Balancing through the Universe and Gaia

This channel is so incredible!!!  The gist is that it took place ON the Equinox in March 2016 and therefore it is an opportunity to feel and ‘be’ the balanced energy. 

The Goddess of Creation takes us into the All That Is so that we may expand our consciousness within this space.  Once that is done, we shift our energy until we are located within the earth.  This was a really magical experience! I could feel at once very grounded, yet expanded.  We could see how even though we were within, we were still in a very expanded state of being.

The Goddess called forth the Elementals to make them known.  I could sense the Elves, the Fairies, the Deva’s and how there were elementals that represented earth, rocks, water, trees and animals.  This is going to become more evident to us in the years to come.  As the Queen of the Fairies spoke with us she had many messages about support and the transformation taking place.

We then went into the universe.  Within the universe, we were able to align with starts, solar systems, constellations and more.  People went in many different directions to experience whatever it was they were seeking.   Once aligned, there was a sense of each person standing between the earth and universe with a loop going through the earth and a loop going through the universe and all was connected through each of us as the person we are.  It was a very powerful balancing for all to experience.  


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out embracing each one of you expressing my appreciation that you choose to come and spend this time with me. I so love any time that we get together. I so enjoy working with all of you as you move through your own process upon the earth but also as this universe, as the omniverse as everything within consciousness and unconscious flows within a rhythm and a pattern.

You have the opportunity to create change in your life. With every moment that you wake up you have the opportunity to make choices as you move through your day.

You have the opportunity to expand your consciousness in whatever direction you feel inclined to do so. It is your choice.

There is such energy, there is such opportunity. Feel what that is to you.

I invite you to take a deep breath in as we many times do at the beginning of these channels and send that breath of energy and intention down into the earth. As you do so, allow your consciousness to spread out in different directions so that it may anchor you more fully within this space. You then taking another breath sending your energy upward so that it may come out through the top of your head and it connects immediately within the space of your higher self.

As you feel the energy of your higher self you may find your consciousness expanding. Allow yourself to know what that is.

Feel the essence of what it is to be, not only that greater blend with your divinity but to be able to see your life from a bigger, broader, grander perspective.

You then allow your consciousness to move even further. It streams all the way up until it finds that space within your divinity.

As you feel your consciousness merge with your divinity, allow it to expand even further. You do this on a consistent basis. Therefore as you merge with your I AM Presence have a sense of feeling the warmth, the golden light, that essence of who you are from other lifetimes and from that experience of just pure conscious, love and acceptance. Take a deep breath in and just breathe that as it moves all the way through every level of your consciousness.

Then have a sense of looking around, feeling the energies as I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out and embrace you the person that is the human in this lifetime, you the divine essence for who you are.

As our energies blend, feel what it is to expand into the All That Is. Look around at what this is. Feel how even more transparent your vibration becomes as you align within this highlight experience of who you are.

As you allow yourself to let your focus shift, we have an intention of two parts for the journey tonight.

I invite you to allow yourself to push out the boundaries of your consciousness so that you may allow your consciousness to expand even further and as you do so, simply feel the flow and feel the essence for who you are.

There is a part of your divinity from your I AM Presence that is going to anchor an aspect of your consciousness here within the All That Is. And with the remainder of it, I invite you each to have a sense of following that stream of consciousness moving down through that cord of light. Feel as if you stream straight through your physical body and your energy bodies and let your consciousness go down into the earth.

I invite you to perceive the earth from a new way. We are here on the Equinox. We are here in the balance between either the winter/spring or the summer/fall depending on where you live. That balance creates a transformation that takes place within the physical earth. Allow your consciousness to move within the earth and it is as if the earth itself becomes immense.

The first that I am going to reach out to are the elementals and the fairies.

Now, people have different perceptions of who they are. Are they even alive? Is it all just a myth? And the answer is yes. They may be a part of a myth but every myth is founded in reality.

I invite all to gather within this space and as you do so, first of all just feel the heartbeat of the earth.

As you do so you can feel it as it’s feeding a resonance that is just very ancient.

As you find yourself blending with the earth, allow your consciousness to let go any preconceived notion and instead feel and know that you and Gaia are one.

There is a representative for the fairies who’s coming forth to speak.

You may have a sense of her. She puts forth an appearance as if wearing a translucent gown of many colors and carrying a staff and she wishes to speak with you at this time.

Fairy Representative Speaks of the Elementals:

I greet you and I welcome you to my domain.

Fairies are but a part of the elementals that inhabit the earth. There are those that are called the divas, there are those elementals that represent trees, earth, grass, rocks, oceans, freshwater.

There are elves, and yes, for the one that asked, there are leprechauns which are elves associated with Ireland.

The reason that I asked the Goddess of Creation to spend this time with you is because with the transformation taking place upon the earth, in other words, the rising of the vibration and the influx of the higher vibrations, more of us are interested in working with people upon the earth. For many thousands of years we have kept ourselves separate and invisible because it was in our best interest.

When people read about the fairies, there are those stories that you read about where we are about light and love and increasing growth of your flowers, your plants, your food; that is indeed what we are here for.

There are other stories that speak of the dark fairies, so to speak, they may not give us that name, but about those that are the protectors and can be territorial and can be vicious one might say to others. There are those indeed. Just as with humanity and the diversity of all of humanity, so too within the elementals there is great diversity.

There is one difference. the intention of all is to be in support of the earth. We are of the earth. We are the earth and we are a link or a bridge for humanity to become a part of the earth.

Every animal upon the earth has an alignment with the elementals. If you so choose, you can reach up through a totem and then to the elemental.

When people speak of the pollution of the earth and that it’s killing the earth, on the foundation of everything the earth will live on long after each of you have been here, you have come and gone. We are here and have been working to create balance from within the earth onto the surface.

Transitions take place within the various species so that that which was once abundant may at some point become extinct. It is all the rhythm and the pattern of nature.

I speak slowly and I pause because as I do so there are many elementals all around that reach out to become available to create an alliance with you so as to assist you in this next phase of life. We are feeling fear from some of you. You may not be the ones consciously listening on this call, it may be a part of the collective consciousness, but there’s still fear in society that even elementals would try to take over.

There is fear in society between one culture and another. There is fear in society that the universal light beings will come down into the earth and takeover. This is a part of what we wish to dispel. Could we take over the earth’? We have no need to do so; we are already of the earth.

Could we take over humanity who’s walking upon the earth? Why would we want to? We have no interest in walking only upon the earth.

The reason that we come up at this time is because with the changing of the vibration, with the changing of the seasons in particular, there is a transparency and an opportunity for us to walk with you and we seek to assist you through your greater alignment to Gaia.

We are very excited about these changes that are taking place. We’ve seen it before in one form or another but this time feels different to us in regards to the transformation in the collective consciousness.

There are many, many deep, deep, deep crystalline valleys within the earth. Many have lain dormant and we the elementals have supported that space.

There have always been bridges that allowed the consciousness or for us to work with the energies of the earth and then bridge out into the universe.

What you might call that rainbow that takes you to the pot of gold, is one of those crystalline pathways and the pot of gold is the limitless consciousness of the earth, of the universe and indeed the limitless source that is available within and upon Gaia.

If you would like we can travel through the earth so that you may see what is within it for yourself. Allow us to arrive within one of the crystal caves as they are called. You may see the stalactites and stalagmites that you think are made out of the limestone and the other products of the earth. Some of those are just covering over crystals; some of them are indeed the various products that created the earth. As you come within this cavern feel the energy that is here.

It can be extremely hot or extremely cold but one of the abilities that we have as the elementals is we create a balanced energy which in turn creates a balanced temperature. Feel Gaia and feel the heartbeat of the earth.

There is so much here. This is but the tip of the iceberg as the phrase is spoken.

We wish to take this time of the equinox with the transparency of the energies to allow you to be introduced to these energies and these spaces. You are always welcome and know that now that you have created this alignment that we may work even more fully with you moving forward.

Ansa Lalinka Dishmooda

The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

I the Goddess return. Well, I didn’t go anywhere, but I come forward once more to assist you with returning to the All That Is but before we do so, take a moment and let yourself feel Gaia from within. How does it feel to you? Can you feel the balance? Can you feel the resonance in your energy bodies? Can you feel that crystalline vibration? Can you feel that very grounding energy? Can you feel the water? Let yourself simply experience what this is to you.

I then invite you to have that sense. You may come up through your physical body, allow your consciousness to go right back up. You are anchored up in the All That Is so let your focus to shift outward until you find yourself aligning once more within the All That Is.

Take a deep breath in and let your focus be as you look around from out within the universe.

Here on the equinox, there is a balance of the earth; there is a balance of the universe. There may be particular constellations with which you resonate. There may be particular stars or planets that are more predominantly at the forefront. Allow your consciousness to flow to wherever it is that resonates with you. You need not consciously ask, you need only say, what is most important or in my best interest to experience at this time? And you let yourself flow to whatever that may be. So in this way you are now feeling that universal light energy of this experience.

There is such flow. I see some of you are as if you become the entire constellation. I see some of you walking upon a star or a planet. I see others of you simply floating as a part of the whole universe.

There are the constellations that are within the galaxy, that are within the universe that is a part of the omniverse, so, from that which is the smallest segment into that which is the largest.

How can you find greater balance within your life? Is there anything you seek to release? ~ Whew ~ Let it go.

As you consider balance within your life just breathe it down and breathe into you on every level feeling it as it moves through you.

As you look around at this star or this planet, there is a message here for you. You may hear it consciously, it may go into your unconscious, you may just feel something. Howsoever it comes to you, take a moment and as if you are opening up your heart and all of your consciousness be open to receive that which most supports you at this time.

For many of you there is that sense that there’s something greater coming for you in life. For many of you there is that sense of “I can be doing more”, “I want to be doing more”, “I want things to be different” as if it’s like this anticipation that never really gets integrated. Now is your opportunity to have a sense as if you are connected to the earth and you are connected to the universe. Let it all come to you in a flow of balance. As if you see that infinity sign in which it dips down through the earth, it moves through you, it goes up into the universe and it comes back to you.

Allow yourself to experience the balance, to experience the full richness of wherever it is that you are the star, the constellation, the planet, the universe. Allow yourself to connect even more fully with the earth letting all of those beautiful energies and the elementals with whom you just communicated, let all of that flow back into you, so that you may feel it for yourself.

Peel away any self-sabotage. Peel away anything at all within you that thinks you are less than, not good enough, not strong enough, not… and you may fill in that blank, because you are. You are strong enough, you are smart enough, you are in the flow especially of this infinite abundance.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

You are always in contact with these energies with whom you connected this evening. You need only have that intention of coming back to this space and you will be there. So too, as you work for the elementals of the earth it’s a way of bringing these energies of the space down into the earthly energies.

But let yourself in this now moment have a sense of coming together as a group. We come back within the All That Is from wherever it is that you’ve been.

Okay, I feel many of you choose not to come back at this time and that’s okay.

For all that wish to come back, we gather back together as a group and as you do so, be very cognizant of what your experience has been and what you are bringing with you.

As I’m looking at you is a beautiful sight. It’s as if this woven hologram that looks like the tree of life or the flower of life with all of those infinity symbols moving through each one of you that comes together as a group, they begin to create their own patterns and alignment.

And coming up from within this space, you feel the earth. You see that hologram of the earth and as you look at it become aware of how different it is.

Gaia is choosing to come up at this point to speak with all of you.

Lady Gaia Speaks:

Greetings beloved family.

What fun that you got to meet a part of the elementals that work not only for me but for you in creating Gaia for it to be what it is.

I heard some of you asking for me to speak when you were merged in that way but I was all that was the space and it was important for you to each have your own experience with the elementals and what they represent.

I Gaia have enjoyed this Ascension process that has activated so many of the different pockets and places inside of me which is creating the balance and the transformations taking place in each one of you.

I am the earth. There is a consciousness of the earth. You are humanity. There is a consciousness to you, there is the consciousness to animals, grass, water, everything is alive and everything has its own strand of consciousness.

The collective consciousness is the mix of all these energies, but it also has memory.  and when the collective consciousness was so very dense, it was all that old energy and the old memories which have been cleared out now for the past 15 years, 16 years.

In so many ways what you are seeing upon your earth it’s almost like those last people hanging on trying to stay with fear and control and manipulation. It will probably never go away completely, but we have a specific intention that as the collective consciousness is clear out more and more people will feel the love, will feel the appreciation of the bigger picture and will react according to that.

I am ever available to you, should you ever seek to merge with me. I welcome you with open arms.


As Gaia spoke with you, you noticed how all of you became a part of the hologram. It was no longer something separate within the center of you but you now merged with the hologram itself. You can follow the hologram as it moves down into the earth or you can have that sense of disconnecting to a degree.

As we do so, we consciously release the hologram. It flows down moving through those crystalline pathways. There is that part that goes down into the earth and the other part that goes up into the universe.

As it merges with the earth itself, as it’s going through the atmosphere, it’s literally clearing out the collective consciousness from that higher perspective infusing balance throughout. It then anchors within the center of the earth and it comes back up from within the earth now, and from this perspective, it also sends out balanced energy moving through the collective consciousness.

Breathe it into yourself. Breathe it into your physical body; breathe into your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Clear out everything within and around you.

Feel the essence of who you are.

You then shift your consciousness once more back up into the All That Is and now we’re gathering everyone else who is not yet quite ready to come back but everyone returns. You move back, you move through your I AM Presence, you follow that cord of light down, moving through your higher self, coming down anchoring within your heart center and once more moving that energy all the way down into the earth. You can feel that much greater flow that moves through you. You can feel the greater ease with your alignment to the universe and to Gaia and the elementals.

Let yourself anchor and balance within you in this now moment.

My beloved family, as you move through this next quarter of the year from the equinox into the solstice, take it as an opportunity that you put forth an intention.

Every day you will be in the center of infinity. Every day you will be open to the balance. The balance of the universe to the earth, the balance of your emotions to your thoughts, the balance of your work to your private, the balance in your relationships, the balance in all aspects of your life, from that which is the smallest thing within you to that which is the biggest.

You have the opportunity to make choices every day of your life. You have the opportunity to step into that which is what your past has been or to step into that which is a new beginning. Most especially at this time of the equinox if your intention is a new beginning then bring it in, affirm it and allow that to unfold for you.

You know that I am always with you and within you.




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