Abundance and the Lion's Gate

The Lion’s Gate is a time of opening a portal that will enhance the energies of abundance, creativity and flow.  In numerology which is associated with the sacred geometry of the universe has a meaning that correlates with the numbers 1-9.  When you look at August 8, 2015 it represents 8-8-8 (when you add 2+0+1+5 it’s also 8); this created an immense flow through a portal of energy. Then because this is during the astrological Leo, it created for description the Lion’s Gate!

During this channel, the Goddess spoke at first about the portal and about the flow of abundance.  As we moved into the All That Is, I could see a lion standing beside the Goddess as she spoke through me. There was a time during this channel when I could feel the Lion himself also speaking through me; he spoke of love, compassion and acceptance. I could hear him roaring at certain times during the channel which created an even greater amplitude to the energy.

When speaking of abundance, the Goddess spoke first of releasing things like blocks that we may have to abundance. Primarily this consisted of resistance, fear, anxiety and frustration.  Once cleared she spoke of abundance in its many forms and then financial.  While we worked with the energy of financial abundance, she was showing use the energy of various amounts of money.  This was to create an alignment between you and that amount.  This in turn will assist you with manifesting it into your life. 

From the roar of the lion to the flow of prosperity this channel will assist with creating great change! 

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out and embrace you in the energy or the space of wherever you may be in your life upon the earth.

You are living as a human in this life experience. You are feeling the essence of what it is to have a physical reality to live upon this planet with its gravitational pull; to live in a space and acknowledge who you are not only as a human but as this divine essence or this expanded consciousness incarnated as you the human.

I always love this time of coming together because it is my opportunity to come in even closer to the earth plane and share these experiences that you are creating for yourself and for humanity. Everything that takes place in these channels creates a space or an energy within the collective consciousness of the earth, within the dimensions of the earth so that others may tap into that or that you, yourself may go back and tap into that energy as you so choose.

This is why we do what we do; to give you that place to go that will assist you in becoming all that you can be in this lifetime.

I smile at the many different labels that the earth plane gives to the things that are happening upon the earth. Most recently the Lion’s Gate as it was called. There have been many times when people have words or phrases for things that take place upon the earth as a means of focusing the intention and gathering more of humanity to be within that space of the energy.

In particular the date of August 8, 2013, excuse me, 2015, it’s an 8-8-8. It is in the sign of Leo which is the sign of a lion and therefore people decided that the portal that was associated with that numerology would be the Lion’s Gate.

When you consider numerology, 8 is many times associated with prosperity, with creativity, with flow and movement, abundance and because 9 is the number of completion or pulling together all that you may have been working upon, 8 is where you are really in a place of movement and creation within either a project or your life or a specific focus.

When we get to the All That Is, we will tap into those energies once more, but I always like to take this time and just speak about things that are happening upon the earth.

There is more and more and more of the energy associated with expanded consciousness flooding the earth at this time. Using those energies of the Lion’s gate, I’m using that name that other people have used, as a means of really amplifying whatever it is that you seek to have.

You may say, “But that is past”. Indeed, but as you know, energy is non-linear. Energy is always available and present for you to tap into. So it may be 2-3 years down the road and you may say, “I want to tap into that energy of the Lion’s gate in 2015” and boom you can find yourself there. So that is what we will do in this journey. That is what we will do any time you ask to tap into that energy.

Take a deep breath in and breathe it down into you in this now moment and then in that flow and movement put forth whatever your intention may be.

Take another moment to breathe down within yourself sending that energy down into the earth so that it may anchor you, then as you do so, allow it to flow up through you. Let your consciousness come back up through you and let it go out through the top of your head until it flows into the space of your higher self.

As you arrive within that space, allow yourself to feel the expansion in your vibration and look around at all that is here. You may choose to clear out the old energies so as to create a more open space available for you.

Have you noticed the differences in your higher self since you’ve been doing these channels? Yes, it is there for you. Yes, it is closer than it has ever been before. I invite you to make use of it as much as possible.

Allow your flow and your energy to move even further. Allow it to expand out until it aligns with your divinity. As you feel that flow expanding, allow yourself to really feel the embrace of your divinity as if you open up your heart.

Open up and feel as if you are being welcomed home and enveloped into the love of your I AM Presence. This is you as your divinity. This is you supporting you, not only in this now moment but in everything that you are doing within your life.

Allow yourself to merge even more fully within this space.

I the Goddess, move in and amongst all of you. I reach out and embrace you, you as your divinity, you as the individual living this life.

You may feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is as you shift your focus and shift your consciousness within this place of creation; this place that supports you, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing within your life.

As I’m looking around at each one of you, I feel this richness in my heart. I feel this fullness, this acknowledgement of the awareness for all of you who join me for these journeys. Not everybody is conscious of being within this space, but most especially when you are conscious and choose to be here it shifts the vibration or it amplifies the energies in such a way that it creates just an overflowing well of love; love, joy, excitement and awareness for all, all of humanity, all who are out in the universe.  It is on many different levels.

It is interesting that we see, as if coming in from the side, there is a majestic lion and he roars. You may have felt that energy as we step into this space but he comes in with the intention of providing that vibration or providing that essence.

I have so much that I would love for us to do during the session this evening. The lion has convened to me messages and information that I will share with you to begin. There is an aspect or the soul of Cecil (referring the lion that had been killed in Africa just a week or two prior) the lion who is a part of this lion here speaking with us this evening.

There is always a synchronicity for what happens upon your earth and  his transitioning brought another level of consciousness and awareness about the relationship between humanity and animals which in turn moves to the relationship of humanity to humanity.

I always know in my heart what ultimately it is love that creates the transitions upon the earth.

It is love that creates that sense of welcoming between people. It is love that allows one to look at a situation with compassion. It is love that fills up the individual until you are overflowing with that energy and that in turn creates that balance within you so that you may be that strength and that power that you wish to be in this lifetime.

All of those messages that I just got done speaking actually came from the lion energies and we felt him roar again. He is continuing to speak, in saying that, not only with the large animals of the world, but with the small and with your pets there is a greater transition taking place that will allow for telepathy to transition between species and this telepathy will allow for greater understanding, for greater love and for the support of all.

We know that many of you can most likely sense or feel what we’re describing to you but at the end of that phrase again we saw that roar of the lion. He is very emphatic, but now he is lying down and taking a backseat and we’re going to shift the energies a little bit more.

We’ve talked many times about the sacred geometry of the universe. Within that sacred geometry you have the constellations, you have the stars, the sun, the moon, the earth, the planets; everything within your universe is in relationship with one another creating vibrations that have an effect upon the earth.

So too, as the earth continues its transitioning it’s having an effect upon the universe. It is this energy that I wish to tap into at this time.

As you breathe in the essence of who you are, take this moment to feel and know who you are as the human and who you are as the divine.

As you consider the vibration and the sacred geometry of the 8-8-8, I invite you to open up that energy and feel it as it moves through your consciousness.

Allow yourself to feel this vibration.

Let’s speak for a moment about abundance. Do you have prosperity and abundance within your life?

Let us begin then by inviting you to go within your consciousness and from wherever it is that you wish to pull it up, let us bring up whatever feels as if it’s lack around prosperity and abundance in  your life. Let’s bring it up, bring it up,  bring it up,  bring it up. ~ Whew ~ Let it go.

When you are in a place of lack and in particular let us speak about prosperity, abundance. When you are in a place of lack wondering, “How I am going  to pay my bills?”, “ Will I have food on the table?”, “Will I be able to support my family?”, “What am I going to do in the next  days, weeks, hours?”; it creates within you a fear and that fear immediately tightens up your energy which makes it even harder for the flow of abundance to come into you.

So I ask you again to take a deep breath in, breathing down inside of you. If there’s any fear within you, any fear associated with anything, bring it up,  bring it up,  bring it up.  ~ Whew ~ Let it go and then open up your energy. Feel the wash of your divinity, feel the love and the support of your divinity as it moves through you.

When you have fear or concerns or lack about what’s happening in your life it creates a type of tunnel vision which makes it very challenging to look at new opportunities around you. So, it is specifically that tunnel vision I wish to swirl through, connect with it and then wherever it is that’s keeping you from seeing opportunities or seeing potentials I want to just bring that up from inside inside of you, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. ~ Whew ~ Let that go. And again you stand in that energy of your divinity as it moves through filling up everything within you.

How creative are you within your life?

Creativity is not just drawing the pictures. Creativity is about abstract thinking. Creative energies move through the right side of your brain as new ideas and potentials.

All of this can come in many different forms for you. It may be a phone call unexpectedly that comes in through you. It may be reconnecting with someone from the past through social media. Clarity, abundance, creativity, all of that is something that I would invite you to be open to move through you on every different level. So, take this moment and is if you’re physically or energetically opening up your energy field, allow your divinity to wash through you filling you up with creative potential and new ideas.

Do you feel that you have lots of opportunities around you?

I heard mixed responses to that; some saying yes, a louder no. As you consider opportunity within your life as you look around, you may say, “I’d like an opportunity for new work, I’d like an opportunity to meet new people”, “I’d like an opportunity to get a new car”, “I’d like an opportunity……” and you can fill in the blank.

How often do you say that you want an opportunity for something and yet you do not allow yourself to look outside your convenience or your comfortable space?

Potentials, opportunities, creative thinking, all of those come from outside the space of where you are. That doesn’t mean leave everything behind. That means take down the walls, open up the curtains, create a change that allows you to receive new opportunities and potentials.

As I’m looking through at everyone I see some of you saying, “It’s blank out there.” “It makes me nervous.” “What am I going to do if I don’t succeed?” My answer to you is if you are not succeeding now, what are you going to lose?

Take a breath in. In this place of creation, be clear to the universe in what you may be seeking in terms of abundance. Abundance is more than just money. Abundance is the abundance of friendship, the abundance of wildlife, the abundance of flowers and trees. Abundance comes in many, many different forms. So, consider ways in which you may have abundance around you that is creating the foundation or the seat for financial abundance to come in to you.

Let’s just take a moment; Ok…Ok, I can hear you. Let’s just take a moment and say, what would it be like if you had $5000 or whatever the currency is for your country, but that equivalent of $5000 sitting here in the palms of your hands. For some that’s easy, for others that’s a challenge, for others it’s incomprehensible. So this is where you stretch out your energies. You allow it to come in from your creative side the essence to imagine what it is to have that $5000 sitting in your hand.

Once you begin to feel what that is like, see it grow to $10,000. You look around. Maybe you see something around you that will create a trigger or a support that can allow you to be in the vibration of having that $10,000 sitting here in your hands. What does it looks like? What does it feels like?

Expand your divinity even further and expand your creativity so that you can really feel what that’s like. Let’s take a big jump and go to $30,000. You are holding 30,000 in your hands. Ok, it’s a big stack there now. Feel the essence of what that is; you jump to 50,000 and now you begin to see the many dramatic changes perhaps that you are making as a result of this. You jump to 100,000 and then perhaps 500 or a million or a billion.

Money is an energy. Just as we are here in this energy you can align the vibration of whatever number you would like to have. As you begin to align with that vibration begin to make a journal of what you’ve done with it, with that flow of abundance, be it on a daily basis or weekly basis. You choose.

Take the vibration of that highest number that you would like to have and if it doesn’t resonate with you then bring it down to a number that does resonates with you, because it’s not a onetime shot. This is ongoing and available to you in a limitless flow.

So bring in to you a number that really resonates with you and feel the vibration of what that is. And as you feel the vibration and the flow of whatever that amount of abundance is for you allow the creativity to create, Ok, allow the creative energies within you to create opportunities for this to manifest in your physical reality.

And let me be clear for a  moment, this is not, you the human creating it, this is you the divine creating it. This is the God source energy creating it.  These are your angels and the beings of light creating it. So, in other words, when they say that phrase of, ”Give it  up to God” or  “Let it go to God” what you are doing is allowing the higher vibration and the higher dimension to create with you and then as you surrender what you are doing is you are allowing it to flow through you on every level.

Feel that flow as it’s moving through you. Know that it feels good. Know that there is that part of you that just says, “Oh well, absolutely.” Let it integrate so that it moves in  every cell within you but beginning here within your consciousness and within the space of the all that is you are in a place of creation, in that place of limitless opportunity where everything flows within you.

As you sit for the moment within that flow energy or feeling the opportunities, or perhaps seeing experiences or potentials around you, I invite you to just consciously surrender even more, and if surrender is something that comes from within your heart, if it comes from within your mind wherever it may be, bring down any resistance, bring down anything at all that keeps you within that box so that you may again, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~  and release it.

You feel yourself expanding even more. So take a moment and go back to that number of the amount of money you wanted to hold in your hands. See if you can nudge it even further. Find that vibrational alignment that resonates with you, that can integrate within you on every level.

I heard the roar of the lion once more. So, when they speak of the Lion’s gate it’s a portal of energy. I invite you to walk with this lion. You feel him as he is walking in front of you until you get to this space where it’s as if you are standing in the center of a vortex of energy and you are here in that flow from out in the universe to the earth.

You are standing in the flow of that vortex and all of that energy and all of that vibrational alignment that is giving you the structure for abundance, for creativity, for limitless potential, as you stand in the Lion’s gate, feel it go through you. It moves through your consciousness and it moves all the way down into you in your physical reality.

There is such light. There is such joy. Just feel it. Allow yourself to bask in the moment. And when you’re in a moment such as this if you even try to think of resistance or fear or anxiety it’s as if it is not even physically possible. This is limitless abundance, this is limitless flow, this is all; the purest highest form of energy and vibration.

As you look out from this portal you see within the universe that there are many things coming into create that support. As you look from this portal down to the earth it is as if you see coming up from within the earth many energies that create a support for this vibration. Not the least of which is you, yourself.

Be open. Be very conscious of surrender. If there’s any fear, if there is any anxiety take a deep breath in and surrender and consciously let go. Allow yourself to move back up into the light and the flow of this vibration.

I invite you to take another moment and really gather your energies as you come back together as a group.

I see many of you standing there with your hand on the head of the lion, in his mane and he gives you that strength and that determination of the Leo energies. It’s there supporting you and as you gather together as a group see coming up within the group the hologram of the earth. The hologram is associated with the crystalline grid. The hologram is associated with the magnetic grid. It’s associated with all the levels of consciousness and dimensions with which you work. So, infuse once more that energy of what it felt like to be in that flow from the vortex. Let that all move into this hologram and as you do so it flows down.

You release it. It flows down. There is that aspect of the crystalline grid that goes out into the universe and the remainder that goes down into the earth. It anchors within the center of the earth activating those crystals and anchoring within the crystals and then from there it moves the magnetic energies. It comes up through the earth itself, it comes up within you and what you felt as you were in that place of the vortex. Comes up from within the earth and it anchors within you in the space in which you are. Let yourself feel that vibration. Let yourself feel that energy.

It’s also coming up through the grass, through the water, through the animals. It’s linking within the collective consciousness of the earth and it’s clearing out the old energy. It’s clearing out everything that you released. It’s also creating that space of abundance and creativity for anybody to tap into to make it easier for all of humanity.

I invite you to let your focus move once more into the All That Is so that you may once more bring the rest of your consciousness back into your human self. You flow through the energies of your divinity once more acknowledging the love, the support, the awareness of your God source energy. Just wash in it. Let it fill you up in every way as it moves through you.  

Your consciousness continues down coming in through your higher self. You create a new alignment with all of that abundance, whatever that amount was for you. Feel it here in your higher self. Find that vibrational alignment so that that part of you, that your expanded self yet close to the earth is very consciously in alignment with the flow and the essence that will give you what you are seeking and then it moves through you. It comes down clearing out all the energy around you. Coming down and anchoring through. It comes in through your head center and it moves through every energy body until it once more anchors with everything from within the earth. You feel that. You feel what it is to have that flow. You feel your creativity and your opportunities just expanding in many different ways.

Alright beloved family, as we bring this evening to a close I invite you to once more take this opportunity of standing in the vortex of the Lion’s gate, of standing in that flow of just massive energy filled with love, light, filled with awareness. Letting that fill you up.

Let it clear out all the energy around you and be open to receive and as a part of receiving you surrender the control of how it will all happen and you open to the flow of whatever may come to you in whatever form it may be.

Beloved family, I feel such love and such joy for you.

I am always with you and within you.


You can watch the video of the channel here


zorro 8th September 2015 1:26 pm

8 8 8


Shelly Dressel 9th September 2015 10:07 am

I totally agree!! :))


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