves down continually into the center of the earth. As it anchors within the earth it’s finding that balance.

It then begins to vibrate outward. It begins to move in every direction. It comes up within each one of you. It moves up through the earth, the grass, the trees, the waters; again creating that intrinsic balance that is supportive of you so that when you are creating your intention it creates a greater ease in manifesting.

As this moves up through the collective consciousness, it clears it coming down from the universe, and it clears it coming up from the earth, again, creating that higher vibration and balance so that everyone will find that intrinsic rhythm that supports them in all that they do.

 I invite each one of you to just feel that anchor of the energies of your own vibration that you anchor within the earth coming up within you and as they anchor here within the solar plexus, you bring down the rest of your consciousness from within the All That Is. It moves through your soul in the soul plane, it moves down through your higher self. You bring it down once more anchoring within your heart, your solar plexus, within all your energy bodies and once again you feel that flow of the infinity symbol. It moves through you the human; it moves up through the universe and down through you the human.

Creating that infinity or that energy of the infinity will make it easier for you to breathe in and find that balance during your every day life.

As you consider your life, moving forward consider the many, many ways in which you have the opportunity to choose. Choose joy, choose dynamic movement, choose inspiration, choose love, choose whatever it is that you seek to have. You can fill in that space. More than ever the opportunity to create change is here. Nothing is solid, everything can transition, some may be more challenging than others but it transition will always take place.

Beloved, you are the creator of your life and you can create through the All That Is, through infinite balance.

Beloved, I am always with you and within you.




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