Deeper Understanding of Our Expanded DNA

This is one of the channels from the essence of the dolphins.  As you know, I will channel them from time to time as we are moving through this shift in consciousness.

Hello our wonderful humanity!  Hello all who choose to come and swim with us!  We the dolphins leap from the water; we spin, we flip, we jump.  We send our greetings to you and invite you to come and play with us.

The time for each one of you to step more fully into who you are or what your potential for yourself is here.  The moment is now.  The opportunity can be as much or as little as you would like.

We first of all encourage you to create a space in which you are either holding onto our fin or you are simply swimming in the water and the dolphins are here with you.  If you hold onto our fin and allow yourself to move through the water with us, let that be an opportunity to let you cleanse as the water rushes past.  Bring up anything within you that you would like to release and let it go. 

We are here as a support to you, but we are also here to assist you in moving forward or moving into a new potential.  So often you become bogged down with daily life.  Some times there is a lot that is happening within your life.  You are busy going from place to place.  Sometimes you get bogged down with the emotions of the people around you.  So whether this is something that has to do with your daily life or the emotions that inundate you; it matters not.  In this moment in time, release it.

Feel yourself move through the water!  Feel how light you can be-and there it goes. 

How often have you thought about being able to communicate with the angels, the teachers, the guides?  How often have you considered the various abilities that you have within yourself?  How often have you wished that you could see the auras around people that you perhaps could see the angels that you perhaps could see light and aspects that are around the earth in a non-physical form?  This is a potential for you.

The crystalline vibration that is becoming so much a part of the earth, emanates from within the earth, it is also a part of the universe.  Therefore there is a reflected energy out within the universe that has an impact upon these energies that are within and around the earth. 

Now that you have taken the opportunity to cleanse the energies and release anything, find yourself in a space where you can truly ‘find' yourself.  The energies of the dolphins are here for you. This space is yours.  So allow yourself to be suspended or feel as if you are floating in a raft upon the water, but you need not have a raft.  You may float just upon your own.

Now as you allow this water to support you, once more look around and this time ask to perceive what aspects or energies around you may be in alignment with the crystalline.  This is a space that allows you to see the sparkling energy.  That allows you feel what it is.  Therefore, you may find yourself as if suspended between the crystals of the earth and the crystals of the universe.  As that crystalline vibration moves up and down from the earth to the universe, let yourself immerse within that flow.  What this does for you is activate and align energies that are within you so that they may become stronger and stronger within your energy field. 

What does it mean to have a crystalline vibration?  Some of you picture crystals and think ‘well they are very solid, they are very hard'. But when you link with the crystalline vibration, it's actually more fluid.  It is very light.  Therefore as you consider your life, your physical body, your emotions and consider what it would mean to have that crystalline vibration; it will change your perception.  It will allow you to have more abstract thinking.  It will assist you in moving into this next phase within your life. 

If we were to speak of the world we'll give it 50 or even 100 years in your linear time frame; the people walking upon the earth will look different than what you look right now.  The physical bodies will very similar.  The gravitational pull will continue to be a part of the earth.  The trees, the lakes, the oceans, the grass, the ground-- all of that remains the same.  As the crystalline energies become more and more prevalent upon the earth what will happen is that there will also be changes in the actual vibration.  There will be lighter, finer, angels, fairies, and people that will walk upon the earth. 

Many, many more people will be able to perceive what is happening around them.  There will be many more people who will move in and out of their physical bodies as needed.  Let me through out that potential for you... there will be times when you walk in your physical body, there will times you walk without it.  Some call this dream walking, some call this astral projection, there are other words that people use.  The difference is that as this crystalline vibration which is fluid, which is without a positive and a negative, as this energy becomes so much more prevalent upon the earth, people will be able to shift consciousness with a much greater ease. 

Society at this time has a great deal of fear within it.  There is a great deal where people control and manipulate and that is always based upon fear.  What we speak of is something that will be used in alignment with transitioning or transformation to assist with the benefit of individuals and it will be unable to be used against anyone else. 

Consider the time of Atlantis.  At that time there was a crystalline vibration in and around the earth.  They used them with lasers.  They used them as a means of transporting.  They would use the crystals and could hover large blocks of solid granite.  So this has been within the earth before and the people of Atlantis because that was the mindset used it for control and manipulation.  And eventually Atlantis fell.  Even today, people are continuing to release what was put into place during the time of Atlantis. Was that an opportunity for the Earth itself to explode and be no more?  Yes it was.

There is a large group of people who one might consider the protectors of the earth.  They stepped in to keep that from happening.  We the dolphins as we swim through the ocean work with these protectors of the earth, if you want to call them that.  That is why it has been considered the dolphins who have maintained the expanded DNA and the expanded potentials for all these thousand years.  We have done so from the time that man inhabited the earth.  We did so before that because we set up the preparation or the energy as a potential for people to move into. 

We of course could say that an aspect of our energy go directly back to the protectors of the earth.  They are the Ancient Ones; they are the highly evolved individuals that chose to be the guardians.  There have been many, many times that people have communicated with them they have worked with them.  They are always there. 

It was agreed between us, between them, between humanity; that this shift would take place.  Exactly the way the shift would play out, was of course unknown.  But now is the time for more and more humans to step into the potential of who they are but also the potential that is available to them through their DNA.  You are not alone!

Breathe deeply within yourselves.  Feel yourself as if suspended and the dolphins swim around you.  We are creating a pattern or a grid work that will allow this new step to come forth.  Feel and know that we are here linked directly with you.  When you know that you are linked to us or aligned with us; breathe into your heart center in such a way that it opens larger and larger within you.  Now take an opportunity to breathe even deeper within you so that your breath moves through your lungs and into your heart. 

It moves into your blood stream and it moves down through out your body.  We have worked in the past with you by going into the core cells within the body.  There are four, as if you are looking at a four leaf clover.  They are physically located around your root center but not directly within it.  In most people it is around their perineum, perhaps moving deeper inside their physical body from there. 

Now within those four cells that make up your biology, move into the one that represents your physical body.  You might call this your signature cell.  You might call this your master cell.  From this one cell all the other cells within your physical body can be affected.  Move deeper through that cell until you link with the DNA which is located within. 

This DNA represents you in this lifetime, you as biology, you as a human.  As you blend your consciousness within this DNA, consciously ask to see the strands that represent 1 through 12.  They immediately come into your awareness as if they are lit up.  Many of you can look beyond that and see other strands that are already illuminated.  Whether or not yours are illuminated, consciously move through as if you are an impulse of light that begins with that 4 basic strands and move up through 18.  As we say this, that impulse of light shoots through illuminating these aspects or these strands.  For some of you it will be as if for the first time, for others it is already done. 

Move through the next six so that it equals 24.  You have now doubled the energies of your DNA that were already activated and illuminated.  Move further until you move through 36, through 48 and beyond.  The vast majority of people will activate through 18 or 24 within this lifetime.  There is more and more potential and some of you choose to consciously work with opening to or aligning with these strands of DNA.

Some of them will have to do with medical changes upon the earth.  Some of them one might consider with mutation; meaning that as you shift aspects of DNA you may create changes in disease.  There is of course all the controversy that comes up as a result of that.  There is of course that potential that individuals will then begin to use these changes in DNA in a way that would be negative and create harm for others.

There is put forth, we can feel it right now from the collective consciousness of humanity, we can feel it from the Guardians and the Ancient Ones, we can feel it from within YOU; that intention that it will not happen.   We see cases in which people attempt to manipulate and control and in those cases it falls apart.  We see where they continue to change and they tell the world we have this, we can do this; but again unless it is something that is for the benefit of an individual or the benefit of all, it falls apart. 

You within your life; what would this mean to you?  We are working energetically with this expanded DNA; it can have an affect upon your physical body.   We strongly encourage that you keep this for the time being as an energetic alignment without specific control or manipulation.  What we mean by that is that as you expand your energy and align with the expanded DNA you do so with the intention of allowing whatever may come your way that is in your best interest. 

Perhaps this will be feeling strength within your physical body.  Perhaps it will be feeling balanced within your mental body.  Perhaps it will be a greater connection or communication with loved ones.  Perhaps it will be that you are now able to see the angelic realm that is around and within you.  Perhaps it will be......something else. 

Simply transmit a vibration of light illuminating expansion in your DNA and this does so within this signature cell or this most basic cell within your body.  Then take a deep breath in, breathing into that cell and release it.  Allow that cell to connect with every other cellular structure within your body.  Allow your blood flow to move through your body expanding into every tissue, into every ligament, into every muscle and bone. 

Open to create a change within yourself through expanding your DNA.  This may be very subtle or it may be profound.  Allow that it will be whatever it will be.  Be open to recognize there may be changes within your life.  Listen within your heart.  Let yourself vibrate in expansion.  YES this can be YOU!  This can be available.

With every beat of your heart, your blood is circulating throughout your body.  Allow it to circulate the expanded DNA.  You send it out, you receive it back; it circulates.  There is giving and receiving.  There is sending and allowing.  Feel as it moves through you. 

Some of you may feel this in your fingers, your toes, perhaps your joints throughout your body.  If you do, if it feels as if it becomes congested, then consciously send the blood flow, send the energy, send alignment all the way down into every finger, every toe, send it into every joint every ligament within your body.  And no beloved you do not need to consciously connect with every single one!  Simply putting forth that intention and then allowing it to happen will create the shift you are seeking.

This is how you become more transparent.  This is how you become more in alignment with where you are seeking to go within your life.  Shift a moment that you may release that physical cell.  But now send that expanded consciousness that expanded DNA into your emotional body.  Feel what that does for you.  Some of your emotions are released because they are no longer in alignment with this expansion.  There is always the potential that aspects of this expansion you feel right now will shut down or be diminished.  Be not concerned if that happens, it simply means it is not in alignment at that moment.  As you work within yourself, as you work within your body, within your emotions; let it go so that you open to your highest potential.

Continue moving into your mental body.  Again the expanded DNA within this space has a different vibration or a different perception.  Are there any beliefs within you that would keep this from truly moving?  Open and allow that belief to be shifted if you so choose.  Are there thoughts that hold you back from your potential?  Are there thoughts that keep you in a space that feels bad, feels depressed, feels let down?  Breathe the conscious awareness of your expansion into those thoughts, into that moment.  Let it transform, let go those thoughts, those beliefs. 

Breathe deeply.  Breathe within yourself.  Allow your mental body to be in alignment with this, your spiritual body already is filled up with these energies.  It's been there, it's been waiting.  So now let yourself move into that experience.  Feel it within you. 

As you are ready to do so, let all four of these (cells) blend so that now all of you as the human from your physical most solid aspect throughout your lightest most transparent aspect. Feel the balance, feel the expansion.  Know that this is you.  This is you with more expanded DNA; this is you with activated increased strands within your DNA.  Integrate it, feel it, and believe in it!

Once more consider you suspended between the crystals of the earth and the crystals of the universe.  Let this become even more activated within you. 

Once more bring yourself back until you see the dolphins swimming around you, supporting you, loving you; creating the pattern of energy that allows for this to occur.  It can occur in other ways, but this is our way of working with you.  And we do so with joy and with fun!

Once more, you move through the ocean. You see, feel, sense how you are so much more a part of the water.  As you look at us, as you touch us, you find yourself blending with us so that you become the dolphins.  If you so choose, you allow us to come in and blend with your energies so that we are within you.  This is a potential.  Why would you choose to do this?  So that you may more fully enjoy the energies of moving through the ocean, the energies of communication, of being a part of a community or whatever else may come to you. 

We share with you all that we know and all that we are.  Release your connection to us in this moment, knowing that you may come back to us at any time.  As you release that, we release you. 

We once more jump, spin, dive.  We once more share our communication with you and then we say our fare wells.



Shaun 28th August 2008 6:00 am

thank you , the four leaf clover reference was me confirmation , last week I found "one or two"


#recently I have noticed a thirst for any information related to the DNA and activations

Shelly 28th August 2008 4:11 pm

Hi Shaun,

Thank you for sharing your comment with me! I appreciate hearing it. What's interesting is that the dolphins gave me that type of healing modality about 3 years ago, maybe more. I've used it off and on many times in private channels and in my original dolphin meditation. So, while it may not have been new to me.... the aspect and vibration around it was incredibly powerful! I felt like I was actually seeing the strands as they developed. So, whether one sees images, senses stuff, or just knows; it's amazing the change that's taking place now!

Take care and much love,

mirey karaso 28th August 2008 6:21 pm

It's amazing...last week i was in Florida St.Petersburg for a conference.i created an hour free for my self.before i left for flight..Biking by the ocean...when i met the dolphins i felt how much i was honoured by them,because i really started to manifest and love reflected my last one week with all details in your message...i feel so good because of this sychronisation...
Thank you

Shelly 28th August 2008 9:50 pm

Ahhh beautiful Mirey! Such lovely thoughts. It was in Florida when I first began communicating with the dolphins.... or when I returned after the trip to Fla. The picture on my CD for the dolphins is one my sister took, it's like the dolphin is coming to say hello!! I'll see if I can upload it here, not sure how. Okay, I don't know how! I'll see if Mariu or Ben can help me~~

Anyway, thank you for sharing! The dolphin energy is just so filled with joy. It truly opens immense potentials!

Much love,


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