August 31, 2003

Question:  I've been thinking about what to say in regard to resonance and healing. How would I provide the resonance or the tones of what ever you are talking about to assist someone in healing to provide this space for someone to heal?

Answer:   When we are talking about resonance, what we're talking about is the vibrations that each individual carries around with them as they are moving through their days. We also are talking about the resonance that can be built up around them or the resonance or pitch or the tone that can be brought into a room which can affect the outcome of what a person is feeling.

<As I was reading this, I had a vision and a thought that as each person scans their body, they are able to feel the different resonance of disease Meaning, what’s that resonance of healthy tissue, what’s the resonance of un healthy?  As you tune into this, are able to tell the difference, you bring the resonance of that which is ill……up to the same as that which is healthy>

Resonance: when we talk about resonance what we're talking about is the way in which a person vibrates according to the unheard tones that are around them you may resonate with something and this is talking about a feeling or a response that a person has from a very deep level. It most often is something that a person is not aware of because it comes to them from a very deep instinctual or intuitive level. So if a person chooses to make changes within their life what they can do is to change the resonance of an area that they are within or some place where they are living and this change in resonance will affect a change in the physical body.

So too as you are moving forward with what is resonance, we will talk about what is tone. Tone: it is something that has been used for many, many years as a way of bringing into balance that which is around them.  For instance the turning fork or for instance those that will use the bells that they will cling together and that resonates and that puts forth a tone this is what we are talking about.

So we've talked about resonance, we have talked about tone, we will now go on to talk about pitch. Within each of the tones there are different pitch if there is something which is of very high level tone or pitch meaning that something that is a constant tone that comes out of high frequency it is something that will cause the vibration in the body to move into that higher frequency. So if you have someone who is very hyper or very agitated and moving forward and he does not seem to be connected within himself, he perhaps has too high of a frequency moving within their tonal body. One of the ways to assist in bringing into balance is to bring forth tones around that person that are of a deeper pitch or something that will bring into balance and shift that which is required within that person. So too, if you have someone who is perhaps dealing with depression or something in which they feel contained and they are not able to move about or look forth beyond what they are involved in at the moment.  If they will bring in a higher tone it will assist in shifting within the physical body that they may feel like they're beginning to move forward.

There are healers who are aware of these things already and they will use different tones and perhaps the healing bowls.  They have been called to assist a person in providing the space for them to heel. You are wondering if this is something that you need to do in your healing practice.  If you wish to bring it into practice, yes of course it is something that would be beneficial to you. But we would also like to begin to teach you ways in which you are able to use this without having anything other than what is within your body. By that we mean you will be able to make tones to your voice because your voice is just that, a means of communicating with people.  It has many different depths within which will cause each individual to be able to resonate within themselves to the frequency that you are talking about. In addition you may make tones by simply making a tone.  You can use any matter of various things. If you listen to your instinct  as you are talking with someone, you realize you have already been doing it.  The times in which you lower your voice is you are talking with certain people and again there other times in which you find the true voice comes out to a higher vibration or pitch.   In these are the ways in which you are moving forward and bringing in different tones of frequency and resonance in your healing practice.

What you don’t realize is that even in simply talking to people you are providing this space for them to move forward and heal themselves.

If you look at the shaman's, you recognize the ways in which they use drums rattles and flutes as they are working over or with a person. This is because they have instinctively known about the difference that the tones will make in affecting the body's healing. You wonder why it does not work the every time. There are many different reasons for this. When we are discussing the healing of a person there are many different things which are coming into play. That person's soul journey, that person's choice that they make with their free will upon the earth plane, the resonance or vibration of the energy that is bringing through the tones and energy’s feelings. All of these have an effect on what occurs in the healing state. For instance, if someone is of a very high vibration and they bring through healing for another person that provides a greater amount of space in which that person to receive the healing can move and evolve. If someone is of a lower vibration there is less potential for the person to create healing within themselves. We say this not as a criticism or judgment, we say this as an explanation for why things work differently with different people. There is always a benefit to be in the space of a healing modality and this is always a way of allowing for each person to be able to create what ever amount of healing they wish to within their body.

Question: Why is it that some people seem so afraid and do not seem open to receiving the types of healing that are available to them?

Answer:  Most of the humans upon the earth plane at this time have many different types of fears within them.  There are many different fears that are just intrinsic and deeply imbedded within them. At the same token there are those fears of the unknown the average person who is upon the earth plane does not comprehend or does not wish to look beyond that which is in their known understanding. So when you come across people who you see have the potential for healing or have the potential for moving beyond the space in which they are in but they seem to choose not to, it is because they have created a comfort zone. Whether this comfort zone is filled with physical abuse, emotional abuse, or physical in inability, ie. physical disease, it is a source of energy or a place in which that person is that is comfortable.   Therefore, they wish to stay in their comfort zone. How can you provide this space for them to be able to look beyond what is in their comfort zone and begin to try it or become open to different types of healing? All you can do is continue to provide this space and energy perhaps see these people as surrounded by light and eventually that light will begin to permeate or it won't. If it does not then that is not of your concern if it does begin to permeate and these people become more comfortable with alternative ways of healing themselves then you will be there in the space to be of good. Answer questions or assist them in whichever way you so feel called.

Next we will discuss the ways in which a person who has true desire to heal themselves and yet still continues to feel that there is no movement forward in their healing process. This is the case with many of the people who are called the light workers or are the enlightened ones upon the earth plane. There are others who do not know, who are not aware that they are Lightworkers,  but they too desire a healing within themselves and yet are not finding it. To these people we say to look inside yourself and allow for a very deep portal within yourself to open up to your I AM presence or your soul presence. There is something that you are choosing on the more superficial level that is keeping you from having or acquiring the healing you so desire. It may not be something that you are ever conscious of but by looking inside yourself and opening up and allowing for greater and greater amounts of your truth to come out, you will begin to understand more greatly that which is being worked on and within you. We sense when you say this to someone how they will immediately bristle up and say “but I have looked inside myself, I have done all this work, I have really put myself forth and wish to put this all behind me and be in a completely healthy state”. Yes we hear that loud and clear for we hear it from many, many different people and again that this is one of those instances of which frequency and  resonance are in discrepancy.  For the pure healing and the complete healing, the ability to be in a space of being completely pain free of be in the space where your body is vibrant and healthy and moving forward without any aches and pains and you have the mental and emotional clarity to find complete joy within your life it is there around you, it is simply at a different frequency.  So if you begin to bring in different tones and allow for different frequencies to perforate everything that is around you, you will find yourself coming to a place in which you resonate more greatly with a tone that will provide this healing for you. Does this begin to make sense? As you are doing this There may be times of frustration or there may be times in which you are questioning all that is occurring within you and around you, but we say to you that this is not a process to be evolve in but a moment in time. We ask that you go very gently with yourself and that you allow for many different tones of frequencies to come into your vibration and then see how that permeates throughout your body.  You will see that it will bring about for greater healing within you. ALL has the potential for the infinite healing of yourself.

For those who are of the healing modality you wish to know how to create the space for the people and this will come differently to each one of you.  For some people, as you begin to talk with them about this and explain what is frequency verses resonance, then that person goes within themselves and they are able to connect with and receive the answers for themselves.  This is of course one way in which it can be provided. For others you may have a sense of needing to purchase the bowls in which you can tone. So to there are tapes or CD's available that provide different tones and resonance that may be played within the room.  In any of these aspects the person who is listening to them need not be over analytical of what is occurring within them. They need only hear the tone and allow it to work at a deeper level within themselves.

As you connect with the dolphins and the animals of the sea, you oftentimes hear us communicating with one another with the different tones and pitches that can be heard by the human ears.  There are also a multitude of tones and pitches which are not heard by the human ears. And these are the ways in which we identify the others that are of our family pods, so to speak. So too we're able to alert one another when there is a danger which is coming towards us so that we may do whatever is necessary for protection of ourselves. In this manner humans may also bind together and communicate with one another at a very deep level You may nurture and grow with in yourself and if the cases needed protect yourselves.

There was a person who is a friend of the channel that questioned what does the dolphin, excuse me, the whale have to do in terms of this type energy work. How is the whale different than the dolphin? The energy of the whale is now within me. The energy of the whale is now coming through from these pages and written words. As we spoke of the tones of frequencies and resonance, so too the whale carries as deeper tones and pitches which have housed the frequencies that are associated with that upon the earth plane. The whale is a mammal. The whale has provided many different things to the people of the earth plane through their physical body. The whale represents the immense gracefulness that is possible when in your space. What we mean by this is that when you are in touch with yourself, and you are in touch with where you are going and what you wish for in this lifetime. And if when attuned with that which is in your greatest interest, you are resonating with the tones and the essence of the whale.

There have been those who have questioned the DNA and the connection between the DNA and the whales and dolphins.  Yes, in deed when it was that aliens first came to the earth plane they brought with them this higher grade of the DNA activation.  The highest grade of all possible have been housed within the whales and dolphins and this is now becoming more activated upon the earth plane.  So too, the humans have had the potential for all of these levels of DNA within their bodies but they simply have not been activated. Again, this comes back to the issue of the frequency and as you become more attuned with the frequency will be able to see sense and move between dimensions much more freely because it is another dimension which is right beside you and right around you, but you cannot see it because you are not of the same frequency. So too these many, many aspects of the DNA the strains these chains of the DNA are within each and every one of you, but you have not activated them because you cannot sense see feel them. Does this make sense?  It is important for you to understand how each person has the ability for complete perfection within themselves and it can be accomplished through becoming open to and receiving a resonance and the frequencies and the toning that is available around you and within you.

There is a great deal of this which is being transplanted to you on a telepathic level and at a very deep level while you are reading these words  So too, the channel is feeling it within her physical body as she is bringing through the words. There are times after you read this and connect with these energies in which you will begin to feel a shift in your vibration. It may appear to you as if there are surges of vibrations that are moving through your body, or it may feel to you as a hot, so to say a bit of agitation, that you may find within your muscles.  There are many different ways in which it can come through. With that we will close for the moment because we wish for you to be able to integrate and incorporate all that we have said. We will come back to you again we are available to you at any time and we are working with you in your dream state when you come to visit us in these energies. With that we will wish to you…...


Shelly Dressel channeling the Dolphin energy.



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