August 30, 2003

We greet you our beloved sister and we are here for you!  As you reconnect with the energy of the dolphins, you reconnect with that aspect of yourself that is the playful, that is out to experience the joy that is all around you.  We are here for you!

We wished to speak with you of the various types of healing techniques that are available upon the earth at this time.  Through the many years and millenniums there have been many different types of healing that people can experience.  Those who were first upon the earth rarely became sick or ill.  What happened was that the longer a person was away from the sense of perfection, away from that recognition of who you are the easier it is for you to become ill.  Plus as part of the human experience it was decided that this would be an experience that people could choose. 

We the dolphins and the whales carry within, the perfection of the human experience.  What we mean by that is we have a vibration that ‘tunes’ a person so that their body resonates at a point which brings about the optimum in physical expression.  This can be achieved in many different ways.  You can choose to be aware of everything that you eat, you can choose to understand that there is simply perfection, you can be critical of yourself and place great demands.  You know which one we recommend!!  Allow yourself to feel the energy of the perfection which is you, as you revel in being human.  Having the muscles the tendons, the bones, all of that which makes you physical, allows for you to have the experience of a human. 

When you move into a space in which you are blending the spiritual and the physical you are blending several different aspects which create a whole.  For a long time, the people upon the earth have felt as if there was a punishment for the human experience.  What we mean by this that if they were human, they did not think they could also be spiritual.  So, they punished their physical bodies.  In addition they felt that they had a physical body to be able to try many different things to test it, to see how far they could go and this they did.  These are the people who placed themselves in extreme conditions.  These are the people who also took many different chemicals into their bodies in the form of drugs and alcohol.  What was underlying this testing of the physical body was also the testing of how far can I go and still be spiritual.  Or, how far can I go and no longer be spiritual….

As throughout the many millenniums, there have always been those who wish to live their lives in such a way.  We say this not to criticize but actually as means of explanation for the human experience, the thought form of many.  So, look into yourself.  How does this resonate with you?  Does it at all resonate with you?  Another reason why people make the choices they do is because they experience a dislike of self.  They experience a time in which they are very critical of themselves.  Sometimes this is a result of what others have said to them and they buy into it.  Other times it is a matter of simply not understanding.  It is buried very deep within their psyche.  When this occurs the person is on a journey to reconnect with that aspect of themselves.  What we can say is that at this time in human history there are perhaps more than usual number of the people who do not accept themselves.  They are critical of themselves and/or critical of others.  Many who cannot accept themselves will project this into the people who are around them.  Many in the cultures around the world are taught that to ‘like’ yourself is bad.  This too is a result of mass consciousness and the mass thought form that has created many of the religions of the world. 

As you are well aware, this is not a simple matter.  There is a great deal that comes in to play when someone is sick, or unhappy, or disassociated from themselves.  We are only beginning to tap into this.  Allow it to all unfold over the next several days.

WE also wish to speak with you about the ways in which people can heal each other and heal themselves.  You are the communicator; you are the one who can bring this information forth.  You are also a healer.  You have within you the ability to provide the healing space and the energy that is required for someone to heal themselves.  This is what is essential for any healer to remember.  They do NOT heal others, only each individual can heal themselves. 

We are here and waiting for you when you will return. 


Shelly Dressel channeling the Dolphin energy.



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